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Guild Wars: Nightfall Cheats

Guild Wars: Nightfall cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.

Guild Wars: Nightfall Tips

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Easy "following the trail" quest
right after you get talkora you get the quest following the trail. Don't start the quest from champions dawn, instead go to beknur harbor.

the reason if you leave from champions dawn you can only have a max party of 4. but if you leave from beknur harbor you can have a party of 8 to do this quest with. this helps if you trying to earn the surviver title...
Submitted by: sheo1 on December 02, 2007

Guild Wars: Nightfall Cheats

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Free Max Weapons (prophecies)
If you don't have GuildWars Prophecies & you plan on buying it, buy the game of the year edition of profecies. At any time when you're in a town type /bonus it gives you seven maxed out weapons.
Submitted by: sheo1 on December 09, 2007
Tutorial Glitch
If you log out at any time during the tutorial before you get the reward for it, it puts you in the begining. You can gain Exp and Gold this way, and you get all the items and gold because you have no party members.
Submitted by: Jeveto on February 03, 2007
You Got Served By Abaddon
This is not much of a cheat - more like a funny thing that can happen in-game.

In the final mission where you must destroy Abaddon if you leave him be without attacking and start dancing, Abaddon will dance back - i tried this and it worked ! you then get killed and a message appears saying \"You Got Served!\".

I figured it was too perfect to be a glitch so ... try it out !
Submitted by: Zazomy on February 18, 2007