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Grand Theft Auto III cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Complethe mission "MARKED MAN" in less than 2 minutes
In the mission "MARKED MAN" you have take Ray Machowski to airport within a 3 minutes. You will not be able to use the bridge here. There are a couple of FBI agents guarding the entrance carrying M-16's. Regardless of what car you have, you will be wasted before you can get on the bridge. So the only option is to take a fast car through the subway.

Take a tank over the bridge instead!

Type "GIVEUSATANK" and you will get a tank. Enjoy a smooth ride over the bridge! You need not use the subway!
Easier Vigilante mission
When the criminal's car is near, press Esc then press it again. The criminal will get out of their vehicle, making them a lot easier for Claude to kill.
Easy Firetruck mission
When you are in Firefighter mode in a firetruck, if you press F1, or the replay button, then press it again so it returns to gameplay, your number of fires put out will go up by one and "Reward" will come up on the screen. Once that has gone, do it again and it will keep happening.
Easy Turismo Win
In the turismo mission for El Burro, you'll be racing three Cheatahs.After the phone, enter the cheat turtoise so when your car explodes, you won't be wasted. Enter bangbangban and do not enter the last "g" until the race starts. When the race starts get out of your car and press "g". This should make the Cheatahs and your car explode if you followed directions.Enter giveusatank or take someones car, and go through all the checkpoints.MISSION PASSED!
Make your tank go FASTER
just press in the cal. 4 or 5 to make the shooter change direction, make it go south, then keep shooting (WARNING! this cheat may cause the tank to tip over!)
MP3 Player
1.Find songs...
2.If you find songs,Copy all Songs and Paste in C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTAIII\mp3
3.After,delete MP3 Report
To let Claude Speed leave Portland the fastest, easiest way: right-click the game folder, click Properties, and un-check the "Read Only" green dot--click to OK that for sub-folders, etc. Make a back-up copy of data--handling.cfg in My Documents. Go into data--handling.cfg--where you might go, anyway, to soup up the Submission vehicles or the Rumpo (to make "Big N' Veiny" easier)--and give a vehicle a -1 in column I: percent submerged. Then, when Claude drives toward the far end of the Callahan or lift bridge and falls into the water, he'll appear on the other side of the bridge.

A 2nd way to get to Staunton early: have Claude back the Banshee W over the concrete roof of the tunnel in NW Portland toward the water from about where the middle of the road below is. After the back wheels go over and the car starts to tip, have Claude exit and fall onto the tunnel roof. Send him N, moving the mouse to keep the "camera" on the roof below the blue stuff. He has to jump over an obstruction then can go over the middle of the tunnel roof to Staunton, where some invisible solid stuff won't let him continue to Shoreside Vale unless he uses the ledge at the side of the roof. When you want Claude to appear in either town, have him jump from below the town into the blue stuff and he'll appear on the land above.

A 3rd way to get to Staunton early: have Claude go out on the red girder that extends from the right side of the Callahan Bridge to about 6 feet (?) from the end of the 2nd straight length of the girder. Have him jump onto the silver pipe to the right.

How to see Darkel in Liberty City

You can put Darkel into "III" with Notepad. Un-check the green dot 1st as described above. Make copies in My Documents of two data files: default.ide and pedgrp.dat. Then click > Edit > Replace, and replace "scum_man" with "darkel" in datadefault.ide and datapedgrp.dat. This replaces the male tramp with Darkel. You might try using him as your lead character a bit with the "ifeellikedressingup" code.


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Ghost Town
1.get in a Dodo...
2.Drive it a Tunnel (Cedar Grove
3.You must be Ghost Town Mod on your computer
4.Explore all Places in a Tunnel


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A Cheetah In Your Garage!
You will find it at Portland in the Turismo mission. First, get yourself 2 tanks (by typing in GIVEUSATANK during play). Park them on the road just outside of your hideout on the far side of the entrance from the intersection just down the street. Start the mission; head to the starting line and park in the glowing blue space, which starts the race immediately. Rush back to your hideout and wait. After a little time passes, the cheetahs will come down the street. They will smash into your tanks and one will likely fall into your hideout. Once all three of them have hit your tanks, drive into the hideout and make the Cheetah explode. Use your tank to push the destroyed Cheetah into your garage. Once you have the large part of the Cheetah inside your garage, don't get out of your tank (pull away), or let it out of your sights. If you do, the Cheetah will disappear. You will now get a message saying that you cannot fit more than one car in the garage. Now, get out of your car and check the garage: You will have a brand-new Cheetah!
All Weapons
Type GUNSGUNSGUNS on the keyboard during gameplay. To increase ammunition further, immediately type GUNS repeatedly after inputing the first three.
Blow Up All Cars!

