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Majesty: The Northern Expansion Cheats

Majesty: The Northern Expansion cheats, and Codes for PC.

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   (last update - Apr 06 2001)

** highlight the hero you want to add levels to, before activating the code.

Majesty: The Northern Expansion Cheats

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Hit enter during play.

The below are listed as:

Result: Cheatcode

10,000 gold: fill this bag
all buildings: build anything
spells: give me power
infinite spell range: cheezy towers
restore hit points: restoration
highlighted hero gains 5 levels: grow up
kill opponent: now you die
full map: revelation
win game: victory is mine
lose game: i'm a loser baby
view frame rate: frame it
Whole map: revelation
Give selected hero 5 levels: grow up

***note these cheats also work for Majesty the Fantasy Kingdom Sim
Submitted by: obelisk69 on February 06, 2004
Speed Up Construction
Build a building. Before the peasents swarm to help build it, enter the "resoration" cheat. Now your building is at max health!
Submitted by: anonymous on May 08, 2003
Display frame ratesframe it
Get 10,000 goldfill this bag
Hero level increased by 5**grow up
Infinite spell rangecheezy towers
Instantly kill opponentnow you die
Instantly lose the gamei'm a loser baby
Instantly win the gamevictory is mine
Restore hit pointsrestoration
Reveal maprevelation
Unlock all buildingsbuild anything
Unlock all spellsgive me power