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Angles of Fire
Remember that if you keep on getting shot in a large room with multiple enemies, you can slow down 'time' and see the bullets as they go by. Doing this will let you see which angle they are coming from and where you should aim your fire.
How to getneo and othere cool characters
Its just the skin that changes and the voice stays the same. First of all, I would like to say that Its not worth getting neo. In the beginning where he talks to niobe about the rock falling on the ground story, there is a hole behind his head, and his mouth doesnt move. the same happens to morpheous and someother characters.

Ok lets beggin

To get the players skin, Go to the game Directory in C:/files&programs/infogrames/enterthe matrix/actors
Please make a backup file because i dont want to be responsable for peoplethat waned to play as ghost again.

find Ghost_Costume(xx).dcx/Niobe_Costume(xx).dcx
and delete them or ghost or niobe or both, you chose.
Then find the name of the character you wantto be the skin and copy that file to the number of costumes each have(ghost or niobe). and rename the files you copied to ghost_costume(xx).dcx (the (xx) after the costumes is the number you have to put of the costume there was). (egs:the original had 5 clothes and each had 01,02,etc. after them. so when you rename just put the same thing as before). There are files named Ghost_costumeb04.dcx. do not delete the ones that has b or eka or anything else apart from ghost_costume(xx).dcx or niobe_costume(xx).dcx
then after you do that you are done.

My favorite character is seraph,the keymaker, and the agents to play as. i hated the merovingian and neo the cant move their mouth.

Ok thats all
Simple Thing People Miss
One of the things that people miss fairly often is that you do have the ability to shoot right through screens and chain link fences/walls. This means that if you see several police men running towards the corner or the door to your side of the wall you can take down a few.

So don't miss opportunities to take them down like this... always look for what may be a space in the wall, etc, that you can use to shoot them before they think to shoot you.


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Some Good Cheats!
0034AFFF-Maximum Gun Power
1DDF2556-Unlimited Amunitions
69ESD9E4-Unlimited Cincentration
FFF0020A-Fast Regeneration of Concentration
7F4DF51-Unlimited Health Points
13D2C77F-Extra Level
4516DF45-Enemies Cannot See You
FFFFFFF1-Enemies Cannot See You
FF00001A-Turbo Mode
D5C55D1E-Multiplayer Fight
BB013FFF-Low Gravity
312MF451-Allowes you to drive a taxi