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Hold ctrl + type "hdiart" without the quotations!
and a box with pics will pop up!It shows the characters im mall tycoon!
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Aaron+gamefaqs.com on April 09, 2004

High Rate

Type in hdirate during gameplay for highter rating for your mall.
Verified by: ManWolf1973 Submitted by: dbai on February 13, 2003

ok theese ARE the cheats

in gameplay hold down ctrl while typing in theese codes:
hdirate - mall rating up by 100
hdicash - gives you cash
hdilore - finish reserching product wich reserching on

hditeck - all researching stuff done -(sweet!)
hdizooma - SUPER ZOOM (to the resque!)
hdiart -sim art
hdi max - somthing about the floor!
those ARE ALL tHe ChEaTs I kNoW
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: ryan percival WASSUP! on February 09, 2006

Real Cheats

While playing the game at the menu where time goes by, hold down Ctrl and type the code in:

hdizooma = unlimited zoom

hdicash = $100,000 hditech = complete current
research project
hdilore = all technology

after you enter the code in, you will hear a police sound play.
Verified by: ManWolf1973 Submitted by: David Ouziel on March 15, 2002