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Gnome Chomsky
Entry Location:
Dark Carnival

In the second chapter of the Dark Carnival campaign you will find a shooting range. Play this game until you score 750 points and you will receive Gnome Chomsky. Have one survivor escape the rest of the campaign with him to unlock the Achievement.

Moving Things
You can move things like dumpster(but not buildings). If you have a (gas can/propane tank/oxygen tank) bring it near an object like dumpster. Then, throw it(make sure the dumpster infront of you before you throw it) and make sure it hits the dumpster. Then quickly grab it and throw it again. Throw it, grab it, throw it, grab it, throw it, grab it, throw it, grab it. It can move the dumpster!

You can use this trick to close the sewer hole to prevent zombies from climbing up. Figure the another benefit's out by yourselves, ok?


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Get on top of a sign
Entry Location:
Second part of the Parish campaign

Once you are off the boat head up the ramp and you'll see a barricade with barbed-wire at the top. Jump up on top of that and you'll see a gib sign right behind you. Face away from the sign looking down at the water, jump forward just a little bit and it will force you to hang from the sign instead of the barricade over top of the water. Someone will help you up and you will be on top of the sign.