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Confused What People Are Saying? Here's common abbreviations:

S> = Selling
T> = Trading
B> = Buying
wb = Welcome Back
MM = Mush Mom
ZMM = Zombie Mush Mom
Dit = Bandit
Brb = Be Right Back [Short Period]
Afk = Away From Keyboard [Long Period]
Sin = Assassin
Pap = Papulatius Clock
Hpq = Henesys Party Quest
Cpq = Carnival Party Quest
Kpq = Kerning Party Quest
Lpq = Ludibrum Tower Party Quest
Ppq = Herb Town Party Quest
Apq = Ariant Party Quest
Opq = Orbis Party Quest
Zpq = Zakum Party Quest
Gpq = Guild Party Quest
Nett's/PyPQ = Nett's Pyramid
Himes = Dreamy Ghost ("Himes" is the original name, Japanese for "Princess")
Adventurer Jobs
you need help? Here is your job list :


Warrior basics:
Spear Man>Dragon Knight>Dark Knight

Magaicain Basics:
Wizard (F/P)>Mage>Archmage
Wizard (I/L)>Mage>Archmage

Bowman Basics:

Rouge Basics:
Bandit>Cheif Bandit>Shadower

Pirate Basics:

1st job=Level:8 or 10
2nd job=Level:30
3rd job=Level:70
4th job=Level:120
Bob The Snail
Location: Bob currently does not spawn on any map.

Bob the Snail is a legend among older maplers, it was said that if you killed Bob, your next scroll was guaranteed to work (that's false, by the way). When killed, Bob spawns multiple regular snails, and drops Bob the Snail's Shell; A quest item used for Jay's Curiosity.
Cleric Healing Tip
If you are a Cleric, heal and recruit a bunch of monsters towards you (at least 5). Then just keep healing and killing them off. By getting a bunch together, your healing attack will attack up to 5 monsters at once, leveling you up faster and saving you lots of MP (since attacking 5 with one heal only depletes your MP by the one heal). Also, since MP Eater gives MP to you back at a certain rate, attacking many monsters at once means a better overall success rate, many clerics use this to get away with using almost no potions at all.

This works with any Undead monster or monster that takes damage when you heal.
Cleric skills and stat allocations to lvl 70
When you're a beginner it doesn't really matter what you put your skills into. It's likely you wont ever use them again.

Once you're a Mage, you want your LUK to equal (Your Level+3), and all other points should go into INT. LUK is primarily used fro wearing equipment, and INT is a much bigger factor in how much damage you do with spells.

SP allocations will be like this:
  • 1 Energy Bolt
  • 20 Magic Claw [MAX]
  • 15 Magic Guard [MAX]
  • 10 MP Boost [MAX]
  • 15 Magic Armor [MAX]
  • 7 Energy Bolt
After that you're going to go and become your 2nd job class. You're a Cleric now!

Now, depending on how you want to train, you will have different SP allocations. If you plan on being a party-oriented build, your skills go like this:
  • 1 Teleport
  • 30 Heal [MAX]
  • 5 Invincible
  • 15 Bless [MAX]
  • 20 Spell Mastery [MAX]
  • 19 Teleport [MAX]
  • 10 Invincible [MAX]
  • 20 MP Eater [MAX]
If you're gonna be a solo Cleric, your skills go like this:
  • 1 Teleport
  • 30 Heal [MAX]
  • 20 MP Eater [MAX]
  • 20 Spell Mastery [MAX]
  • 5 Invincible
  • 15 Bless [MAX]
  • 19 Teleport [MAX]
  • 10 Invincible [MAX]
At this point, you're a Priest!
Different way to travel between Orbis and Ludi
NOTE: You will need patience and time for this, it is free, but it may take a little longer than taking the train unless you have orbis scrolls.

This is pretty simple. Just go to Helios Tower from Ludi, then go all the way down and into Korean Folk Town. Go to the left and you will find a well. Jump on top of the well and press up. Go down and press up near the book. You will be in Aqua Road. Go all the way left until you reach the Ocean I.C. Go into Orbis Tower from there and use an orbis scroll or go up the tower.

