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Stage tips

Stage 4-10 history and legend

When you come to the boss do not charge for him run to the right top corner and you will be safe from most if not all of his attacks and just keep hitting his head till it dies and start killing the next repeat

6-10 History and Legend how to get soldin
there are three requirements
1. you must have an Eir(healer) in your party
2.you must get all the secrets
3. you must kill rigal with in 10 min

secret 1 is in the small room after the 1st hallway to the right
secret 2 is in the small room after the 2nd hallway to the left
(soldin is good to do because he is a week secret boss that gives a lot of exp)

Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: pipripx on March 15, 2010