If you really dont want other cars in the game.. use this cheat.
blow up cars all you want in one second.
When you are playing, press Esc and then keep tapping bangbangbang as many times as you want. when you return to gameplay, the cars will go so high, you won't be able to see them.
Cars do not flip
If you put cornerslikemad on, your car would not flip when you press the shift button to jump.
Change Outfit/Skin

There are many differnt clothes to choose from..
type turtoise when someone hurts you. it gives you full armor, and type gesundheit for full health.


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Cheats List
GESUNDHEIT - Gesundheit is a German word for Health.
MOREPOLICEPLEASE - Wanted Level Higher
NOPOLICEPLEASE - Wanted Level Lower
GIVEUSATANK - Drops a tank
BANGBANGBANG - Pedestrians shoot each other
ILIKEDRESSINGUP - Change costume
ITSALLGOINGMAAAD - Pedestrians fight each other
NOBODYLIKESME - Pedestrians all hate you
WEAPONSFORALL - Pedestrains have guns
TIMEFLIESWHENYOU - Time goes faster
TURTOISE - Slow gameplay
PEASOUP - No clue.
MADWEATHER - Changes the weather
CORNERSLIKEMAD - Better car handling

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If you find any Others e-mail them to me and i'll give you credit

Courstey Of www.neoseeker.com
copyright-Matt Houston (Dark Syde)


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Clear Weather

Nice bright and sunny weather!
Cloudy Weather

Cloudly weather >.<
Dull! and damp.
cool outfit
while you play type ilikedressingup for a new look. Type it till you find the outfit you want.
Type ILIKEDRESSINGUP on the keyboard during gameplay to cycle through different costumes.
Crazy Peds

All peds go crazy at you! ARR
Create your own skin!
In the Grand Theft Auto III directory, there should be a folder called \"Skins\". Open that folder. Inside it, you should see 2 pictures of both your players. Choose one. Then edit it in \"Paint\". Then click File, Save (or click Save as if you don\'t want to perminentally mess up your character). Then put the skin back in your \"Skins\" folder. Play the game. Then go to options, player options, then click your editted character. Then, when you start the game, you\'ll play as your created player.
Do Taxi Missions In Any Car
This works the same way as GTA3 PS2 but here's how it works:

Just get into a Taxi/Cabbie and hold down Caps Lock and then get out and get into whatever car you want to do the missions with and make sure your fully in before letting go of the key. Enjoy!
Everybody Hates You!
Type in nobodylikesme on the keyboard while playing the game to have all pedestrians attack you.
Explode All Cars
Type BANGBANGBANG on the keyboard during gameplay to blow up all cars in your view. To continue the explosions, immediately type BANG repeatedly after inputing the first three.
Faster Game Play
Type in boooooring on the keyboard to have faster gameplay.
Faster Time

Want to speed up the time, maybe to hurry along to a mission that starts at a certain time?
Faster Time

Speed up your gameplay!
Fire Truck Locations
Portland: Take your first left coming south from the porter tunnel.

Stuaton Island: On the east highway opposite the shoreline of Shoreside Vale.

Shoreside Vale: Take the street that goes toward the airport. You will see the truck on the left, opposite the airport parking lot.

Those are the 3 locations!
Flying Cars
Type in chittychittybb on the keyboard while playing for flying cars.
Flying the Dodo.
Get the Dodo on a nice, straight piece of road or runway, I suggest the latter until you are more experienced, then hold the "6" key on the keyboard. Accelerate down the runway while holding the button until you hear a scraping noise, then let go of the "6" button and the Dodo will start to lift off the floor. You must then quickly correct the Dodo and make sure that it's nose does not point too high in the air, or it will stall and you will fall out of the sky. While taking off, it is also a good idea to switch to the side view, as it will help you define when the nose of the plane is too high.

Turning should be a gentle, calm motion and should not be attempted too quickly. You mustn't hold either of the turning buttons, as it will turn too quickly and you will run the risk of turning the whole Dodo over, which will result in you falling out of the sky. If you find that you have turned the Dodo too much, then you will have to correct the oversteer and turn the Dodo in the opposite direction. Turning is not that difficult once you get used to it, just remember to tap the keys and never hold them.

