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Kingdom Under Fire (PC) Cheats

Kingdom Under Fire cheats, and Codes for PC.

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Kingdom Under Fire Cheats

Cheat Codes
Press the Enter key and then type in any of the following:

~makemydayEnables cheat code mode (toggles)
~godblessuRestores HP of a selected unit
~amosbemercifulFully restores MP of a selected unit
~knowledgeispowerIncreases speed of restoration of MP
~dayspringClears all fog
~simsimhaeDelay of production and construction becomes 0
~baegopaFills up all resources
~hastalavistaKills a selected unit
~opensesameUnlocks all locked doors

Note: Use . instead of ~ in RPG mode


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Press ENTER and type in these cheats:-

Activate cheats - makemyday
500,000 of all resources - baegopa
Destroy selected unit or building - Hastalavista
Faster build - simsimhae
Faster manna rejuvenation - knowledgeispower
Full life - godblessu
Full manna - amosbemerciful
Reveal map - dayspring