Mega Man X5 (PC) Cheats

Mega Man X5 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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All 4 armors for X
To have all 4 armors for X, start with Fourth armor, find Falcon and Gaea armor, and find Dr.Light in Maverick base 3 for Ultimate armor.
Bosses weakness
Use this powers to destroy enemies easily:
Sigma-Statue Park,first level- :
Grizzly Slash:
Spike Ball/Twin Dream
Squid Adler:
Gel Shaver/F-Splasher
Izzy Glow:
Tri Thunder/E-Blade
Duff McWhalen:
The Skiver:
Dark Hold
Axle the Red:
Fire ground/Quake Blazer
Wing Spiral/W-Shredder
Dark Dizzy:
Wing Spiral/W-Shredder
Shadow Devil:
Rangda Bangda:
Green Eye-C-Shot/C-Sword
Red Eye-Tri Thunder/E-blade
Blue Eye-Fire Ground/Quake Blazer
Fire nose-Gel Shaver/F-Splasher
Use X-Buster or Ultimate Armor to use Giga Attack
Quake Blazer
Sigma first form:
Tri Thunder/E-blade
Sigma second form:
X-Buster/Z-saber,Spike Ball/Twin dream,Giga attack from Ultimate Armor

You can use Ultimate armor and its Giga Attack,you'll see how fast you will destroy enemies.
Correct order
When in Hunter base(where you choose which level are you going to play) ,you are probably wondering in what order will you play levels?Here is the right order,so play these bosses's levels:First play Grizzly Slash's,then Duff MCWhalen,Squid Adler,Izzy Glow,Dark Dizzy,The Skiver and Mattrex is the last one.Don't mind Dynamo,he will just interrupt the game.
Dash Jump and Arrow Jump
If you want to use Dash jump(you can do this either with Zero or X),no problem.You can do this always.Just hold "Dash" and press "Jump".You will see how far you will jump.And press buttons left or right to change the direction.

To do Arrow Jump(you can do this only with Zero)you must have F-Splasher so you can dash in the air and you will create ice barrier around you.Anyway,for example: Hold "Up" and jump and use F-Splasher.You will see,Zero will dash but in the other direction,in this case he will dash in the air and he will go up.Or you can hold "Down", so Zero will dash down(this is not same like when you use Blade Armor in Megaman X6,beacuse you won't really dash down or up,but Zero will change direction and you will see he really goes up and down.)
You can also do this with X,but on other way. You can use Falcon Armor and you can fly with him. But this isn't really like Arrow Jump.
Defeating the bosses
Here are some tips how to destroy enemies:

1. Grizzly Slash -You can use Spike ball or Twin Dream. If you don't have them, you can defeat him easily with Z-saber or X-buster.
2. Squid Adler - use Gel Shaver or F-Splasher. If you don't have them, jump from the wall to wall and try to hit him with Z-saber or X-buster.
3. Izzy Glow - use Tri Thunder or E-blade.If you don't have them, try to beat him with Grizzly's power. If you don't have that power,beat him with X-buster or Z-saber.
4. Duff McWhalen – OK, you will need Grizzly's power to beat him. The only problems are the ice blocks. Try to jump on each and reach Duff. When you reach him hit him. When you hit him all ice blocks will break. If you don't have this power try to use other powers. Oh, and don't play Duff as first enemy, you don't have enough energy and powers.
5. The Skiver - He is most difficult. You will need Dark Dizzy's to freeze him. While he's frozen hit him as many time as you can. When he starts to move again try to avoid him and hit him with Buster, Saber or Grizzly's power.
6. Axle The Red-He isn't hard. Just watch he doesn't squish you with his rope. To beat him use Mattrex's power or some other.
7. Drak Dizzy - use Izzy's power. Alternatively, you can use some other stronger powers.
8. Mattrex - Just use Skiver's power. But, when you hit him, it will take ages him to fall. So you can use other powers, too.
Dynamo-Just jump from the wall to wall and hit him with X-buster/Z-Saber or Izzy's power.
Shadow Devil - He can turn into liquid blocks and hit you. You will have to learn how to defeat him. Just carefully watch which block is coming. If you see the fourth block is coming, counting from the top, jump. If upper blocks are coming just press "Down". Don't step in his shadow. Now, when he forms again attack him with Izzy's power if you are X and if you can charge super weapons. I know his weak point is E-blade or Tri Thunder, but you can get hurt. With Zero hit him with Grizzly's power.
Rangda Bangda -You should use Gaea armor for this fight. If you are Zero jump from the wall to wall and attack them.
There is already a tip how to defeat Sigma. You can beat Zero or X easily. If you are X, use Ultimate armor. If you are Zero, attack him with Mattrex's power or other power.
Dr.Light Capsule's locations.
Falcon Armor:can fly in the air for a long time.Small buster,but strong and Giga Attack.Can't charge special weapons.

