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Command codes

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/time set day
When it is the night you can put in /time set day. Now it's day! Enjoy!
/time set night
Opposite of the /time set day cheat
/xp (how many)
In this cheat you can not go over 200000000 it would say "error"
change game mode
To change from survival to creative, type in /gamemode c. To change from creative to survival, type in /gamemode s. This will be a cool way to fooling your friends into thinking you can build a house out of diamonds on survival mode in under 5 minutes!
game modes
/gamemode 1 for creative /gamemode 0 for survival /gamemode 2 for adventure thats all
Get items for free
only works if you have cheats inabled.

all you have to do is /give (player name) (item name) (item amount) (data)

like /give Raylyn62 torch 64
or /give Raylyn62 carpet 64 14

the data lets you set the color of wool or type of wood.
Kill me kill you
use the /keepinventoryrule command and then use the /keepinventoryrule again and it should do that forever. Then use the /suicide rule and then if you die everything will still be there and you will be able to keep your inventtory and not even type it in
Minecraft More Xp!!!
Type in your command box :
/xp and however much you want
rain rain go away!
Just when your building a house or doing something good it rains. If this ever happens then just type /toggledownfall and the rain will go away!
The ''help'' message
If your confused on what command codes to use, just type: /help (all lowercase) and you should get a small list of basic commands. (;



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Achievement List 1
The 1.5.01 Achievements List.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Taking InventoryPress 'E' to open your inventory.
Getting WoodAttack a tree until a block of wood pops out.
BenchmakingCraft a workbench with four blocks of planks.
Time to Mine!Use planks and sticks to make a pickaxe
Getting an UpgradeConstruct a better pickaxe.
Hot TopicConstruct a furnace out of 8 blocks of stone.
Delicious FishCatch and cook fish.
Acquire HardwareSmelt an Iron ingot
On a RailTravel by minecart at least 1 km from where you started.
Time to Strike!Use planks and sticks to make a sword.
Time to Farm.Use planks and sticks to make a hoe.
Monster HunterAttack and destroy a monster.
Cow TipperHarvest some leather.
When Pigs FlyUse a saddle to ride a pig, then have the pig die from fall damage.
The LieCraft a cake using: wheat, sugar, milk and eggs.
Bake BreadTurn wheat into bread.
Sniper DuelKill a skeleton with an arrow from more than 50 meter away.
Diamonds!Mine Diamonds using iron tools.
We Need to Go DeeperBuild a Portal to the Nether.
EnchanterConstruct an Enchantment Table.
Return to SenderKill a Ghast with a Fireball.
Into FirePick up a Blaze rod.
OverkillDeal 8 hearts worth of damage in one hit.
LibrarianCraft a Bookshelf.
Local BreweryBrew a potion.
The End?Enter the "End Dimension."
The End.Enter the Portal after killing the Ender Dragon.
getting cactuslook getting wood
RepopulationBreed 2 animals with wheat.
DIAMONDS to you!Throw diamonds to another player or to a zombie that has the NBT tag CanPickUpLoot
Adventuring Time!Discover all biomes.
The Beginning?Spawn the Wither.
The Beginning.Kill the Wither
BeaconatorPower a full beacon
adventuring timeplace a block


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A somewhat common Command
On most servers you can use /me to make the chat show you're performing a action, so say I used /me hits a sheep with a sword, it would show *Legolas76321 hits a sheep with a sword.
When in the Nether, a powerful weapon is a bed. Place a bed down and try to use it. It will make a huge explosion.
Have you ever seen bones on the ground in the morning? This is from the Skeleton mob lighting on fire from daylight and dropping them. These bones are actually quite useful!!! If you put them on a crafting bench, they can be crafted into "Bonemeal." Bonemeal is used to insta-grow crops and trees in minecraft to provide quick wood, or quick crops!
For saplings:
Place sapling on ground in an open area.
Use the Bonemeal on the sapling, and watch it grow into a tree!!!
For Crops:
Use the Bonemeal on soil that has wheat or another crop growing in it and watch it sprout instantly!

