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Jagged Alliance 2: Unfinished Business Cheats

Jagged Alliance 2: Unfinished Business cheats, and Codes for PC.

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   (last update - Oct 10 2000)

Cheat Codes

In order to use these codes, you must be using patch ver1.06 or later. From the tactical screen, hold down the Ctl key and type gabbi to enable cheat mode. You can then use the following codes:

Cheats in Tactical Screen:

Abort enemies' turnAlt + enter
Damage character under pointerAlt + h
Kill all enemies in current sectorAlt + o
Reload seclected characters weaponAlt + r
Reload selected characters APAlt + D
Teleport character to the point under your cursorAlt + t
Make all characters and items visibleAlt + e

Cheats in Map Screen:

teleport squad to the sector under cursorCtrl + T
Kill all enemies in sectorAlt + [auto resolve]
Instant 100 points of damage to all enemies in sectorAlt + O

Cheats in Laptop Screen:

add $100,000 to money[plus] or +
minus $10,000 from money[minus] or -
force away Merc to join forcespace + left click

Misc Cheats:

Character sits in wheelchairAlt + 4
Character transforms into monsterAlt + 5
Create new character on mapAlt + G
Create new robotAlt + V
Mustard gas explosionAlt + K
Spawn enemy at pointerAlt + B
Spawn item/weapon at pointerAlt + I

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