Leg upgradeGrzzly's stage)Once you enter the cave after those trucks you will see an opening in the roof.Try jump there and you will find capsule.
Helmet upgradeSquid's stage)Collect all the energy balls and shot them on the door after you pass all those traps with Jet Bike.Once you destroy the doors,enter the room and you will find capsule.
Arms upgradeIzzy's level)When you enter the area with those machines(they can fire some huge balls)you should find capsule behind one of thos machines.Not long after entering the area, you will see some opening in the roof.Jump there and destroy that machine with C-Shot.It will explode and you will be able to enter the room with capsule.
Armor ugradeMcWhalen's level):When you are in the sunken ship go to the third U-555.On your way,you will find a way that leads up and down.Jump down and you will see capsule behind that wall.You will have to use Gel shaver to destroy that machine next to the capsule.Wall will explode and you can enter in.
Gaea Armor:can't use any weapons gained from bosses,you can shot strong buster and you have Giga Attack.You can walk on spikes and you can stick on the walls.

Helmet UpgradeDizzy's stage)Just before entering the boss room,first doors,you will see an opening in the floor.JUmp and you will see a capsule.Use F-shot and control the firefly to pass all those tunels and to destroy the blue circle.Wall will explode and you can enter in.
Armor upgradeSkiver's stage)Once you enter the opening area with lift that will lead you up to the right jump and fly up with the Falcon Armor.You will find capsule on some platform.
Arms ugradeMattrex's level):When you defeat the dragoon Maverick you will enter in some area with ropes.With Falcon Armor fly to the right and in the corner you will find capsule.
Legs upradeAxel's level)When you enter the area with yellow ropes you will see an opening in the roof.Fly up with Falcon and you will find capsule.
Ultimate Armor:Similar to Fourt armor except you have unlimited Giga attacks.
Ultimate ArmorMaverick level 3)You will find some standing lift sticked to the left-side wall.You will also see an opening down there.Jump down and you will see some room behind wall.Actually,that's a fake wall.Go through it and you will find capsule.With X,you will have to go with X,no armors(Fourt,Gaea...) you will have to fall to recieve Armor,but Zero will immediately equip it.
Energy hearts locations
(Grizzly's stage) When you are on the train with spikes on the top you will find heart there.Use Gaea or Falcon Armor to find heart on the spikes.
(Squid's stage) Just before ending the level,you will see one yellow machine.There is no purple machine,only yellow.That lock system is just before last two lock systems.Open the single doors.You will see another room with spikes up.Use Gaea Armor to destroy boxes with "V".You will find heart in the next room if you go right.
(Izzy's stage)When you start the level,hit the door to open them and jump down.Use Gaea armor,so you can walk on spikes.Go to the right and you will find heart.
(Duff McWhalen's stage)When you are in the sunken ship,you will find way to the third U-555,but you will also see an opening in the roof with spikes.With falcon armor you could get up there if you fly.Once you are there,go left and you will find heart.
(Skiver's stage)When you are on the lift that will lead you up jump in the second large opening so you can find the heart in the corner.
(Axle's stage)Use Gaea Armor for this.When you find the black boxes with "V",destroy them with your buster,then you can enter the other room.You will find the platform in the air if you go right.On the platform you will find heart.Push on e of the boxes to reach the platform,so you can collect the heart.
(Dizzy's stage)When you are in the second observatory,you will see heart between purple boxes.Keep tirning the gravity until you find a way to collect heart.
(Mattrex's stage)When you are in the room where lava is passing below you,Alia will tell you to wait until lava goes.When lava goes,jump down and go left.You will find and opening down.Jump down and you will find heart.
These aren't all Energy hearts,sometimes you can accomplish mission and you will recieve heart.
Gaea Combo
If you use Gaea Armor it will be much easier to defeat enemies. Here's one tip to do a cool combo. Stick on the wall, charge buster and hit enemy. Do this until he is destroyed. This will work when you fight Sigma's second form.
Get Energy hearts with Zero
Did you know you can collect energy heart in Duff McWhalen's level with Zero?How?Well,for this trick you'll need part "Jumper" equiped.So,once you defeat second U-555,you will find a way that leads up and down.You can see spikes up there so you won't be able to get there.Don't go down beacuse that's the way to third U-555.So,just wait until you got hit by that small Mavericks...something like planes.Anyway,you will become invisible.Quickly use Double jump and try to jump over the spikes.Remember,you must have "Jumper" equiped and you must jump over the spikes when you are invisible.Use Black Armor for this.Be careful,beacuse you will have to go through another spike area.Again wait until you got hit by small Mavericksa and you will become invisible.
How to defeat dragoon in Mattrex's level
So,you need to hit him with Gel Shaver or F-Splasher. But, if you are Zero, you will probably fall in the lava when you use F-Splasher. So, you could use your Beam Saber.
Ice Combo and Fire Combo for X
For this trick you will need Fourth or Ultimate Armor because they can charge special weapons.And you will need part "Ultimate Buster"equiped,so they don't have to charge special weapons they will shot charged weapons.Anyway,when you play the game jump and use Fire Ground.Don't stop,keep using it in the air. You won't fall,you will stand in the air until energy of special weapon "runs out".This is the same way for Ice Combo,just use Gel Shaver(Ice weapon).
