Insaniquarium Deluxe Cheats

Insaniquarium Deluxe cheats, Passwords, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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PasswordWhat it does
SantaIn the virtual tank, buy a normal guppy and name it santa.
infinityin the game you will have a 500 coin
powerthe guppy in the adventure is having power of speed and power of every change of colore
GiveGive Shells to other users
onethousandIn the tank you will have 1.000 coins.
ledshell on 20.000
Got Money
Get all the money.
PasswordWhat it does
speedycoinall fish give coin fast
speadfreakall fish will give shelle faster
millionermillion of shell
heres a bunch of codes for the game:
PasswordWhat it does
speedycoinall fish give coin fast
speadfreakall fish will give shelle faster
millionermillion of shell


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Easy Shells
UnlockableHow to unlock
goldunlock 3 bonus pets
unlimited money
you go into user files and select user one open it copy and paste three times save it then open game you have to give the money to a different user name then delete the old one cause it will be messed up but it works
UnlockableHow to unlock
stanly the startlingly small sea serpentpurchase for 30,000 shells between level time trial or challenge mode
GoldUnlock all stories from challenge mode
SilverGet all 4 bonus pets, 4 pet limit, and 7 pet VT limit
Unlockable Characters
you need to finish every level to unlock the first bonus pet it is an scuba diving elephant.
UnlockableHow to unlock
stanly the startlingly small sea serpentpurchase for 30,000 shells between level time trial or challenge mode
brinkleypurchase for 20,000 shells between level time trial or challenge mode
nostradamuspurchase for 25,000 shells between level time trial or challenge mode
stanlypurchase for 30,000 shells between level time trial or challenge mode
walterpurchase for 35,000 shells between level time trial or challenge mode
stinkystart adventure
nikocomplete 1-1
itchycomplete 1-1
pregocomplete 1-1
zorfcomplete 1-1
Stinkycomplete 1-1
Nikocomplete 1-2
Itchycomplete 1-3
Pregocomplete 1-4
Zorfcomplete 1-5
Clydecomplete 2-1
Vertcomplete 2-2
Rufuscomplete 2-3
Merylcomplete 2-4
Wadsworthcomplete 2-5
Seymourcomplete 3-1
Sharpnelcomplete 3-2
Gumbocomplete 3-3
Blipcomplete 3-4
Rhubarbcomplete 3-5
Nimbuscomplete 4-1
Ampcomplete 4-2
Gashcomplete 4-3
Angiecomplete 4-5
Prestocomplete 4-5 and defeat Cyrax
Unlockable Stage
More fun for Sandbox Mode!
UnlockableHow to unlock
GoldUnlock all stories from challenge mode
SilverGet all 4 bonus pets, 4 pet limit, and 7 pet VT limit
7 Pet Limit in VT onlyPurchase between levels for 45,000


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Additional Snadbox keys
Here are some more keystrokes that get you more things for free!

1-baby guppy
3-Star-giver guppy

You have to be in Sandbox mode for this to work:

Sandbox Mode will be
activated if (using the Arrow Keys) you do the following combination at the Main Screen after you've won the Silver Trophy.

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A
Beating Boss
Dont worry about fighting all the bad guys that the Boss sends out. First, when you start the level, the Boss will send out a bad guy. If the bad guy is not the rocket-firing robot, restart the level until this one gets out first. Then, don't try to kill him, just keep the rockets from killing your tank and concentrate on the Boss and the little aliens. Once the Boss is gone, then get the robot. You could easily beat the Boss without any loss.
best pet combo for levels
the only pets that u will ever need on the insaniquarium levels are angie, blip and presto. angie because she will bring them back from the dead, blip because he will give u all the info u need and can really help u out (i have no idea what i'd do without him) and presto because if u want someone else instead u can change him at any time. (this combo is very useful because u can have who u need when u need them) <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
bonus pets in sand box moe
Make sure letters are capitalized
When playing on the computer in any tank, if you hold down the 'b' button bubbles will rise from the bottom

When fighting an alien if, you keep clicking on him with your mouse keep pressing the 'u' button on your keyboard and your mouse and the alien dies faster.
Easy Shells
to increase your number of shells exponentially, you'll have to go into your system files.

First, make a whole ton of users in the game. Ex. name them USER 1....USER9. Play as one of the users and get some shells (complete the first tank). Quit the game. Then look for the directory where you installed Insaniquarium, and
go into the userdata folder. Copy user1.dat and make as many copies of this file as you have users in the same folder. Ex. if you have 9 users, copy user1.dat 9 times. Then rename them to user2.dat, user3.dat... etc.

