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Command codes

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Commands for Weapons

During the game drop the dev-console via the tilde key (left of the numeric row), enter the following codes to recieve the desired effect.
ALLAMMO ... Stock 999 rounds for current weapon.
AXE ... Use fire axe.
PIPE ... Use lead pipe.
BAT ... Use baseball bat.
SHOVEL ... Use shovel.
HAMMER ... Use hammer.
GLOCK ... Use handgun.
MINIGUN ... Use minigun ( .50 Cal)
MOLOTOV ... Use molotov cocktail.
SNIPER ... Use sniper rifle.
SHOTGUN ... Use shotgun.
WEAPONS ... Stock all weapons.
KUNGFU ... Input while holding a meele weapon to use regular fists, and while empty handed to use kungfu fists.
GOD ... Player invulnerability.
GHOST ... No clipping mode.
FLY ... Free floating mode.
WALK ... Disable clipping and float modes.
BEHINDVIEW <0/1> ... Binary toggle for external view.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: xtremegamer25 on September 27, 2011