Maverick Base 1
After some time,when Zero Virus appears you will have to pass all Zero Virus stages to defeat Sigma.Anyway,the first zero Virus stage will be very difficult.Why?Well,of course,because of those lasers.If they touch you you will be immediately vaporized.To avoid that,you'll need full weapon tank.Use Dark hold,and lasers will be frozen.But if your energy runs out you must use weapon tank.If you pass those lasers,you will have to face Shadow Devil.
Maverick Base 4 and Sigma
In the last level(Sigma's level)you will have to defeat all eight bosses again.At the beginning,the level is full of spikes,so you think it's maybe best to with Gaea armor.Well,you can,but there is a lot easier way to defeat them all,and Sigma.You will need Ultimate armor,because you can always use your Giga attack.With Sigma,just be careful,because he has lot of moves.When he use the first form,his most powerful attack is very dangerous.He will appear in the air and attack with huge weapon.It will cause lot of damage,so you better use Giga attack(with Ultimate armor)quickly.It isn't very good to ue any of Energy tanks until you didn't destroy the first form.When he use the second form,he will use his two hands.Sometimes they can be very dangerous when they go to attack you.He will also use one hand in the air.If you move right the hand will move right(or left).After few seconds,it will attack you with some kind of electrical power.Sigma can also shot several circles that will follow you.If you stand in one place they will all attack you and cause damage.But the hardest attack are Purple Squares.he will attack with several squares that will create one huge box.Try to avoid that.Don't let it touch you.To defeat second Sigma for climb up the wall so you are close to the head.use the Giga attack.X will be on the other wall once he use Giga attack.Do this several times and you can destroy him easily.
Megaman X4 apperance
If you want to see some characters from Megaman X4,go to the Training level and you will have to fight Magma Dragoon.Or make it to the Maverick Base 3,where you can fight with X,if you play with Zero.X will use Soul Body,Double Cyclone and Frost Tower.He won't use his unlimited attacks(X will use Ultimate Armor).His weakness is Quake Blazer.Or if you play with Zero,defeat Sigma, and Zero will die.He will remember Iris, and you will see her face.
Slip on the wall
You can perform this trick easily. No cheats needed. This is useful if you want to land somewhere very carefully or if on other wall are spikes and you must carefully get down. So,you must be on the ledge of some platform or floor. To slip on the wall just go to the hole(because you can only slip on the wall if there is a hole in the ground). Just in the moment where you should fall, stick on the wall to slip. If you went left then to slip on the wall press left to slip when you are going to fall. If you went right, press right. This can save you from falling into a hole. To climb up a wall just keep pressing jump and the arrow left or right to change direction.
Some useful tips
If you start the game with Zero,you won't be able to use X's Fourth Armor.
If you start the game with X,you won't be able to use Zero's Z-buster.
If you find Black Armor for Zero,you won't be able to use Red Zero.
Finding Ultimate Armor and Black Armor will make game easier.
If you have Falcon Armor,there won't be any problem in collecting energy hearts and finding capsules.
There are three different endings:
1.Beat the game with X(but make sure Zero doesn't become Maverick.)
2.Beat the game with X(make sure zero does become Maverick)
3.Beat the game with Zero.
You can't collect any parts like Jumper,Ultimate Buster,Anti-virus guard and others if you play game on EASY,you can only equip them if you play NORMAL or XTREME.
Zero's Clone Slash and Hyper Slash
Usually you can hit three times with your saber,anyway with your normal saber.To do Hyper Slash or Clone Slash,hit two times with your normal saber and then use W-Shredder.You will use Clone Slash,so insted of third slash your double will go far away and attack.Or you can use Hyper Slash,so you will attack two times with normal saber and then use E-blade.
Zero's Combinations
Well,Zero's powers aren't very great,but if you use more powers quickly you can attack and destroy enemies fast.So Zero's attacks(combinations)are sorted like this:
Soul Body:Use Twin Dream and then use W-Shredder(while your"first"double is still there).You can actually see two clones and one real Zero in that moment.This isn't really like Soul Body...but if you use this several times,you will have something like Soul Body.
Firefly attack:Jump and use C-Sword+F-Splasher+C-Sword+Quake Blazer.All this must happen in the air,REMEMBER!beacuse you can't use this on the ground.This is really good attack!
Arrow Attack:Use E-blade+Firefly attack.
Ground Slash:...just press down and hold down and use saber.You will have one really good slash.This is good for small enemies.


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Black Armor for Zero
On Select Screen highlight Zero and pressown two times and Up nine times.A sound will confirm a correct code.Then select Zero.You will start with Black Armor.Notice that you will have another color of saber and Zero will be stronger.You will also take less damage.
Ultimate armor for X
On Select Screen highlight X and press:Up two times and Down nine times.A sound will confirm correct code.You will start with Ultimate Armor.Ultimate Armor has unlimited Giga attacks and you can charge special weapons.