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Another Great Male Avatar Suit
Another great suit you may want costs you a lot, just like the other one.

Chief Hair - 250,000 Gold
Golden Armor - 250,000 Gold
Robot X - 200,000 Gold
Pet 02 - 125,000 Gold

This will give you 50 Armor, 30 Attack, and 18 Health (which is much better than the Arch Angel set).
Avatars you should buy
Great Devil Head- 320,000 Gold
Golden Armour- 250,000
Phoenix- 18,000 Cash
Robot X- 200,000

This will give you 50 defense, about 50 attack, about 40 health and more. Very useful in avatar on places
Best Avatar On Suit
Golden Helmet
Angel of Death body
Robot X

This suit will give you 47 attack and 45 armor, which is easily the best (if not in the top 3) best Avatar On suit. The 47 attack will make your shots really powerful, and the 45 armor will make enemy attacks do little to you.
Best Male Avatar Set
To get a great avatar set, you will have to spend a lot of money. It's well worth it if you want to go to Avatar On servers and stand a chance. Here is a list of the avatars that will give you great stats:

Chief Hair: 250,000 Gold
Arch Angel: 200,000 Gold
Robot X: 200,000 Gold
Pet 01: 120,000 Gold

This set will give you 30+ in the three most important stats: Attack, Health, and Armor.
Boomer Tip
If you want to hit somebody but are afraid of doing a backshot, simply make your angle at 44 degrees or less so that the shot will not backfire.
Cheap attack suit
Cheap suit for full attack

Head: Angel of Death (95000)
Body: Angel of Death (100000)
Glass: Laser googles or Eagle(cost more but also has defence) 70000 or 95000
Flag: optional (I like to choose lion axe 50000 because it is cheap and it will make up for the energy lost by using Angel of death.)
Chief Hair - 250,000 Gold
Chief Hair - 250,000 Gold
Golden Armor - 250,000 Gold
Robot X - 200,000 Gold
Pet 02 - 125,000 Gold
Gold and Avatar easy
If you want popularity buy:

Head: Punky brown
Body: Hawaiian wear
Glass: Parrot
Flag: Worker bee

This gives 50 popularity
When you have saved some money buy:

Head: Indian chief
Body: Indian chief
Glass: Silver hawk
Flag: Gold lond dream

This gives 48 popularity 43 attack 21 life and 12 defense
And for attack and defense buy:

Head: Golden helmet
Body: Angel of death
Glass: Pet AD
Flag: Golden hammer

This gives 41 attack 42 deffense 7 bunge 3 item delay and 3 basic delay
Grub SS
sometime, grub's ss doesn't make a big damage, but actually it can makes a REALLY BIG damage. in a place, you must go near to the enemy the make a small hole and don't let them go. then you must fire the ss direct to the hole (don't make the ball go) then it can make 800 damage !!!!!
Learning J.Frog
This new addition is very hard to understand when you first begin using it, but it is a very fun bot once you understand how to make its shots hit.

Shot 1 = <----- Always moves left
Shot 2 = -----> Always moves right
SS= it shoots at random, but it generally goes forward if you aim at the ground. High winds going in the opposite direction often make the shot go backward

The J.Frog shoots out a goo ball that rolls along the ground for a few seconds before it explodes. Because of this ground rolling, the bot takes some practice to understand.

Shot 1 always moves to the left, so if you are facing <<<< then use this shot to shoot forward. If you are facing >>>> then use this shot to shoot backward at an enemy which is behind you.

example: enemy <---- you (facing >>>>

Shot 2 always moves to the right, so if you are facing >>>> then use this shot to shoot forward. If you are facing <<<< then use this shot to shoot backward at an enemy which is behind you.

example: you (facing <<<< ----> enemy

The J.Frog SS is very tricky, but in most cases it moves forward. It's best to aim at the ground with low power. If the wind is strong <<<< when you are facing >>>>, then in many cases the ss will go backwards and hit you instead of the enemy, so beware of high winds.

The Frog ss is almost useless in avatar off, which is why it is best in avatar on matches.
Money Suit
A great way to increase the amount of gold you get is the Money Suit. What is
the money suit? It's an avatar that specializes in the popularity stat (the
star). This stat gives you more money. The number is the percent of how much
more you'll get.

For example, I have a popularity of 50. I win a 1 VS 1 game. Instead of getting my normal 100 gold, I get 50% more. That means I get 150
gold for winning the game!

