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Dungeons: Citadel of Flame path 1
The Legendary Searing Effigy path is currently the most popular path in this dungeon due to the incredible short length of the path, players are able to farm it in about 10-15 minutes if the group is experienced.

The first encounter will be right as you go through the door that Magg conveniently blasts away. You will fight 2 ranged Charr and 2 turrets, it is a common strategy to kill the turrets first as they fire AOE blasts that will leave players burning.

Mini boss - The Slave Driver
As you walk down the ramp you'll encounter a Slave driver mini boss. He uses a whip to hit players and it's recommended to attack him from behind if you are melee rather than have all melee players stack up. A few seconds after he starts fighting a Searing Effigy will also come to the group, anyone near it will get a fire debuff and it uses standard fire blast attacks that are easily dodged. It is best to ignore the Effigy as it will respawn almost instantly after being killed.

The next part can be done in multiple ways depending on the group's strength:

1 - Killing everything
After the boss is dead you will be able to proceed past a door on the right side, 2 random ranged Charr will spawn which are easily killed. As you get to the bridge across the lava there will likely be an event where you must defend an engineer. As you approach the bridge 3 ranged Charr and a fire spewing champion will attack. It is often best to keep the champion away from the rest of the group by 1 person while the rest picks off the 3 weaker enemies first.

Once past the bridge you will have to fight 2 more ranged Charr along with 2 fire turrets which require the same strategy as the very first encounter of the dungeon; it's best to take the turrets down first.

2 - The fast way, skipping
Once the slave master boss is dead make sure your group all know they should skip the next area, you will have to run all the way past the door, avoid a fire spewing champion on the bridge, run past a pack of 2 ranged Charr and the fire turrets. When you pass the 2 turrets and Charr, make sure you run all the way to the back of the boss room. The boss fight will start immediately but if you run far enough the other enemies that you just skipped will all return to their start positions.

Boss - Saving the engineer
For this fight you will have to kill Charr Acolytes attempting to sacrifice the engineer, which will spawn repeatedly after some time around the fire prison. In the meantime the whole group must stay alive while avoiding damage from the extra enemies that spawn, they cannot be killed fast enough and this boss is mostly about surviving. It's recommended to have defensive weapons and skills, such as using a shield, skills that can revive downed players etc.

If you are getting in trouble, as you entered the room there is a ramp to the left side. If you go all the way down and hop onto the rock at the walls enemies should leave you alone allowing you to heal back to full health.

Event - The flaming boulders
After saving the engineer you will have to proceed past rolling flaming boulders that roll back and forth in the tunnel. If you are unconfident about your timing you should take off your gear and back item to avoid repair costs. There are 3 unlit braziers on the other side of the tunnel and 1 burning brazier where you enter, these are used to open the gate at the end. You will have to make sure at least 3 people pick up a flame and make it to the other side around the same time, the fire you pick up only lasts for about 30 seconds. If you end up on the other side but the rest of your group died, use the waypoint at the engineer boss and try again. If you have a mesmer in the group he/she can use the portal skill after reaching the other side to easily finish this Indiana Jones style puzzle.

Event - Breaking the gate controls
As you get past the flaming boulders you will encounter another gate, to open this gate you will have to assign 4 players to stay near small pillars/braziers located inside the room. As long as there is a player near each of the pillars the gate will open, allowing the 5th player to attack a gate control. This gate control must be killed in order to proceed past yet another gate just behind the gate control. Those that are assigned to a brazier should just focus on surviving, or if you have high dps you can kill the enemies that spawn repeatedly. The 5th player will have be carefull not to die by a fire spewing enemy in the gate control room.

Final Boss - Legendary Searing Effigy
After breaking the gate controls, kill the fire spewing enemy or skip it and run straight into the boss room.

The boss has a few special mechanics to look out for. He will spawn purple crystals all around him throughout the entire fight, you will see red circles where they'll land. You have to be very fast with dodging if you want to avoid getting hit, though they don't do too deadly damage. For every crystal that is spawned, the boss will be buffed. At 100-66% he will get a stacking health regeneration buff, at 66-33% he will deal increased damage for each crystal and at 33-0% he will get both. It is often usefull to have 1 ranged player focus on killing crystals near the boss to remove the buff. To counter the healing it is best to use poison skills as much as possible if you have them. The boss will also spew fire in front of him every now and then which is easily avoided. Other than that he will sometimes raise his arms and knock onto the ground, causing fire to burst towards all players, throwing you off your feet and should be dodged. Lastly he stomps the ground causing fire damage to everyone near him and removing all debuffs.
Guild Wars 2 general dungeon tips
- If you just hit level 80, check the trade post and buy a rare level 80 set. It will help you with fulfilling the role you wish to play.

- Not every dungeon and monster should be killed using the same weapon. Make sure you have at least one of each weapon your class can use with you at all times. This way you can easily change to ranged if you were using melee weapons, play more defensive or perhaps use that heal your group needs.

- Similar to above, once you've obtained a dungeon set with the stats you wanted you could build a second set of armor so you can add that extra healing, toughness, vitality or perhaps damage when needed.

- Don't hesitate to ask for a strategy if you haven't done a dungeon before, there are usually helpfull people in your group that can explain what to do. It's better to ask for help than to get your group in trouble during a battle.

- Dodging attacks is important, if you are uncomfortable with the key you are using for it, change it. Dungeons often require you to dodge a fireball or some other deadly attack. Correct timing of a dodge can often save your life.

- If you know a certain class in your group has a spell you find usefull in the dungeon you're in, ask him/her to use it and explain why.

- When you have completed your dungeon set you can clear high level dungeons (Crucible of Eternity, Arah, Citadel of Flame and Honor of the Waves) and use your dungeon tokens to buy rare quality items of high level. Salvage these for easy ectoplasms, easy money.
Start-up Guide
The following essential tools will help you pick up experience and money quicker:

1) Purchase "Mining pick, Logging axe, Harvesting sickle " from a merchant: this combination is your crafting start-up kit
2) Once your crafting skill build up, you can even enlarge your bag storage!!!
3) Pick up a Salvage kit from a merchant, to use it on anything that is wear-off or can't wear item, then use the kit to turn Junks as Useable crafting materials