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Hidden & Dangerous: Fight For Freedom Cheats

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   (last update - Dec 21 2000)

Fight For Freedom Cheats

To unlock the cheat mode, you have to type iwillcheat either in-game or in a menu. Some users will have to hold "Shift" down when typing.

alllootAll Weapons, Keys, And Uniforms For All Soldiers
bluestarsTurns On The German Version Of The Game
cantdieInvunerability Except From Explosions
enemyb Cycles Through The Enemy Views (Backward)
enemyf Cycles Through The Enemy Views (Forward)
funnyheadMakes All The Soldiers' Heads Big
gamefail Ends The Mission With Failure
goodhealthRestores All Soldiers' Health Back To Full
killthemallKills All Of The Enemies (And Civilians)
laracroftTurns The Selected Soldier Into A Familiar Female Character
missionoverEnd The Mission Sucessfully
openalldoorOpens All The Doors In The Level
playercoordsShows The Coordinates Of Your World
resurrectBrings Your Soldier Back To Life Except If Underwater
showtheendShows The End-Of-Game Sequence

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