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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (PC) Cheats

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning cheats, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Steam Achievement
UnlockableHow to unlock
A Life of CrimeGot caught committing a crime 25 times.
A Wink and a SmileYou have succeeded at 50 Persuasion attempts.
And Then There Were NoneKilled 500 enemies with abilities.
Big SpenderSpent 200,000 gold.
Blades of GloryAcquired 10 Unique weapons (Special Delivery weapons excluded).
BookwormRead 50 books.
Breaking and EnteringPicked 50 locks.
Bull in a China ShopSmashed 1,000 objects.
CartographerDiscovered 100 locations.
Cleaning Up the StreetsKilled 50 bandits.
Crime Doesn't PaySpent over 10,000 gold in crime bribes.
Destiny DefiantYou have defeated Tirnoch, and defied destiny.
Destiny DominatedYou have won the game on Hard difficulty.
Diamond in the RoughCrafted a Pristine Shard.
Elixir of FateMade a potion with the Essence of Fate.
ExterminatorKilled 50 Scavs.
Five Finger DiscountStole and fenced an item.
Foiled Again!Parried 100 times.
Give Her a HandFound Aubrey Gilcrest's severed hand.
Good as NewRepaired a piece of equipment.
Green ThumbHarvested 10 of each type of reagent.
Hero of Mel SenshirYou have defeated the great Balor.
House of BalladsCompleted the House of Ballads storyline quests.
House of SorrowsCompleted the House of Sorrows storyline quests.
It Didn't Explode!Made a stable potion by experimenting.
It is Your DestinyUnlocked a top tier destiny.
Jack of All TradesUnlocked a Jack of All Trades destiny.
JailbreakYou broke out of jail.
JugglerLanded 5 consecutive hits on a launched enemy.
Keep on RisingGravehal Keep has been fully restored.
LoremasterDiscovered all Lorestones.
Manic Pixie Dream ElfWooed Rast Brattigan.
Master of the ForgeCrafted an item that uses all 5 forge component slots.
Message in a BottleLocated all eight message bottles in Gallows End.
Niskaru SlayerKilled 25 Niskaru.
No Destiny, All DeterminationYou have met High King Titarion, and have been confronted with the true scope of your powers.
Open SesameDispelled 50 wards.
Out of Your LeagueKilled an enemy 4 levels higher than you.
RebornYou were reborn from the Well of Souls, and have escaped Allestar Tower.
Reckoning RampageKilled 5 enemies with a single Fateshift.
Riposte!Landed 25 special attacks out of Parry.
Romancing the GemCrafted an Epic Gem.
Scholia ArcanaCompleted the Scholia Arcana storyline quests.
Shock and AweKilled 100 enemies with abilities.
Shop ClassCrafted a piece of equipment with Blacksmithing.
Some of This, Some of ThatUnlocked a two-class hybrid destiny.
StreakerYou spoke to someone while not wearing clothes.
The Great DetectiveDetected 25 hidden things.
They Never Saw it ComingBackstabbed 20 enemies.
TrapperKilled 25 enemies with traps.
TravelersCompleted the Travelers storyline quests.
Turning the TideA ruse has baited Octienne into betraying the necromantic nature of his experiments.
WarswornCompleted the Warsworn storyline quests.
Where's My Wallet?Pickpocketed 20 times.
Would You Like Fries with that?Landed 100 complete attack chains.


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Get the Stolen Item Label OFF
Take your stolen items to a merchant who is willing to buy from you (e.g. Phaine Town - Star Camp). After that, you are now the rightful owner:

1) Sell the Junk items, stay at the Buy/Sell screen
2) Go to Buy, locate the Junk items you have just sold OR Decided not to buy back: just use this trick to get rid of the Junks.
3) Buy Back the items

the stolen marker (Red Handed) should be off!!!
Repair Kits = Save on GOLD
If you needs to repair your weapon and armor, buy a bunch of repair kits rather than get the blacksmith to do the jobs, it could save your a lots especially if you need to repair rare equipments


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Infinite Backpacks
Go to Mel Senshir, then save your game. Kill the Dokkalfar merchant to your left when you arrive, then pay the fine or choose to go to jail. Return to one of your houses and sleep for 4 days. Return to Mel Shenshir and the Dokkalfar merchant will have respawned. Purchase a backpack from the merchant, then kill him again and repeat the process of choosing one of the two the penalties then sleeping in your house for 4 days and heading back to Mel Shenshir.
Summer Fae Follower
It is possible to get a somewhat permanent follower near the beginning of the game. After completing the tutorial, go to the Summer Fae Court and start the quest "Song of Sir Sagrell". Speak to Pledge Ficon before he leaves the area and he will follow you until you complete the quest, allowing you to have him as a follower throughout the entire game as long as you don't finish the quest.