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Unlockable Combat Skills
How to unlock the advanced combat skills.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Arrow Revolver (Humans ONLY!)This skill charges up 5 arrows at the same time like the healing skill, the limit of arrows is 5, like icebolt. Talk to Aranwen with the 'Fire Arrow' title. Talk to her about 'skills'. She will give you a book, you need to get pages 1 - 10 about Arrow Revolver. Enchant the pages in order. Once you finished enchanting the pages talk to Aranwen, and you will learn Arrow Revolver. 3 AP is required.
ChargeTalk to Waboka in Cor Village about 'skills'. He'll tell you to kill 30 Hobgoblins. 3 AP is required.
Final Hit (Humans ONLY!)To get this skill you need to talk to Aranwen when your holding 2 swords. He’ll to go to Quilla to talk to Nicca. He’ll tell you to get a sketch of the Twin Sword Statue (found in the Muyu Desert). You can buy the sketches for a price of 1k to 5k. Then you give the sketch to Nicca then he’ll give you an artifact to drop on the panel in the Karu Forest Ruins. You can bring friends to help but they won’t succeed to the next part of the quest. After you complete the Karu Ruins, talk to Nicca and he’ll tell you get a sketch of the Glowing Twin Sword Statue. To get it, go back to Muyu Desert during a thunderstorm (100% raining). You buy these sketches for 5k to 10k. Give the sketch to Nicca and he’ll give you an artifact to drop on the panel in the Maiz Prairie Ruins. You can bring friends like Karu, but they can’t succeed to the next part of the quest. Once you completed the dungeon. Talk to Nicca and you will gain knowledge of the skill (you need 5 AP to learn the skill).
Final Shot [G8 - S2] (Elves ONLY!)This skill is not out for North America Yet. Mirage Missile must already be learned in order to acquire Final Shot. Talk to Meles using the 'Skills' keyword. (You will receive a 1x2 sized Quest Scroll in your Inventory). Talk to Granites. Give Granites 1 Topaz Arrow. Give Granites 1 Emerald Arrow. Give Granites 1 Amethyst Arrow. Talk to Granites again and receive 1 Diamond Arrow. Drop the Diamond Arrow at the Longa Desert Ruins Dungeon altar and clear the dungeon. (The boss is still a Ruin Guardian with about 2000 HP). If you fail to clear the Diamond Arrow dungeon, give Granites one of each of the three gemmed arrows to receive the Diamond Arrow again. Complete the quest to be rewarded with the Final Shot skill. 5 AP is required.
Mirage Missile (Elves ONLY!)Talk to Castanea about skills to start the quest. Go out into the desert and find a Giant Stone Statue via Exploration. It is located in the south-western most region of Longa Desert. Click the statue with empty hands to harvest a "Yellow Heart of Giant Stone Statue". It may take many tries. Bring this to Castanea. She will give you a "Crystal of Elemental." (You can not trade it). Clear Longa Desert Ruins Dungeon (normal) with The Crystal of Elemental in your inventory. Complete the quest after finishing the dungeon to receive the skill. (You can bring a party with you to clear it). 1 AP is required.
Spirit Weapon AwakeningSpirit weapon must be at Social level 21 before skill can be used. You get this skill automatically when you get a Spirt Weapon.
Support Shot (Humans and Elves ONLY!)Talk to Trefor about 'skills'. The player must have first learned the Ranged Attack skill; Practice Rank is still acceptable.
Windmill (Elves and Giants)Finish the beginner quest "Windmill, the Crown Jewel of Melee Combat." Elves: 0 AP required. Giants: 3 AP required.
Windmill (Humans)Talk to Randal in Tir Chonail about 'skills' after you learned the 'Defense' skill, he will give you his chain mail (3 x 2) give it to fergas, and go back to Randal and you will get the skill. 3 AP is required to use the skill.


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Getting fast proficiency on: Sheilds and Armor
People who get use to the game like to upgrade items but, to do that you have to get proficiency on that item and from the two I listed above I know fast ways to get it faster.

Shields: One way is to defend a lot against a weak monster without smash like: Rats(grey) or Spiders(white). Just throw a rock at it to avoid killing it and activate the arrgo then defend and run a little after you're hit in defense then load it again and continue.
The other way gives more proficiency and that is to use the skill Charge on a monster. This way could take longer then the defending way but you get much more proficiency.

Armor: There is really only one good way to get proficiency on armor and that is to be hit a lot.
I recommend using the monster Mimics as they do little to no damage and attack a lot. To get them on you just open every chest they are in and watch or leave coming back now and then to refill your Hp as 1's could kill you overtime.
Giant Sand Worms
They spawn once every week in Central Muyu Desert.

Giant Sand Worms spawn in pairs.
The Giant Black Wolves
These are hard to me, but I found the easiest way to deal with them:
1. You get ready to use the smash skill
2. You use it on it then just keep hitting it
3. When its halfway down quickly get a bow and shoot from long range
4. Finish it!

Note: It's better if you have 2 swords equipped.
The hard, yet easy, basic and up Ciar Dungeon Boss
Okay, have y'all been having trouble on the Golem and metal skeletons?
1. Lure the Golem into another room
2. Then kill it
3. Lure the metal skeletons one at a time into a room and ambush them like the Golem

Note: You lure by hitting them and then running where you want them. They follow you, not focused on anything else, so you can also lure to let other people heal.
Training the skill Critical Hit
Critical Hit is a passive skill (as in it is always active and adds to other skills) and it activates depending upon your critical percentage and the enemies protection (protection lowers critical hit and you can find this out by: [your critical %] - [enemies protection x2]) so it can be a pain to train.

