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Get Sauron or Galadriel

when playing a skirmish catch and kill gollum to get the one ring and unlock to unlock galadriel and sauron depending on if ur good or evil. be careful gollum is stealthed.
Verified by: Roll1and6Wave Submitted by: B Dragon3 on May 20, 2006

Get Sauron or Galadriel

In skirmish mode, you have the option to kill Gollum, if you do, he will drop the one ring. Carry it to a fort, that is on YOUR side. Go into the hero's section, and you will be able to purchase Sauron, or Galadriel pending on which side you play on.

Each costs 10,000 resources, and both have extremly powerful attacks.
Verified by: gazlootz, Janken Submitted by: Pippin_evil_genius on June 02, 2007

Easter eggs

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Unlock Eothen!

Okay. Most people won't believe me when I give you this cheat, but it works!
Okay. All you need to do is this:
1. complete both campaigns with all bonus objectives.

2. On the good campaign, go back to the level in which you defend Dale/Erebor.

3. Go into the citadel. When you get into the main hall, turn right. It should lead you into the room with the the mine carts. Find a secret hole and go inside. You will be led to a room filled with haradrim. Kill the Haradrim and you will find a soldier. Go over to him and then he will join you. Complete the level with all bonus objectives. Make sure the soldier that you found lives. At the end, go to skirmish. Be men of the west. Go to your fortress and in the hero section you should have Eothen!
Verified by: yonutzsweetboy Submitted by: megolas on September 21, 2009


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Getting a hero from another faction

NOTE this trick only works for isengard

when palaying whith isengard get wormtongueand level him up to level ten until he gets the abylity to take control of an enemy hero the when on a fight whith an enemy hero don't kill the hero and don't take possesion of him/her yet wait until the enemys hero life is very low and then take control of him/her and get the controled hero to get killed(atack enemy fortress for example)an when the controled hero dies it will apaer as if one one of your heros have died Ex:shelob as fallen
then go to your fortess a 10 seconds later and the enemy hero will be there to resseruct
Verified by: ahmed1680, yonutzsweetboy Submitted by: markx2475 on November 08, 2007