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Madden NFL 2005 (PC) Cheats

Madden NFL 2005 cheats, and Codes for PC.


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Madden Cards
Cheat - Effect

L96J7P - human plow card-tackle break +75%

D57R5S - lame duck card-opponent passes are lobs
X78P92 - mistake free card-no fumble or interceptions
Y59R8R - mr.mobility-qb never sacked

D59K34 - super dave card-diving range +75%

V34L6D - tight fit-opponent uprights narrower

L48G1E - unforced errors card-opponent fumbles during jukes

Z28X8K -3rd down-have only 3 downs to get 1st down
P66C4L - 5th down-have 5 downs to get 1st down

J3318F - bingo card-+75% defense interceptions

B61A8M - da bomb card-unlimited passing range

176X3T - da bomb card-unlimited field goal range

M89S8G - extra credit-get points for interceptions and sacks

V65J8P - 1st and 15=1st downs are 15 yards

072E9B - 1st and 5-1st downs are only 5 yards

R14B82 -fumbles card-opponent +75% fumbles