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Counter-Strike (PC) Cheats

Counter-Strike cheats, Codes, Passwords, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PC.

Command codes

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Infinite Spray tag
Open Console menu "~"

Type Decalfrequency 0

Now you have an infinite Spray tag.


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Activate the console via the tild (~) key on the server (host) machine and type "sv_cheats 1"

Then while in the console, type the following to enable the 'cheat'.
PasswordWhat it does
darkkriss s.v.d
sv_full health 123Full health
33up643Max ammo
cs_maxplayerHave more players in the game
noclipmake you move anywhere faster
notargetnobody can see you
In-game Passwords
PasswordWhat it does
sv_full health 123Full health
33up643Max ammo
cs_maxplayerHave more players in the game
noclipmake you move anywhere faster
notargetnobody can see you
sv_airaccelerate -20u go really fast while in the air
add_bot in ctit add a player in counter
add_bot in tit add a player in terror
hud_fastswitch (0 or 1)Toggles fast switching of weapons. For the number put either 1 to turn it on or 0 to turn it off.
sv_full health 123full health
33up643max ammo
cs_maxplayerhave more player in the game


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Buy Armour
Buy a kelvar vest if you have enough money. This could save you from dieing very greatly.
Crouch Jump
Press jump then crouch to perform this. It'll allow you to jump onto taller obstacles, and will let you jump through narrow windows or gaps.
Crouching will not only steady your weapon and give you better accuracy, it will lower your profile a little and make you a smaller target. When you are being shot at from far away always crouch to get the target easily.
Defending Yourself
If you're on low health or low ammo and see an enemy, throw a smoke grenade at yourself and shoot them in the head, they will not able to see you for a seconds.
Easily Silence a Weapon.
Silence an usp or M4 less than 3 seconds:
- Click the right button.
- Change to knife.
- Go back to your weapon.
Easy win in as_oilrig
If you played as Terrorist, is good. When you've enough money, buy an IDF Defender and HE Grenade, go to a small place near the helicopter, and then you'll be ended up near CT spot. When you get there you'll see a VIP and other CT, throw grenade, and fire them. And there wil
The VIP has been ssassinated.
Fast Bomb Defuse
While defusing a bomb , press TAB key (the key with two arrows). The bomb will be defused in no time. This tip is very helpful if you don't have a defusal kit.
Flash Grenades
These grenades come in handy when you need to make a quick retreat or create a distraction. Just remember not to flash your team.
If you decide to use sv_gravity command do not go farther then 2000, because going down a step may kill you, and at 4000, since you start the game in the air and then fall you will die
Silence a Weapon
To silence a weapon (maverick and counter terrorist pistol) right click while holding the weapon and it will be silenced.
Special Bomb Defuse
If the T's have planted the bomb on the crates, de_dust them to defuse it without jumping onto the crate: Go up to the crate with the bomb, look up and face it and hold use.
Strategic Jumping
When you know there are snipers targeting you, it's important to move around as much as possible. Jumping, but not too regularly, can force the enemy to aim vertically as well as horizontally, or it can, if you're lucky, turn what would have been a head shot into something a little less damaging.
Take Cover
Use crates and other objects to protect you. It helps to have a well known spot where you can completely disappear to reload if necessary. Keep in mind that some of the more powerful weapons in Counter Strike can shoot right through certain walls and objects.
Thick sound
Map: de_survivor.

To hear thick sound. Go to the car near Terrorist spot, and you will hear a "thick" sound.
Turn bots into zombie bots.
Use these cheats on console "~"

- bot_knives_only
- bot_walk 1

And create a server:

- bot joined Counter-Terrorist or Terrorist.

Then when you choose CT or T. Buy most powerful weapon like Shotgun or AK47/M4A1. And get ready to face Bots zombie with knives.


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Menuscreen Knife glitch
Hold and press "fire" button with knife then press "ESC". And release it.

Easter eggs

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Blowin poop.
Go to Bathroom in cs_militia and look into the toilet. There will be a piece of human feces. Shoot several times at it and it will explode.
Drunk Guy in cs_estate
Note : Be a spectator.

In Terrorist Spawn, go to Basement where you see a hostage, billiard, and a sewer. Fly through behind the hostage, you will see a drunk guy.
Easter Egg in de_dust 2
Be a spectator or die.

In CT Spot, fly through the right wall and then look back. There will be a sign and easter egg.

Another one is in north from CT Spot.
Easter Egg in de_survivor
This easter egg can be found while alive. At the CT spawn walk down the ramp and shoot the wall, there will be a picture of the map developers wife and child.
Hamster Picture in cs_office
Die first, then go to the Storage Room in Terrorist spot. Keeping moving forward and you'll see a picture of a hamster in it.
Hidden Car in cs_havana.
Note : Be a spectator.

In CT Spawn, you will see a closed door (not the one that leads to Apartment and Dumpster). Fly through it. You'll see the hidden car.
Thanks sign in cs_siege
Note : You must dead first.

Go to the underground tunnel where you see a block way, keep going straight until the path ends, and look behind you. There's a thank you sign.


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Gravity Change
First of all to do this cheat correctly, it may work on CS 1.0 but 1.5 or 2.0 will work. Ok you will need to press "~" key and type in sv_gravity and a number between (0-8000 to be exact) for example if starting from 0 it will be the highest jumps ever but if it is 8000 then no jumping at all. (*Note if you type any numer between 0-8000 then the gravity will still change depending what number you typed in.*)
Money Cheat
Okay to get 16,000 money just type impulse 101 in the console (to open the console press "~") and press enter the money will aitomatically be added to your money to make it exactly 16,000.
No Texture
Press "~" in the game and say this: "gl_picmic 3"
pm_prime time
when you type above code it shoud turn dark
Win every time!
This is the ultimate cheat to win every time! To win everytime, go to Options>Keyboard>Advanced> and check "Developer's Console". Start a new Demolition game (de_dust is one), join the Terrorists. Hit the tilde key (~) and enter the following:

mp_freezetime 0
mp_buytime 9999
mp_c4timer 0
sv_c4timer 0
sv_lan 1
bot_quota 8

Start running towards the bombsite (follow the Arrows, both "A" and "B" are acceptable). Once you get there, plant the bomb. After you are finished, you win the round! There is no way any monkey can lose a round like this! like this!