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Marble Drop Cheats

Marble Drop cheats, Codes, Tips, and Codes for PC.

Older Cheats:

   (last update - Sep 10 1997)

Puzzle Solutions
The solutions follows the puzzle names. In each case, drop the colored marbles, in order, into the funnels indicated. Let each marble go as far as it can before adding the next.

Marcus Tiron
1. Left funnel: red
2. Right funnel: blue
3. Right funnel: yellow
4. Right funnel: yellow
5. Right funnel: yellow
6. Right funnel: blue
7. Left funnel: blue
8. Left funnel: red
9. Left funnel: red
10. Left funnel: red

1. Right funnel: any
2. Left funnel: steel
3. Center funnel: any
4. Right funnel: steel
5. Left funnel: any
6. Center funnel: steel
7. Right funnel: any
8. Left funnel: steel
9. Center funnel: any

Leone Alberti
1. Right funnel: green
2. Center funnel: red
3. Left funnel: blue
4. Left funnel: yellow
5. Center funnel: orange
6. Right funnel: violet
7. Right funnel: blue
8. Right funnel: red
9. Left funnel: green
10. Center funnel: yellow
11. Right funnel: violet
12. Left funnel: orange

Thabit Ibn Quarra
1. Left funnel: steel (or orange)
2. Right funnel: orange
3. Right funnel: red
4. Left funnel: yellow
5. Left funnel: blue
6. Left funnel: blue
7. Right funnel: red
8. Left funnel: orange
9. Left funnel: violet
10. Right funnel: blue
11. Left funnel: red

Gerbert d'Aurillac
1. Center funnel Right funnel: blue
2. Center funnel Right funnel: yellow
3. Right funnel: orange
4. Left funnel: red
5. Center funnel Right funnel: red
6. Center funnel Right funnel: steel
7. Right funnel: orange
8. Center funnel Left funnel: yellow

Marble Drop Command codes

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Belisarius Puzzle Solution
33 Belisarius:
Left:blue Right:yellow OR Left:yellow Right:blue OR Left:green Right:green
Left: blue
Right: yellow
Right: red
Left: red
Right: blue
Right: yellow
Left: purple
Right: red
Right: blue
(working on one to get the tumbler open so that you can get the black ones <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />)
Submitted by: obseter26 on December 14, 2008
How To Beat Isidore Of Seville
Right: blue
Middle: green
Left: red
Right: red
Middle: blue
Left: purple
Right: green
Middle: orange
Left: purple
Right: blue
Middle: yellow
Left: red
Submitted by: warren on July 10, 2003

Marble Drop Tips

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Easy Points
On #17 Archytas of Tarente, here's how you can easily rack up a LOT of points:

1) Drop steel marbles into either funnel until the warning lamp flashes, making sure they get stuck in the crossbow loop.
2) Set the speed to 9 (highest).
3)turn the sound off but DO NOT MINIMIZE.
4) Make a sandwich, watch a movie, eat a sandwich while watching a movie, watch a movie about sandwiches, eat a sandwich while watching a movie about sandwiches, whatever. Just do SOMETHING to kill time.
5) Come back to your computer, press the "reset" button on the bottom-left of the screen, and finish the level.
Submitted by: H3X0 on March 07, 2012
Install Marble Drop under Windows XP
You can install Marble Drop by using the Program Compatibility Wizard found on the Accessories menu. Select 98/Me, Disable visual effects, select install from CD and go. Uncheck the install of DirectX 5.0.

Have fun
Submitted by: mrmachine on January 14, 2004