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Instant Lose

Go to file and then to exit. Then you shall lose the game without blowing up.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: 09arvincent on September 05, 2007

Instant Win

This allows you to reveal the vast majority of Free Spaces (or in some cases, the entire field) in a single click. When setting up a Custom game, simply set the field size to a Width of 24 and a Length of 30 (or above). Then set the amount of Mines to 10.
Verified by: Phoenix327, francisgayamo Submitted by: Jeevan on June 26, 2004

Mine Checker

Make sure the Minesweeper window is in focus, and then type the following code via the keyboard: xyzzy, ENTER, SHIFT.

Now when you start a game you will find a single pixel in the top left of the screen that indicates whether a mine is present on the square your mouse cursor is over. A black pixel represents a Mined Space, while a white pixel shows that the space is Free.

Note: It's been determined that Windows 95 and NT will not work with this cheat.
Verified by: Minesweeper Cow, lubiargel Submitted by: Jeevan on June 26, 2004