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Mob Rule Cheats

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   (last update - Feb 28 2001)

Cheat Codes
To access the cheat mode, start a game. While selecting which team color to play, type in any of the cheats below and press return. If you enterred the code properly you will hear a beep. You can repeat this to enter as many codes as you wish.

Then, when within the game, press "C" to toggle all the cheat codes on or off.

speed364 -- Allow speed up game in network mode.
worker928 -- Allows you to buy workers anytime.
pickup036 -- Allows you to pick up other teams beacons.
weapons563 -- Allows you to buy all guns.
loans458 -- Allows you to borrow any amount of moneyfrom the bank.
estates216 -- Allows you to buy an estate without conditions.
tenants872 -- Allows you to selection of any tenants (it says none but just click on them, it works)

There are no cheats for Mob Rule.
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