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Spiders Are Stupid!
Ok, we all know the boss battle where the three giant spiders attack you after you save the dwarves, right? Well while you are going around saving them, don't bother attacking the spiders below, just avoid them as best you can. (I find just jumping around works best) If a little spider comes after you when you go up the rocks, attack it to protect yourself but all the others leave alone. When the first spider comes down to attack you, run over to the nearest rope and climb halfway up it. The big spider and the huge black and green ones stupidly attempt to attack you, and really end up attacking the other spiders near them! Don't worry, the little spiders follow on the wall behind you but they can't get you. It takes a while, but soon, only the really big spider and maybe a few of the huge black and green ones are left, and you've probably leveled up because whenever a spider is destroyed, all the little jewely things go straight to you! From there, just go down and kick butt on the stupid spiders! I hope I've helped, it worked for me!