Here is a way to train it faster:

Get the Taillteann Shadow mission "Provocation" on Basic difficulty.
You will then need two daggers (as they have very high critical) so that you have the best chance.
Get two filler people (because the mission needs three people to enter) then start the mission.
Activate your auto attack by going to the Mabinogi start icon (the box with the game logo) in Options under the Game tab, it should be at the bottom area and you turn it on that way.
Then attack a Barrier Spikes that are in the mission and because they have no defense and protection you will hit critical a lot also, auto attack will keep hitting the spike so you can do something else.

Note: Even if the daggers durability becomes 0 you can still hit criticals and 0 stamina will not effect the critical, just the damage.

Tip: Windmill, Stomp, Thunder, Fireball, Ice Spear, Spirit Weapon Awakening, Flame Burst, Blaze, and Wings of Rage all ignore protection rate.


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Avoiding the Blinkers "Beholder Beam"
Everyone hates that move the blinker has as there is no way to get away from it completely. But I have found a way to stop its "drain" effect on you so you can move around.
NOTE:This wont stop the knock back damage.

It is simple really, if you know the blinker is going to use it on you run to a monster nearby and use the Windmill skill on it. If the Blinker uses the beam on you during the skill animation the "drain" effect wont do anything to you so you can move normally and can use skills (the light beam will still be on you until the skill ends).
This should help you a lot if you're in a tight spot.
Bangor's best view
This glitch is fun to use if you're in Bangor and want to hide.

In Bangor there is a cliff that over looks the town (The one Ibbie sits on) and at the very end of it where it stops beside the weapon shop there is a graphics glitch where if you run into that spot you will run up the cliff and be standing on air.
It is not hard to pull off because the spot is very wide and you can get down the same way by running the way you came up by angling your screen down so you can see the ground.
Charge glitch
This is an annoying glitch that has yet to be fixed.
I'm posting it so you know how to get some one back for using it on you.

First you need the charge skill (any rank) and any shield (unless you're a giant). load charge and before the moment it finishes loading spam click on the target. If you do it right then you will do the charge hit animation and hit the target for normal charge damage but, wont move from that spot and will still have charge loaded to use again. If you did it wrong you will just charge.
This glitch is spamable since charge takes no time to load and because you cancel the skill and do the glitch again there is no cooldown time.
Dunbartion bank platform: get on it!
With the release of the new skill "Assault slash" there have been new ways to get into places.
Here is one that I have confirmed to work.
Dunbartion bank platform: It is that large stone platform on the other side of the bank in dunbartion that is next to the clothing shop. Some people do the sitting one but, I know how to get up there for real.
First you must be in a duel or Elf Vs. Giant pvp then you need to get inside the bank (not the map but the inside of the building so you're still in dunbartion) by just holding down the left mouse key to keep walking and move it inside the bank through the door and you will be inside it. Then you have to get the other person up against the wall closest to the platform and Assault slash him against the wall. If you do this correctly you can walk through the wall to the platform[NOTE!!!! you cannot get back the same way so you will need to warp away from that spot!]
Enter Rabbie arena untransformed
To my surprise quite a few people don't know this easy glitch so here it goes.
NOTE: this works in the arena lobby and waiting room.

First all you need to do is transform in the lobby/waiting room then go up to the rabbie coin slot/door and click on it. Then when it asks you if you want to enter the arena turn off your transformation and hit the "ok" and you will get into the fighting arena without transformation.

OTHER NOTES: no player can attack you when you are in the arena untransformed (other then the chandelier [I call it the ghost since it puts you in the receiving smash animation]) all of the monsters can attack you that are not controlled and you can attack them (if you die in the arena untransformed you wont lose anything).
I hope this helps you with the arena.
Enter the ring
In the Taillteann shadow mission "provocation" the area where the monsters spawn is in the middle of a barrier spike (rank F style with desert dragon Hp) circular wall. after killing the Giant sulfur spider the 3 players will be forced to solo a monster. There are a few ways to get in:

One is after you beat the giant sulfur spider you get on a mount the party leader has and you will be in with that person.

Two is when the solo fights are going on you can use Assault slash to attack a fallen monster and "jump" into the ring.
Free elf and giant character cards
Do you all know about the elf and giant war? I did this so its verified, i went and 1.joined the giants and got a free giant assistant card (YOU MUST MAKE THE GIANT CHARACTER BEFORE YOU GO ONTO STEP 2)2. then i went and de-joined them, and went to the elves, joined them, and got a free elf assistant character card. And the cool thing is, it doesnt delete your card if you de-side them! isnt that awesome? <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

Hope that helped chu!

Easter eggs

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Shadow Spirit Multi attack
Note: you must completed Generation 11 for this skill.

Most people seem to think that the demigod skill Shadow Spirit can only attack one monster and that would be wrong.
Shadow spirit can attack multiple monsters at once if you load the skill and click on yourself (the magic wand icon will appear when you hover the mouse over your character) the attack will not last as long as when you attack one monster because you use more spirits then normal.
Note: this will not work for getting shadows from monsters.