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Command codes

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alot of dinos

Type: [][][][][]right left up up up
Verified by: marcim, pandu Submitted by: Lachlan on April 12, 2009


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6 year dino

If you have unlocked Hell creek formation B buy 5 teams of you have money then search for Edmontosaurus then when it has 100% D.N.A Look at a hatchery and you can see that it lives for 6 years!
Verified by: cahyadi18, tri prayogi Submitted by: Sharpdagger567 on April 03, 2009

Dinosaur Population Limits

On a standard game you can have up to 60 dinosaurs at any one time. To change this, go to:
Program Files/ Universal Interactive/ Jurassic Park Operation Genesis/ Data
Find the file named Constant, and go to the section near the bottom labelled "IntConstants". Change the default number (60) for MaxDinoPopulation, and you can set it to have as many dinosaurs as you like.
Verified by: chubby624, Danielle07 Submitted by: Fish23 on June 24, 2010

Don't Eat Dino

If you have a dinosaur make it eat meat then plants then meat etc etc. If you do this you won't need to feed your dino for about 2 hours!!
Verified by: edosong, jurassicpark98 Submitted by: Supaman on April 04, 2007

Jurassic Park Operation Genesis Unlimited Fence Cheat

This requires messing with game information

Go in My Computer/Local Disc C:/Program Files/Universal Interactive/Jurassic Park Operation Genesis/JPOG/Data/Units . Or, if you have a shortcut on your desktop, right click and go down to properties, open file location. Then go into Data/Units and scroll down until you see a bunch of .ini files with names like WT1crn90. Open with notepad/wordpad which ever you choose and scroll down. You will see

UnitSpecific {

UnitsAllowed= 600 ;

Change the 600 to a higher number, I used 9999999999. Which is ten 9's. Now, continue doing this process with the following files below:












And there you go, now you have pretty much an unlimited amount of fences! Have fun without limits now!

Verified by: FlyingHearts55, rezileda Submitted by: KayMonster16 on March 15, 2010


If you let small dinos run free, people will get really happy.
Verified by: tri prayogi, rezileda Submitted by: lkjggfs on July 20, 2007

Easter eggs

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Operation genesis death duel

If you want dinosaurs to fight just build 2 hatcheries and make them face each other then make any of these pairs
T-rex vs. Stego
T-rex vs. Trike
T-rex vs. Spino
T-rex vs. Anky
Then watch them fight when i did this T-rex mostly won but once all of T-rex pairs won. Happy fighting!
Verified by: lacanlale_harold20, rezileda Submitted by: Sharpdagger567 on April 03, 2009

Toggle Game Data!

To toggle game data, go to my computer:Search, then type in search JPOG, and in the second bar(underneath the first one) then click search. After that, find a folder named DATA and double click it. Once in that file there will be lots of other txt files. If you open them (they will open with notepad) the're will be notepad and things like: Player start money=6000... Well... If you change it to Player start money=99999999, then you will start with loads of money! Also, if you open the file saying fsl hunt, the're will be other things like= No. of dig sites=5, if you change it to 9, you can unlock all digsites!

NOTE: Always make a backup file before editing it, as it may be saved onto you're game...
Verified by: rezileda Submitted by: Dino Boy on March 28, 2009


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10,000 qid quick

type up,[,down,[ type this continuesly and you will get a lot of money!
Verified by: camand, Courage48 Submitted by: anonymous on January 24, 2004

Dial - A - Twister

During gameplay, press, LEft up right down []
Verified by: matt 308, Builderman33 Submitted by: Cheat Wizard on January 18, 2004

Fossil Market Cheat

This cheat is to fill up the Fossil Market.Press "[,down,down,[,]". When you do this it fills up the fossil market, so you can buy stuff there. Note:This only works when you are actually finding stuff at a dig site.
Verified by: cahyadi18, tri prayogi Submitted by: Casey Downey on March 18, 2007

Impossible Mission (unlock Site B)

Press ], Right, Right, Right, Right, ] during game play and all missions, excercises, and "Site B" will be unlocked. When you unlock it, choose the dig sites you want and then use the "Mr. DNA" code ( press ], Up, ], Right, [, Down) to set all the DNA for your dinosaurs to 100%. Now you'll be set to create a dinosaur island just like on Jurassic Park III!
Verified by: marabraham Submitted by: anonymous on March 21, 2005

Jurassic Park: OG Cheats

Enter the codes while in the Default Game State [ where nothing is selected and no menus are open]
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: choochooman on July 05, 2003

Multiple cheats:

Note: The following codes require the left square bracket "[" and right square bracket "]" keys to be pressed. A comma "," indicates that the previous key should be released before pressing the next key. A plus "+" indicates that two keys should be presses simultaneously. Note: Do not select anything before entering a code. The codes will not work with an item selected:

Gimme Some Money:
Press [ + Up, [ + Down during game play. $10,000 will be added to your finances.