Run Insaniquarium. Type 'give' in the menu screen and you'll see a box with all the users in it. From there, you can transfer all the shells to one user (preferably the first user). Close the box, and then in Meryl's voice bubble, click 'If this is not you...' and change users. Repeat shell transfers.

Quit the game and, again, copy user1.dat and repeat the renaming process.
Getting More Shells
One way to get more shells is to save up at least 30,000 shells. Then, buy one of those expensive guppies. Put this fish as the only one in the tank. Feed it 3 times, and then change the computer time to the next day. Repeat process until your fish grows to be large. Now, you can sell the fish for more shells than you bought it for!!! Repeat process for more shells. Remember, every couple of days, put your other fish in so they don't "Feel Neglected"!!!
good pet combos
Attack and defending team:presto[wadsworth in combat,angie not in combat],blip,gash,and itchy.
all around team:vert,wadsworth,gash,and presto.
defending team:Wadsworth,blip,presto[angie],gumbo
attack team:gash,itchy,rufus,wadsworth
money team:vert,meryl,niko,shrapnel
my favorite team:presto[angie],blip,gumbo,meryl
Good Teams
Okay, I usually use Stanly, Walter, and Presto as Blip.
If you do not have these, use Blip, Wadsworth, and Rufus, or Blip, Niko, and Vert.Great for money.
Attack groups: Gash, Itchy, Wadsworth.Gash, Gumbo, Rufus
Money groups: Niko, Vert, Meryl
Gus easy defeat
When you're fighting Gus (fish food eating alien),when Gus eats a fish,he loses health.
How to earn easy money and FUN in sand box mode
Hi,i am going to show you how to get easy money and fun in sandbox mode.If you don't know how to open sandbox mode,here is the instructions!

1.Open sandbox mode(Press up,up,down,down,left,right,left,right,b,a in order to open sandbox mode,if you don't have a silver trophy yet......get a silver trophy then come.....)

2.after opening sandbox mode,buy the food upgrade,food drop upgrade and alien shooter upgrade until have to buy it all to max very fast because the most fun idea is to buy all before your fishes turns green(Strategy)! after that feed your fish.JUST REMEMBER TO NOT BUY THE EGG BECAUSE IF YOU BUY THE EGG YOU WILL GO BACK TO THE MAIN MENU!

3.then,summon pets! press f(blip),p (wadsworth), and keep pressing t(zorf) and y(clyde).And summon Walter the penguin (Shift+s)too for money and fun!the more penguins you summon,the more money you will get.after this u wont need to feed a fish,collect coins and worry where will the next monster is coming. 4.Fun time! now,keep pressing 8 to summon ultravore. the more you summon the more money and fun u will get.But watch out,to much fishes and pets in your aquarium may cause your computer to hang a while.If your ultravore is hungry,keep pressing 2 to summon its food.if you see an arrow above an ultravore, just keep pressing 2 again to summon its food.

5.after you can keep it up,start clicking the penguins to make them punch the ultravores. every time the penguin punches an ultravore, it will drop a treasure 1 randomly click any of your penguins and let them keep punching the ultravores.

6.if you want all your fishes to die,just summon any type of monsters like:
sylvester(z),Balrog(x),Gus(c),Destructor(v),ulysses(b),pyschosquid(n) or bilaterus(m).You can summon more then one aliens of any type!So after u summon them and before they kill all your fish because if all your fish dies,you will fail the level,kill them all and summon more fish for back up:Guppy(1),ultravore's food(2),Star-producing guppy(3),Star catcher(4),Guppy Cruncher(5),Beetle Muncher(6),Breeder(7) and ultravore (8).

So thats it,if your money is maxed then start over again by buying the egg and enter sandbox mode again and repeat these steps for more fun,thats all,Goodbye!
Click on the mermaid and she will move here tail.
Nostradamus in game version 1.1
If the new-born guppies eats the nose droppings, they will turn into another Nostradamus.

When the alien alarm goes off during the game, Nostradamus will sneeze most of the times and the alarm will stop and the alien will not show up.
Tank 2: Challenge Mode
First, get Presto(tadpole). Then, in tank 2 in challenge mode, bring Presto, Shrapenal, and Gumbo. Turn Presto into Srapenel and keep collecting bombs. When you get a big guppy feed him a star potion. For every star guppy get a stacatcher (pot). Keep doing this to get enough cash for an egg piece.
tanks in sm
heres how to change tanks in sandbox moe
Tips For Bonus Adventure Tanks : All Four
Tank 1: This is the sandy looking tank. This tank is very simple, all you have to do is accumulate some money and just keep on buying carnivores. Also, these are 3 good pets, Amp, Angie, and Presto. Turn Presto into Prego and get babies. Next, turn it into Shrapnel and keep collecting bombs. Once you get some money from that, change Presto into either Gash or Gumbo, whichever you feel like, and buy a whole bunch of carnivores. Now, you have enough money for egg pieces.

