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Blessing of The Old Gods
If you see a statue of one of the old gods kneel (/kneel) before it and a spirit will appear. Talk to it, if you pay the required fee, it will set an enchantment on you.
Get gold quick in Ascalon City
Here is a really quick and easy way to get money in Guild Wars. Go to Ascalon City. Stand by the exit, and either register yourself on party search or just say 'Gatemonkey available'. If someone needs a gatemonkey, add them to your party, leave Ascalon City, run with them to the gate and open it for them. The standard payment for a gatemonkey is 50g. Not bad for a couple of minutes running.

If you don't know what a gatemonkey is or how to be one, it is very simple. You leave Ascalon City, take the path to the right and follow it all the way until you reach the gate. Run up to the area above the gate and stand next to the lever. Click it, and the gate will open. Your party member will go through the first gate, then offer to trade with you. Accept, and they will pay you 50g. Then, use the map to teleport back to Ascalon City, leaving the party. This way, the person who is going through the gate gets to solo the area.

This is a great way to get gold, since you get 50 every time, and it takes literally 2 minutes, if that.

Happy gatemonkeying!
get past the area portal in aurora glade
To get past the area portal in aurora glade it simply must run to the left of it as much as possible, if done right you will be on the other side of the portal yet still in the outpost.You can wander what normally would be an explorable area but after you run to far outwards you will find whats known as the end of the world glitch which isn't harmful to you but still pretty cool.


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Just like kneeling before a shrine, kiting is not exactly a cheat but an important trick in staying alive. All kiting means is quickly strafing left and right to avoid hits. It can also mean running around quite randomly to avoid hits. Kiting is a useful method for staying alive if your character is not built to endure.