Gimme Lots Of Money:
Press [, Right, Right, [, ], Down during game play. $250,000 will be added to your finances

Rampage Time:
Press [, [, [, Left, Left, Left during game play. All carnivores will become stressed.

Press ], Up, ], Right, [, Down during game play. This will set all excavated dinosaur DNA to 100%.

All Research:
Press Down(3), Left, Right, [, Down, Up during game play. Everything will be researched.

Immpossible Mission:
Press ], Right, Right, Right, Right, ] during game play. All missions, exercises, and Site B will be unlocked

Hot One:
Press ] + Down, ] + Down during game play. A heat wave will occur.

Where's The Money?:
Press [ + ], Down during game play. Your finances will be reduced to zero.

Open To The Public:
Press Left, Down, Right, Up, [ + ], [ + ] during game play. You can now select your three digsites without the required stars.

Seal Of Approval:
Press Right, [, Up, [, [, Down during game play. Your park rating will increase by one star.

Three Stars:
Press [, ], Down, Down, [, Right during game play. Your park will have a three star rating.

Plague Outbreak:
Press Down, Up, Down, Left, ], ], ] during game play. Your dinosaurs will become diseased.

Pax Jurassicus:
Press [, Left, Up, Left, Up, Left, [ during game play. Rampages will no longer occur.

Hold [ + ] and repeatedly tap Up, Down, Up, Down during game play. One of your safari cars will blow up.

Sequencing Error:
Press Down, ] + Up during game play. This will get you all dinosaurs from you're unlocked digsites to 55%.

Press [, ], [, Right, Down, ] during game play. This will set all excavated dinosaur DNA to 0%.

Oh No!:
Hold ] and press Right, Left, Right, Left, Right during game play. All tourists will die.

Press ] + [, Left, Down, Right, Right during game play. You can now shoot from the safari cars by using the camera.

Isla Muerta:
Press ], ], ], [, Right during game play. Dinosaurs will now appear to be the living dead.

Welcome To Melbourne:
Press ], ], [, ], Down, Up, Down during game play. The weather will get stormy.

Storm Free:
Press ], ], Left, Right, Up, Right during game play. Storms will clear up.

No Twisters:
Hold [ + ] and press Left, Right. Release [ + ], then press [ + ] again during game play.

Press Left, Up, Right, Down, [ + ] during game play. A twister will appear on the island.

Extinction Event:
Press [, ], Down, ], [ during game play. All dinosaurs will be killed.

No Red Tape:
Press [, ], Left, Down, Down, Down, Down during game play. If anyone dies, you will not get charged no matter if you are in emergency mode or not.

Happiness Is...:
Press ], Down, [, Up, Up, Up during game play. Your visitors will be happy.

Instant Alcatraz:
Press Down, Down, Left, Right, [, [, Up, Up during game play. Your fences will have low security.

Minimum Security:
Press [, Left, Left, ], ], Right during game play. Your fences will have high security.

Press Up, ], Down, [, Left, Left during game play. All fences will be destroyed.

Rocky Road:
Press Right, Right, ], ], [, Down during game play. All paths will be damaged. Note: Make sure there are no visitors on a path when this code is enabled.

Market Day:
Press [ + ] + Down during game play. The fossil market will instantly be restocked with fossils.

Verified by: L J, neoragex Submitted by: tasheba12 on May 30, 2007

Open to the public

Note: in this cheat it is requested you edit game files. Go to the data folder in your JPOG game files. Go under FsIHunt.ini in the data folder. Find the line that says Maxchosen= 5. Change the 5 to a 9. Now go to your game, while there are no menus up push left, down, right, up, [], []. You may now unlock ALL dig sites.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Connor Hanratty on January 29, 2004

Receive $250,000

While in gameplay press [, Right arrow, Right arrow, [, ], Down Arrow
Verified by: Cattitude, supershane26 Submitted by: cljcpht on September 24, 2003