============GAINING ALTITUDE============
An easy way to gain altitude (height) would be to fly around the coasts of the islands, as the Dodo will be gaining altitude on it's own, as the nose of the Dodo will start to rise. Let it gain altitude for a couple of seconds, then tap "6" to level the plane out once more. Eventually, the Dodo will start flying at it's maximum height and it will stop loosing height every time you turn.

When landing, make sure that you are level with what you want to land on and let go of the accelerator, then start tapping the "9" key to make the Dodo's nose rise slowly. Do not press the "9" key to make the Dodo's nose rise, or it will rise too high and land like a helicopter. If you are doing this right, the Dodo should be gradually loosing altitude and you should be coming in level with the runway/road that you are landing on. When the Dodo touches down, apply the brakes and the Dodo should come to a halt.
Foggy Weather
Type in peasoup on the keyboard while playing to get foggy weather.
Foggy Weather

If you want Foggy weather use this..
*Dude I cant See ARRR*
Full Armor
Type in TURTOISE on the keyboard while playing the game
Full Armor

Tops up your armor for FREE ^^
Full Health

Will top up your health!
This is a must to use.
Full Health
Type GESUNDHEIT on the keyboard during gameplay.
Get A Tank

If you want a tank to setroy other cars as you touch them! And to destroy police in seconds.
Get To Staunton Island Just like that.
Ok so heres what you are supposed to do. Get a cop car, make sure you enter the cheat code chittychittybb and get to the closed bridge, focus carefully on the bridge and make sure that you are going full speed, you will start to lift a little bit and then drop, just relax and make sure that the cop car does not tip, once you are close to the crack, your car will life, just keep focus and do not let go of the gas, after that you will get a sign that says "welcome to staunton island" Congrats you made it! (once you reach staunton island, disable the cheat by typing it again so you don't fly anymore)
Type ANICESETOFWHEELS on the keyboard during gameplay. This will take away the bodywork of the car and just leave the base. Type it again to return to normal.
Higher/Lower Wanted Level
Type MOREPOLICEPLEASE on the keyboard during gameplay to increase your wanted level by two. Type NOPOLICEPLEASE to erase your wanted level completely.
Improve Car Handling

This is a usefull cheat!
Invisable Cars, With Visable Wheels!

Umm.. try this one out
Less Police

If you dont want any police to your arse!
I personally use this quite alot hehe..
Lotsa' Cash
Type IFIWEREARICHMAN on the keyboard during gameplay.
Low Gravity

Want to fly high?
Type in the following codes while playing:

GESUNDHEIT - Full Health
MOREPOLICEPLEASE - Higher Wanted Level
NOPOLICEPLEASE - Lower Wanted Level
GIVEUSATANK - Get the Tank
BANGBANGBANG - Destroy All Cars
NOBODYLIKESME - All People Hate You
WEAPONSFORALL - People Fight Each Other
BOOOOORING - Faster Gameplay
TURTOISE - Full Armor
ILIKESCOTLAND - Cloudy Weather
PEASOUP - Foggy Weather
MADWEATHER - Speeds Up Time
CORNERSLIKEMAD - Improved Car Handling
More Gore

Want more violence this is the one for you, saves having to download the patch!
More Money

Loads of money is given!
Very handy, you can use this more than once
More Police

Will give you a higher wanted level!
If you want to test out what its like...
Pedestrian Weapons
Type WEAPONSFORALL on the keyboard during gameplay to give random weapons to pedestrians.
Pedestrians Riot
Type ITSALLGOINGMAAAD on the keyboard during gameplay to allow pedestrians to attack one another... that includes you!
Peds All Hate You!

everyone tries to beat you up this this cheat.. remember do not save this cheat..
Peds Fight Each Other

I surgest if you use this cheat not to save to to your Story game, creat a new file for Messing around!
Rainy Weather

I you want it to rain use this cheat!
*Man its chilly*
Slower Time

Slow down your gameplay!
Spawn Tanks
Type GIVEUSATANK on the keyboard during gameplay. This will spawn a tank in front of you. This can be repeated as many times as needed.
Speed Up Day/Night Cycle (Time Manipulation)
Type MADWEATHER on the keyboard during gameplay. This also acts as a "time speed up cheat". Type it again to return to normal.
Weather: Clear
Type SKINCANCERFORME on the keyboard during gameplay.
Weather: Rain
Type ILIKESCOTLAND on the keyboard during gameplay.
Weather: Stormy
Type ILOVESCOTLAND on the keyboard during gameplay.