I know most people know about this, but i would like more to know, or you can pay whatever amount of money it takes to go on the train.

Good luck maplers!
Easy Evo Lab Training
If you're a class with a keydown skill such as Xenon's "Beam Dance", Dual Blade's "Asura's Wrath", Luminous's "Spectral Light", etc, the evolution lab is perfect for you, specifically room 3. In the center of the room there is a generator that attracts mobs for a period of time on and off. When all the mobs collect in the center, use your keydown skill (or any skill that hits numerous mobs) and you will kill them quickly, gaining a lot of experience. This works great with cores that boost mob stats (and exp) and/or boosted experience. This works with every class, however it's effectiveness varies from class to class because of damage and mobbing.
easy exp for 30 and up people
once your level 30 you can do the cpq. if you go there you get exp for what you kill and what your party members kill. also the better the score the team gets the more exp you get when you leave. when its over talk to spingleman to leave and he gives exp acoording to the teams score.
Fatigue Help
After along time of Mining, crafting, etc, you gain fatigue points. When you reach 100, that's all. However, there are 4 ways to get rid of some or all of your fatigue points.
1. Every hour, you remove 5 points.
2. Go into the Cash Shop and purchase the Fatigue Reset Coupon, which brings your fatigue to 0, for 2.5k Nx.
3. You can purchase potions that can, at max for 3m total, remove 30 fatigue points. You can only use 3 every day, and there is a potion that recovers 5 points for 300k mesos, and another that recovers 10 fatigue for 1m mesos.
4. Wait until 12 PM Pacific time and your fatigue will be reset to 0.

Good Luck maplers!
How to get ores
After you do a jump quest in the Kerning Subway or Sleepywood, you can re-enter the area to get Ores as a reward!
How to get to Crimsonwood Keep
Behind the Haunted Mansion is a maze of areas that is very easy to get lost in. Here's how to get through it to the other side:
  1. Start by the Haunted House
  2. Go right to the portal to Bent Tree
  3. Use the portal directly above you
  4. Last portal on the right
  5. All the way right again
  6. Second portal to your left.
  7. Left portal
  8. Follow the path (don't fall), take the portal at the end
  9. Welcome to CWK!
How To Make a Guild
To make a Guild you need:
  • 1,500,000 meso
  • Go to Orbis:Guild Office
How To Raise A PERFECT Bowman w/o Skills
To start, this is how ur rolled out stats should look like:

** Str
** Dex
4/5 Int
4/5 Luk

When you choose your job as a bowman, think about if you want to be a crossbowman or a hunter, cause that is gunna tell u how to raise ur STR:

Crossbowmen Lvl +0 Str
Hunter Lvl +5 Str
(example: Crossbowman Lvl 45 = 45 STR
Hunter Lvl 45 = 50 STR)

Training Places:
1-6 Snails And Blue Snails Are Perfect
6-8 Blue And Red Snails
8-10 Orange Mushrooms Would Be Fastest
10-15 The Hill West Of Henesys Is The Best
15-20 Try Pig Beach If You Have The Money For Potions
21-26 PQ or Tree Dungeon IV South Of Ellinia
27-30 Continue PQ or Ant Tunnel 1,2,3,4

And CONGRATZ, You've Gotten To Lvl 30, Now, Go Talk To Athena Pierce, Then Go The The First Map Across For Henesys That Leads To The Dungeon, Give The Letter To The Bowman Instructer In The Top Right Corner......Once Your In, You'll Be Instructed To Kill Stronger Zombie Mushroom
And Evil Eyes And Gather 30 Dark Marbles, They Dont Give Exp Or Anything, Only Dark Marbles. Once You Have Given The 30 Marbles, You Will Get Proof Of Hero, Give It To Athena, And You'll b Able To Pick Hunter O CBM.

~SiIentNite - Bera
How to raise Traits (other than using the professions)
How to raise...
Charm: Purchase Nexon Items and Change hair using VIP/Reg Coupons, or find certain items such as timeless or reverse items. These will boost your Charm exp.

Ambition: Fight Bosses.