Tank 2: This is the pinkish tank. Here are 3 pets you would bring to the level : Shrapnel, Gumbo, and Presto. Turn Presto to Shrapnel and keep collecting bombs. Once you get enough, and when your fish are in their biggest form, feed them a star potion. For every Star Fish, buy a Starcatcher. You should now have enough money to buy all 3 egg pieces.

Tank 3: This is the Japanese looking tank with the big tree and it is green. The 3 pets you will need for this will be Presto, Shrapnel, and Walter. If you don't have Walter yet, bring Gumbo. If you have Walter, turn Presto to another Shrapnel. Keep on punching the Shrapnels. Once you have 2,750 dollars, buy a Guppycruncher and a Beetlemuncher. Take Walter and keep on hitting the Beetlemuncher with the boxing glove. When aliens come, turn Presto into Gumbo, then turn Presto back to Shrapnel after the aliens are gone. If you don't have Walter, do the same as in Tank 2 but buy Guppycrunchers and Beetlemunchers.

Tank 4: This is the treasure tank with the skeleton in it. For this tank, bring Angie, Gumbo, and Gash. ( Also, these 3 make a good alien-fighting trio ). Accumulate about 22000 dollars. Buy 2 Ultravores. Then, kill all of your guppies. Then, keep on collecting tresure chests. Now, you will probably have enough money to buy all 3 egg pieces.
Walter makes you rich in shells!
First, buy walter, the 4th bonus pet, second choose him in Virtual Tank, Third, click on him to punch a fish and the fish will drop a shell except for fishes that didn't buy in fish emporium. If the fish did not drop shell, that means the fish is hungry.


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All Pets
1.start insaniquarium. up the account management screen.
3.make a new account and name it Cheat Help.
4.start the game and you should have all the pets.

if all goes well skip step 5 & 6.

5.if you don't try making the account again (the first time did it it worked. when i tried it again it didn't.)
6.if it still doesn't work keep trying til' it does.

Easter eggs

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'' Hungry Stinky ''
well, first go to adventure mode, any tank and use stinky as a pet, and steal all the coins from him, not allowing him to collect ONE COIN and eventually he will turn a hungry fish-looking color, shell and all.(try it longer to see if anything else happens.. it takes like 5-20 minutes of waiting...)
Edit stuff on insaniquarium
First,download insaniquarium,next,go to the computer file,then,go into program files,next,look for popcap games file,then,select insaniquarium deluxe file,then,select images file,finally,right click on a picture and opet it with paint! hope it works <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Wait for an alien to come, select special food, and click the ultravore. Kill the alien.
Nose invasion
First enter an adventure, time trial, bonus adventure or challenge mode.
Choose Presto the tadpole, Nostradamus the nose and Prego the momma fish.
Don't buy any food upgrades except the 3 foods at one time upgrade.
Let Prego make some baby guppies. Leave the guppies hungry for a while.
They turn pink & green and start eating his nose droppings. When a guppy eat a nose drop it turns into a nose.

Note: All sizes of guppies can do this.

Santa Fins is Comin' to Town
1. Buy a normal 25 shell guppie in virtual tank
2. Name it santa, caps or no caps... doesnt matter.
3. Feed it... it will grow in like, three seconds
4. He drops bags of shells (the shell version of the treasure chest the ultravores drop)
5. Set the tank up with zorf, stinky, and... (cant spell her name) the mermiad that sings.
6. Get him some fishy elves! Hes lonley <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
7. Set up the screensaver
8. Leave it on overnight for about a week... soon you'll have a crap ton of shells!

(BONUS!) an easy way to beat challenge is to use the mermaid singer, presto, and gumbo... and if you upgraded to four+ pets, use amp... but have some carnivores not just fish with amp otherwise amp will rape ur game.


