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Change The Background Music
Did you know that you can change the background music and listen to whatever you want in the game?
Let's say you installed Mu in a folder called Mu Global on D:.
Go there and then in the mu Data folder. Look for another folder named "Music". Now if you copy a music file (mp3 for example there), rename the file noria.mp3 to something else and paste your own file there. Rename your file noria.mp3 (depending on the extention) and now you when you go to noria you will hear your music. This can be done with any of the files there just make sure the files you copy inside have the same name as the towns.
Safe Spots
Did you know in Davias in certain spots there are safe spots? Like if you go to the exit of the town to go fight monsters that is closest to priestess Sevina and walk left along the rail, eventually you should put your sword away and not be able to attack or be attacked, but the spot is only about 2 feet wide 1 foot long.
On most servers:
Reach level 220 with any character to unlock the Magic Gladiator - a character which can be raised to become both a strong warrior or a mighty wizard because gladiators can use the items for the two classes (Dark Knight&Dark Wizard). Also when you gain a lv, the magic gladiator receives 7 stat points instead of 5.

Dark Lord Version Servers:
Reach 220 lv with any character to unlock the magic gladiator.
Reach 250 lv with any character to unlock the Dark Lord.


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reach level 220
reach dark wizzard brawg25 to level 220