Willpower: Be in a Party or gain GP for your Guild.

Empathy: Earned from quests

Insight: Find potentials of items that have Hidden Potential.

Dilligence: Can only be raised with professions.
Infinite MP (in a sense)
Okay. Yeah, I know it's weak. But just go kill some of the Jr. Boogie enemies and get their familiar card. When summoned, it gives you large amounts of MP constantly. Also, it's MP regen does NOT take down it's vitality orbs, meaning you can keep this little one out for hours and not have to use a single blue potion. If you do somehow start getting low on MP, climb onto a ladder and let it all regen.
The assassin and gunslinger are the only classes in the game that can attack long-range while jumping so you should make good use of it. Backshotting is useful when your cornered or many enemies heading towards your way.

Archers can also do this, but require precision timing in order to work.
Kerning PQ
In the kerning party quest, it is advised to invite a magician to your party and possibly a cleric with 1 Heal. Magicians above level 24 are great. Throwing thieves are the second best. They can solo the king slime easily too. Bowmen are average. They do normal damages. Invite those around level 25+ .

Lastly, Dagger thieves and warriors. Dagger thieves do low damages against king slime but at least they have accuracy. Invite those who are level 27+.
And for warriors, invite those who are level 28+. They are useful too as tanks.
Maple Coin Trade-In for Big Mesos
Low on money (mesos) and want large amounts quickly? Well here is a tip for you.

By doing a bunch of Carnival Party Quests (CPQ), you get the chance to collect Maple Coins. You can trade in these coins for various weapons for each class, which you can either use yourself or sell back to stores.

The best bang-for-your-buck purchase is a Gephart, which is a Dagger/Cutter for the Bandit class of Thieves. It only costs you 7 Maple Coins, but can be sold at stores for 150,000! So save up your Maple Coins, buy a bunch of these Thief weapons, and sell them to stores for a big cash reward!
Mining Profession Help
If you have fatigued, you can go on another character and become another Miner. Then you can mine for ores on that character while you character(s) regain some energy.
Raising a Luck Dagger Theif
Make sure your DEX is always twice as much as your lvl (ex. lvl 2 = 4 DEX) until you reach level 40. Then put one DEX in every level.

Everything else goes to your LUK.
Restore Familiar's Vitality Instantly
If your summoned familiar is getting low on its Vitality Orbs, quit your character and go back in. Re-summon your familiar, and all of its Vitality Orbs will be restored to full.
The Magician's Best Friend
If you are a Magician (or any class of it), and have over 1500 MP, the Sorcerer's Potion is your best friend.

Go to New Leaf City (Masteria) and find the Potion lady. 1500 each (the best you will find for quite awhile).
Wizards & Clerics Goods and Bads
- No HP Pots Are Needed To Be Bought IF You Raise Heal
- Advandcing To a Priest Can Do More Damage and More Protective
- Bishops, INSANE DAMAGE Is Used During a Good Combination of Skills (Using The Marco Command)
- You Can Increase Damage Aganist Dark Monsters
- If a Brood Cleric Trys To Pq, People Will Be Mistaken For a Party Cleric And Blames The Cleric For Not Healing
- Twice As Much Money is Used For Buying More MP Pots From Cleric's Skills If Over Used

- a I/L Can Do Freezing Abilities To Prevent Clerics From Healing
- a I/L Can Also Do Thunder Abilities To Attack Multiple Monsters At Once
- After 3rd Job Advancement For F/P Mages, They Can Summon a Poisonus Fog To Poison Monsters
- A F/P Has Poison Abilities, To Poison Monster That Can Be a Drag
HP Pots and Twice as MP Pots Must be Purchased, Causing Great Amounts of Mesos Being Lost
- This Class May Be Ignored For Party Clerics From The Cleric's Healing Abilities


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{Arans} Combo Smash x2
Okay, so when you get to 30+ combos and you have combo smash available, use it, but keep hitting the buttons. You've got a 70% chance of this working. Combo Smash will activate a second time and do damage to the opponent. This is useful especially in the PQ "Nett's Pyramid." Hope this helps. ^w^