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Bonus Shop stuff
In the virtual shop, in the bottom left corner there will be very expensive stuff. The first item is a bubbulator, which will allow you to have up to 20 fish in your tank. The second item is an Alien Attractor which lets aliens(that dont eat your fish) into your tank. The third item is a food upgrade, allowing you to drop pills. The last item will be a sort of fish named Cookie. Don't change the name! It's a very special fish which will help feed your more exotic fish.
Dead Fish
Type in"zombie" while in play & all your fish will "LOOK" dead.
Funny thing WALTER can do
When you brought WALTER (the 4th bonus pet) IN VT mode use WALTER punch a fish it will drop shells. ONLY WORKS ON GUPPIES CARNIVORES ULTRAVORES.
How to get silver and gold trophy and sandbox mode
First you have to get to lvl 5-1 (final boss) and beat him (Hes ez for me, it only took me 1 try!) then in the bonus adventures, beat the lvls until u have all upgrades, and then beat 5-1 Bonus (2nd final boss) and then go and get the challenge level 1 stories...(1,2,3,4,5,21,25 and 26th cards(stories) I havent got the 2nd row of stories yet but i think thers like 5-13 stories 3rd: i think 8-16 stories and 4th, like 2-6 and thats all, BTW when u get silver trophy press, up up down down left right left right b a, anywhere on main menu, and that is all, lots huh?

How to make your fish big & Others
First, to make your fish big, you'll need to change the system time
(Ask your parents to be an Administrator to change the time) to 11:59pm and restart Insaniquarium. Feed the fish 3 times and repeat the activity 7 times (then change the time and date back).

Second, Here are all the other cheats I know:

Give: Give Shells to other users
Santa: Call your fish Santa (a plain one on virtual tank) and that fish does extraordinary things!
Space: Background is now in space!
Supermegaultra: Changes Preggo's Birth Noise
Time: Displays time on Tank
Void: Background is now a white screen!
Wavy: Tank Background Waves
Welovebetatesters: Changes Breeder's Birth Noise
Zombie: All Fish "Look" dead
Main Cheats
These cheats are mainly for fun, not for actual CHEATING. Type in the following words at any tank to do this.Type it in again to cancel.

space: Your tank now looks like outer space.
void: Your tank is now a blank white screen.
wavy: Now your tank is wavy.
welovebetatesters: changes the Breeders birth

noise to what it was originally going to be.
supermegaultra: changes Prego's birth noise.
zombie: all your fish appear to be dead! (don't worry... after all... they are the LIVING DEAD!!!
Buy a fish in virtual tank and give him/her the name: Santa. This will get you a fish like Santa.
Make sure the "S" in Santa is with a capital!
Secret Sandbox Mode
To axcess the secret sandbox mode first you have to be the boss twice. Then when you get the blue trophy press: up up down down left right left right b a. Also here are the buttons to get the pets or some fish :
q - stinky
w - niko
e - itchy
r - prega
t - zorf
y - clyde
u - vert
i - rufus
o - meryl
p - wadsworth
a - seymour
s - sharpel
d - gumbo
f - blip
g - rhubarb
h - nimbus
j - amp
k - gash
l - angie
; - presto
z - m= aliens

space backround
play the game and while you are type in "space" to activate space backround to deactivat it type it again
Tips + Cheats
1. Getting lots of SHELLS $$$$$

1) Buy WALTER use him to punch a fish, it will drop shells. ONLY WORKS ON VT

2) Buy expensive guppy, change time to (11:59:59 pm) feed fish 3 times and change time again and feed again repeat over until fish grows to large size sell it.

2. Trophy

1) Silver : buy the following
- all bonus pets *total price = 110,000*
- 4 pet limit *price = 40,000*
- 7 pet limit in VT *price = 45,000*

2) Gold : unlock all stories from challenge mode.

3. Fish in VT and Prices

1) guppy: 25
2) carnivore: 100
3) ultravore: 10,000
4) starcatcher: 2,500
5) guppycruncher: 2,500
6) beetlemuncher: 3,500
7) breeder: 5,000

8) ballfish: 20,000
9) sylevster(blue alien): 15,000
10) invinsible fish: 40,000
11) speedy fish: 40,000
12) special food fish: 25,000
13) glutton fish(makes strange sound when eating): 30,000
14) singing fish: 30,000
15) bilaterus head: 10,000

These are not all. There may be some more.

4. Equip in VT

1) bubbulator lets you have 20 fish instead of 10: $ 20,000
2) alein attractor lets aleins come to your tank it will not eat your fish: $ 50,000
3) food upgrade: $ 20,000
4) tanks: $ 15,000

5. Codes

type in while you play(type again to stop)

1) zombie: fish LOOK dead
2) space: space background
3) void: white background
4) supermegeultra: change sound of Prego
5) welovebetatesters: change sound of breeder
6) time: show time
7) wavy: see waves

6. Sandbox

After you got silver throphy, at main menu type in: up up down down left right left right b a