1nsane Cheats

1nsane cheats, and Codes for PC.

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   (last update - Feb 14 2001)

Cheat Codes
From the Main Menu, enter any of the following codes:

Small wheelsgokartz
Large wheelsbigfootz
Big headsbigheadz
Big hands and feetboxerz

1nsane Cheats

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All cars
Enter the following code at Main Menu

Submitted by: Sk8rBoy on December 10, 2003
Type these codes at the main menu:
    bigheadz = Big heads
    boxerz = Big heads and feet
    bigfootz = Big tires
    INEEDMORECARS = Get all cars
    INEEDMOREMAPS = Get all terrains
    gocartz = Little tires
    greasy = Slippery track
    terraformers = Unlock "generate track" feature
Submitted by: Danger on January 19, 2006