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Command codes

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Cheats for medevil
.worksundays. =buildings and units made in 1 turn
.badgerbunny. = every building and units avilible to build (u still have to have right buildings and right period.
.matteosartori. = reveals the map.
.viagra. = (top=gold),(middletop=silver),(middlebottom=copper),(bottom=iron) for all your provinces.
.conan. = play as rebels
.deadringer. = a million florins.

Dont forget the dots.


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Cannons in the Desert
Using cannons in desert provinces is quite good because the sandy desert stops the shots from bouncing as far as they would in other terrain types. This means there is more chance of the shot bouncing through a target unit than over it.

Also try and aim your cannons at units that are at the bottom of bunched up units on a slope. This allows the shot to bounce up the slope and through the other units, causing more casualties than on flat ground where it just bounces over them.


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Buildings build in one turn
type .worksundays. while playing the game to get buildings to build in one day
Copper for all your provinces
Type in .mefoundsomecu. on the campaign battle map.
Get 1,000,000 Florins
While on the campaign camp simply type in .deadringer. to instantly get all the extra florins.
Get Gold for all your provinces
On the Campaign Map Type .mefoundsomeau. to get gold.
Get Iron for all your provinces
On the campaign map type in .viagra. to get iron for all your lands.
Get Silver for all your provinces
On the campaign map type mefoundsomeag. to get Silver for all your lands.
Play As Rebels
Note: Code cannot be undone

While on the Campaign map type .conan. to play as the Rebels.
Reveal Full Map
Type in .matteosartori. on the campaign map while on your turn to reveal full map.
Silver for all
Type .mefoundsomeag.

Gives silver to all provinces/lands.
Unlock all units and buildings
Type .badgerbunny. while on the campaign map to unlock all units and buildings.