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Helm's Deep's Good Stradagy

demolish all the buildings behind the deeping wall.
then build all farms there and one farm and one armory right behind the main gate
use the armory to get all the upgrades there
then build a well and an archery range by the keep
then train Yeomen archers and a few elven warriors and upgrade them all the way
position all the archers in the inner wall
position the one cavelry battalion on the outer wall but not the deeping wall after you send them to save the peasants
position all heros and peasants behind the small archway that cant be closed
once many isengard forces are on the deeping wall send your cavalry across the wall to run them over
then wait until eomer and gandolf come

if you do this right you won't lose any units
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: tapests on October 27, 2006