Bonemeal can also be used on a gray sheep to color it white!!!
Breathe underwater using a bucket
When you go underwater take an empty bucket with you. To breathe just right click anywhere to fill the bucket, and a 1X1 block of air will briefly appear. Put your head in the air block to breathe.

Remember once the bucket is full of water you still have to click against a block or some kind to empty it, you can't just empty it in midair like you can when filling it.
Can't get in
Zombies can only break a door if it can reach the top block of the door. To keep zombies from reaching the top block of your door break the block in front of the block the door is on, and break the blocks to either side of the hole you just made, so you have a 3 block wide hole in front of your door
If you are low on coal, you can just place one wood block (Not a plank, pure wood) in the smelting tile, and it will be smelted into charcoal, which has the durability of coal.
Color Wolf Collar
this is easily to do this in creative mode but be sure that the wolf is yours

step 1: Go to inventory.

step 2: Get any dyed like lapiz lazuli,bonemeal,and more.

step 3: Right click on your wolf's collar with one dye.

Voilà your wolf band is new!
Day and Night
Daytime lasts for 10 minutes long.

Nighttime lasts for 7 to 7 and a half minutes long

Use this information to time how you will spend your time.
Don't fall off the edge
The Crouch button controls whether you crouch or not. When crouched, your character will stick to an edge if you try to walk off. You simply can't fall when you do this.
Easier Diamond Find
Mine around on layer 12
If you dont know how to check, just press f3 and the coordinate will be y:12.5...
Happy Mining!
Easy Seeds!
Build a small box that is at least 5x5x2 blocks (5 wide 5 long 2 high) and keep grass as the floor. DO NOT brighten it. Rapidly place bonemeal and due to the lack of light, the grass will disappear and give you seeds! Now you can lure in chickens easily!
Float, even in Survival!
You if know if you press space 2 times in Creative, you float? You can't do this in Survival... UNTIL NOW, that is! If you press F 5 twice ( so you can see your player's face) and hold left shift, then go off a cliff, you should float a little bit! Just a little fun. No big deal.
Getting rid of liquids easy
If there is some really annoying lava or water and you don't have a bucket, you can just place a dirt or some other resource block there to get rid of it. When you re-mine it, the liquid will be gone.
high jump
While in Creative go to a flat surface and place TNT in a 3 x 3 form and destroy the TNT block in the middle go in the middle stand there and place down a red stone torch once you see the TNT getting bigger jump and you will soar (look down while you do this) (I don't know how well it works in survival)
How to backup saves
The directory on your computer for Minecraft saved worlds and settings differs depending on what OS you’re running.

On Windows: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft

Take note that the AppData directory is hidden, so be sure to show hidden files from within Folder Options.

On Mac OS: /Users/username/Library/Application Support/minecraft

On Linux: /home/username/.minecraft

The “saves” folder is what you want to back up.
How to breathe underwater for prolonged amounts of time
To breath underwater for a prolonged amount of time you can use a few things. Either you can use doors underwater to create a pocket air forever. or you can bring torches and place a torch at head level in the blocks you're standing in to get a quick breath of air. The torch method is temporary but you do get the torch back. Use these methods to explore the ocean floor or build an underwater base.
How to fly in Creative Mode
Same as jumping but keep hitting space bar over and over. to move around while flying, use your moving keys. to come down, press shift key until completely down.[in large biome, may have to move to a landing spot]
how to open iron doors
Firstly you need to craft a button look it up.
Secondly you need to find an iron door.
When you do put the button next to the door.
Lastly push the button the door will open for 3 seconds.
Infinite Spring
You mean an infinite water source?

First get two buckets of water

Then get an area like this

Then dig out two holes like this
OO <----4x4 empty square

Place the water in the holes

The water will fill in and when you scoop some out, more will regenerate, enjoy your infinite spring!!!
Item storage tips
Create a storage room, organize your stuff in categories, for example, a "plants" chest for grass, nonemeal, wheat, cacti, etc. Do that and you save a lot of time when looking for a certain item you need.
make a moving snowman
you'll need:
2 snow cubes
1 pumpkin
what you do is you place the snow on top of each other like a snowman then you add the pumpkin head on top! it starts moving and everything!

also: if you have a pumpkin head you can place it on your characters head you have a type of mask
Mob Slow Down!
Soul sand makes things go slower when they walk on it.
Try with ice beneath.
O = Ice
V = Soul Sand
(View from side)


^^^ Ice beneath soul sand makes mobs slow down a lot!
On A Rail Achievement
In Minecraft, 1 block = 1 meter. So it will take 1000 rails/blocks to travel 1 km.

