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Hitman: Contracts Cheats

Hitman: Contracts cheats, Passwords, Tips, and Codes for PC.

Hitman: Contracts Passwords

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Cheat Codes
First enable Cheat Mode (see "Enable Cheat Menu"), then during a game simply type out one of the following words to activate the desire cheat; there is no need to open the console beforehand.
Gravity ModeIOIGRV
Lethal ChargeIOILEPOW
Mega Force ModeIOIPOWER
Nail Gun ModeIOINGUN
Slow MotionIOISLO
Submitted by: anonymous on July 22, 2013

Hitman: Contracts Tips

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Enable Cheat Menu
First edit the hitmancontracts.ini file in your game directory to include the following two lines:


Then during a game, press the Shift and Esc keys simultaneously to open the cheats menu. Here you can toggle various cheats like level skip. infinite ammo and god mode.
Submitted by: anonymous on July 22, 2013
Fast Reloading
When your weapon is almost out of ammo, conceal it and bring it back to your hand immediately - it will be fully loaded. Works on many weapons.
Submitted by: DanielEKFA on May 09, 2004
Reflection Ghost
When playing The Meat King's Party look at the loading screen of the slaughter house. You should see a faint skull. This skull is also on the pinball machines in Rotterdam Rendezvous.
Submitted by: TheViperX on May 20, 2008
silent assasin requirements
To get the silent assasin rating and a bonus weapon you have to meet certain requirements.

They are as follows:

Accomplish all mission objectives only killing the target unless the objectives say otherwise, you have to kill the target with an enviormental hazard (i.e. rat poison), one silenced bullet or your fiber wire. You also cannot be seen more than three times.
Submitted by: gameguy on June 21, 2004
Unlock Weapons
You unlock these weapons after acheiving the Silent Assassin Rating on the corresponding mission

Mission 1 CZ 2000 dual pistols
Mission 2 Micro uzi dual submachine guns
Mission 3 Silverballer silenced dual pistols
Mission 4 Magnum 500 dual pistols
Mission 5 Sawed-off shotgun dual
Mission 6 M4 Carbine Silenced assault rifle
Mission 7 SG220 .S dual pistols
Mission 8 MP5 silenced submachine gun
Mission 9 AK 74 Silenced assault rifle
Mission 10 GK 17 dual pistols
Mission 11 Micro uzi silenced dual submachine guns
Mission 12 PGM Silenced sniper rifle
Submitted by: TheViperX on May 20, 2008
Watch a Patient Kill Himself
On Asylum Aftermath, if you go up to the third floor and out onto the balcony of the front of the Asylum, you'll find a patient balanced on the edge of the balcony. When he sees you approach, he'll say something in a foreign language to you and throw himself to his doom.
Submitted by: Kuduros on June 05, 2004