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beat ALL the bosses!!!!!

first at the character select menu hold down+f and c megaman shoul be porple in some areas than when you beat the starting mission go to web spider level were you wuold normaly find te leg pieces youll find a black armor. your giga atack (f buton)should be diferent than usual. use that and i guarante beating the boses wil be a piece of cake.

note this migt not work with jetstignray (the motor cicle dude) inthet case use the ice weapon and it will even easier.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: dan da man on July 11, 2008

Get Ultimate Armor

To get the ULTIMATE ARMOR for X you must enter the following code at the character select screen:

Highlight X and press Down and Enter

When you go to Web Spider's world you should be able to get the Ultimate Armor
Verified by: vib, arsalanmirani Submitted by: ReconfromShadows on March 15, 2003

Play as Dark Zero

To play as Dark Zero go to start game and at the character select screen and highlight Zero then press the following to play as Dark Zero:

Verified by: marcelinrobu Submitted by: ReconfromShadows on March 15, 2003

X's Nova Striking Armor & Dark Zero ( Same but a little stronger )

Nova Ultimated Armor XX (Dark Form Also):X's Armor Has X buster type power... But when its a full charge the power turns from buster to nova...
Here it is...
Highlight X at the player selectiong screen and press , circle(2) and then left (6) then hold L1+R2 And press start...
After defeating the Robo-Dragon in the area 2 hold L1+R2 And and wait till you go until all bosses appear and still hold it and press start
after that go to a walking eye with another and go down 1 more time and go right...
Dr light will soon talk to you and you will have to go in a machine and you will transform into a Nova Ultimated Armor XX ( Really Double X )

DARK ZERO: Highlight Zero at the player selection screen and hold R1 on zero...
While holding R1 Press Right (6) And then release the buttons...
After that Hold Circle and Press Start...
Verified by: nadirone Submitted by: anonymous on October 17, 2007