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MechQuest cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Battle Yourself
When you go to the arcade game "Assault Mecha" just go to "Battle by ID#". then go to your stats. memorize/write down your ID. then type it into the ID box and click the button.
Easy 320 xp and a little bonus gold (Mechquest)
Hey wanna get a 320xp well you've come to the right place. Ok first you must have 2,500 credits(in mechquest of course) then train energy blades till you get blue belt. Then buy the energy blades in the blue belt shop.If you are a star captain you can buy the star captain energy blades but is not just buy the normal one. Then press the war button then click the save robina button. Then you fight a bandit.
Then keep going and then you'll find a bar go to the bar and drink a juice then theres a bar fight equip the weapon that you've bought then start the fight and in the and of the fight you get 320 xp and a 350gold!

Note:There are 10 rounds so defeat them all in 10 rounds.
P.S.:Each bandit drops 32xp and 35gold so 32x10=320xp and 35x10=350gold.

P.S.: Happy Huntings!
Easy Gold and Experience
Go to your house(wolfblade for me) and do the maze mission. Kill everything and you will get a lot of gold, like 3000.
easy money and XP
well i started at lv8 this cheat.
go to warlic in the fifth floor of the university and click tibattleonia the first fight will give you 200 credits.keep battling until you get all the money you want and XP
How to Get a Better Weapon
When you apply to be a police officer and after you do that, you'll sometimes have to fight wolves with a saber.To get a higher type of saber,go to the university.Go to the elevator, click classes, and go to "Energy Blade 101".
You'll have to apply as a student of the dojo to get sabers(or not).When you upgrade to higher levels, you`ll get better weapons.Now,equip one of the weapons.Go back to the police station, click "Investigate", and you'll soon hit more damage.
How to win a sword battle easy!!!!
To win a sword fight easily you first need to become a rebel. To become a rebel you must first talk to Dean(top floor of university) and complete all of his spaceship parts missions. Then you need to get a car(if you haven't got one) and go to the highway. then ride your car to the castle and the king will give you flight clearance to the moon, then you go to the moon and do all the missions and you will get a rebel costume. Put on the rebel costume(you can move the visor up and down!!) and do a sword battle with your best sword and you will have unlimited defend and strong attacks. Soon you will have ££££££££££££ (or if your american $$$$$$$$$$$$)
money money money!!!!!
first get the repli mech (unloked after you get all the fossil parts) for 65000 credits at the museum which is at the end of the road (left) then go to the labarinth and beat up everyone (dont forget to heal before you battle the mino ton) then hurry and get the gold before the mino ton comes back this way you will get more credits.
Quick , Easy Money and Experience Points
For this cheat , you don't need anything really , just a robot.First on Planet Loreon , go to the University.When there , do not enter the University , go to the right where there are some webs situated on the ground.You will be faced with a Spider with 140 hp.Kill it and you will be rewarded with 500 credits and 80 xp.Easy!
if you have the golden mecha specially for this anniversary for being one year old this hint is really easy.But all lv 13 mechs or higher whenever you battle you get 630 credits a 70 experience.Also the knife and sporks challenges give you alot of money from challenge 5 you can get 6000+ credits and lots of experience.

NOTE the golden mecha become unavailable on the 10th of october.

P.S. please can someone email me the code for sepulchure mecha model.
I will give you a dragonfable and an AQ account.


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Credit glitch
Go to the guy on the right of teks meks and click 'search salvage'. When you have done this go down and go left. It should say unpassable terrain. Keep on going left over and over again, and eventually you will get a treasure chest.
Gunsliger Armor
First equip a strong saber then go to Westion (can be found in your starmap). Then go to to Roy Silver and do the Catch a Thief. You will then be riding in a train. You must go to the front of the train where there will have a cutscene, then the man will give you the armor. After you have the armor press the options menu then press hometown.

Note that the armor is a temporary item that cannot be seen in your inventory and if you log-out it will disappear.
Screen replay
go to museum in Soluna city, (keep heading to the left of the screen).
talk to the person there they will ask you for help.then click explore, then desert.

go 2 screens 2 the right and u should see a block of stone with a wide V shape on it click towards it and you will find it is a cave/temple. when you are inside there is a big face in the background click BETWEEN the face and the entrance and it will replay entering the cave/temple
sticky wall
in the laberinth there is a wall that if you walk up to it and touch it you cant go up or down


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Dunce dunce space helmet
This is only available before you crash on Soluna.
After the ship lands you can never take it again.
To take it,exit through the bay doors of the spaceship and the crane drags you back in.After you do it a lot of time,the ship's captain,Sys,will give you this special helmet.