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Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb (PC) Cheats

Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Albino Croc
Instead of using Indy for live bait, you can lower the gate and wait a while. Eventually, the croc will come to the gate. Open the gate and then wait for the croc to come inside, then lock him in. BAM!
Get ALL Weapons!
Using wordpad or notepad edit the file (use open then use open with) Default.ctr located in Indy , Gamedata
then write this somewhere in the file:
SAVE your work!
start the game up and notice the title Gallery in the menu.
continue on with your game and notice all the weapons on Indy's back!...including a new PAZERSHREK!
This cheat i have found and tested has worked but dose not not stack with god so, don't fire at objects too close.


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This cheat will give you Invulnerability, unlimited ammo and unlimited breath underwater...

Out of the game, find the file "Lucas Arts" in the C: drive then find the file under "gamedata" labelled "indy".

Finally open the default.cfg file and type in a new row: Cheats:1
SAve it then play your game with the cheats on..

Sorry if that sounds kind of complicated!