It will take 375 pieces of iron to create enough rails to travel 1km.
Poor as dirt but still alive
If you're just spawned on a fresh map and are using survival mode, just make a small house out of dirt.

Worry about making a more permanent base after you get the proper supplies.
Shift Key
Holding down the shift key can make building bridges and scaffolding cliffs a breeze. When you hold down the shift key, you have a slower movement, but you can not fall off of any block, be warned, releasing the key often results in you falling, holding shift while walking over plants does not destroy them.
Slow Movement
Pressing F8 will put you into a slow exaggerated movement. Simply press F8 again to go back to normal.
Spawn the WITHER
What you will need to spawn the wither:

  • 3 Wither Heads
  • 4 Soul Sand

    What to do with these items:

  • Place them like this: Image
  • Make sure your not on peaceful.

    And voilà! You have a dangerous wither in your game.
  • Special Features of the "F#" buttons
    F1 - Pressing the F1 button during gameplay causes the HUD to vanish. This includes your hand, whatever item you are holding, your health and amror values, and your hot bar. Upon releasing the F1 button, your HUD will reappear.

    F2 - Pressing the F2 button during gameplay will take a screenshot of whatever you have on your screen when you press the button. Screenshots can be found in the .minecraft folder on your computer.

    F3 - Holding down the F3 button will cause a lot of data to appear on your screen showing CPU usage, chunk updates, FPS, and a bunch of other types of data on that minecraft file that you are playing.

    F5 - Pressing F5 during gameplay causes you to enter "Third Person View" which is especially helpful for nighttime travels so you know if anything is behind you.

    F10 - Essentially pauses the game and allows you to move your mouse around the screen without being in the "Esc" menu.

    F11 - Toggles Fullscreen mode
    stay slow
    You know the shift key gives you a slower movement? Well you know you have to hold it down. Well now you can press W and still stay slow after going slow! This is not very complicated well just press shift then hold down the other shift button!
    Things to bring mining
    When you start mining, make sure you have at least 3 pork chops, a compass, and 4 stacks of 64 torches (or more depending on how far you will mine).
    TNT Efficiency
    TNT can be a fun way to clear a large area of land, however stacking the TNT together then setting one block off is not efficient. Many near-by blocks will be propelled far away, then go off. Place your TNT in a hole and cover it with obsidian is a good way to ensure all TNT is used efficiently.


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    broken doors
    1.4.6 if you kill a zombie while it is banging on a door it will leave abreakmark that you can walk through
    What you need: 2-4 ender pearls.2 stacks of 64 dirt, cobblestone or anything that is quick to mine. Gold-Diamond pickax. And the materials for another Nether portal.

    What to do: Build up to nether rock. Mine up to bedrock. Throw the ender pearls at the bedrock as fast as possible.... NOW YOUR ON TOP! Enjoy! :-)
    weird bed
    Sometimes if you place a bed down next to a wall it will glitch and look really weird. Just a bit of fun.
    want to find caves, or looking for an underground base. then you should make an X-ray. just dig a hole with two block deep. then put TNT or glowstone next to the hole. push the TNT or glowstone with piston and you can see caves and underground structure.

    here is how to build it

    T=TNT or glowstone

    LRPT(the hole)
    looking from the upside.

    looking from the side

    Easter eggs

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    ENDER eggs
    Actually its a command. :/
    Type /give [player]383 1 63.
    What is this? AN ENDER DRAGON EGG SPAWN!!!!!!!!!!

    (Does not work as of ver. 1.7.5)
    In minecraft if load it up you have a 1 in 10,000 chance thant instead of it saying Minecraft it says Minceraft.