The standard money suit consists of these items:

Head: Punky Brown
Face: Red Nose
Body: Hawaiian Wear/Flamingo
Flag: Vampire Casket/Panda Stick

Sure, you'll look really ugly but there's plenty of money to go around and buy
a new avatar. Panda Stick has 2 more popularity than Casket, but it costs
much more and just 2 percent really isn't necessary. Plus Casket matches the
all brown scheme.

For the ladies:

Head: Flamingo Hair/Thanksgiving
Face: Red Nose
Body: Flamingo/Hawaiian Wear
Flag: Vampire Casket/Panda Stick

It's basically the same thing as the guys except more colorful. The flag can
be for guys or gals so the same things apply.

If you want, there are also a few alternates that may make you look better,
but won't get you 50+ popularity.

Head: Bridesgroom Hair/Poet Head/Flamingo Hair/Thanksgiving
Face: Cross Scar/Pig Mask/Monkey Mask
Body: Cowboy/Thanksgiving/Tuxedo
Flag: Acrobot/Lamp of Good Luck/Worker Bee/Conga

For Girls:
Head: Golden Hair/Picnic Mask
Face: Pig Mask/Monkey Mask
Body: Korean Wear/Thanksgiving/Wedding Dress(although really expensive)
Flag: Acrobot/Lamp of Good Luck/Worker Bee/Conga

Never go to an Avator on server with this money suit on. Rich folks with
things like Chief Hair will own you since this suit has no other stat on it.
Popularity is the only stat that counts in Avatar Off servers.
one of the best avatars
witch head-500k
which body-470k
blue pheonix-240 g coins
ankh cross-90k

this avatar set will give you +50 atk +50 deff and +40 health one of the best ones out there kinda expensive though but its worth it
Popularity Avatarz
IF you want extra money, go onto avatar off servers. This cancels all avatar bonuses except popularity(the star).

Male Full Pop = 135k

Head : Punky Brown
Body : Hawaiian
Eyes : Red Nose
Flag : Vampire Casket

Female Full Pop = 135k or 165k

Head : Flamingo / Thanksgiving
Body : Flamingo
Eyes : Red Nose
Flag : Vampire Casket

The female can be adjusted to 48 pop but it saves you 30k!

Also cash avatars are availiable for eyes that give a bit more (if you have the cash Angry instead of red nose, Thanksgiving can still get you the 50 pop for female)

secret mobiles
there are 2 secret mobiles you can get.
One is a dragon and one is a "knight" which looks like a unicorn.

both are very powerful, more so than the normal mobiles.

To get them you need to choose random as your mobile, there is 1 in 16 chance of getting the mobiles. You might end up with a mobile you don't like a few times but it is well worth it when you finally get dragon and knight.
The Best J.Frog SS
The J.Frog's SS attack is almost completely useless in avatar off matches, and will always go very low damage. The secret to the SS is that it is made for avatar on matches.

You must have a high attack high bunge suit foe the SS to do a lot of damage. The best suit to have is one with 50 attack and 30 bunge, but a suit with 50 attack and 25 bunge will still allow high attack SS's.

Great Devil Head
Arabian Prince shirt

This suit will give you 50 attack and 30 bunge, which will easily allow the Frog ss to do anywhere from 1000 to even 3000 shots, if done right.

Angel of Death head
Arabian Prince shirt

This suit will give you 50 attack and 30 bunge, which will allow you do to 800-2000 shots pretty easily, if done right.

The best map for J.Frog matches is the Adiumroot 2 map, with the SS Death game selected. Since Frog duals hardly ever work right and do a lot of damage, you should have 3 heals on (which will keep you alive).

The trick to the SS is to not shoot it on straight land as much as possible. Most cases, it won't do much damage because it will roll by quickly. You need to use the SS on people who are on small bots of land, are in holes (where land supports them), or near edges. Any of these ways will allow the SS to rotate more on thr person, which results in a lot of damage.
The Wind: Useful and a Pain
If you want to get good at this game, you will have to learn how to use the wind to your advantage. Since its always going, you have to always glance at it before you shoot. It can severely mess up your shot if it changes and you don't notice.

Shots into the wind will go farther with less power, and shots against the wind will need more power. Strong wind against you aids in making high backshots, or backshots in general. If using a Boomer and the wind is against you, use angle 45 or lower and the boomerang will go up and hook down.