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Grand Theft Auto 2

Various Cheats
Enter any of the following "Names" as your player's name. For some codes, you must enter GOURANGA first for them to work, while others, you can't enter GOURANGA at all for them to work. Also, some codes will only work on the US or UK versions:

yakuzadeath God Mode
rsjabber God Mode
livelong God Mode
blastboy All weapons
navarone All weapons
losefeds No police
desires Max wanted level
highfive 5x Multiplier
segarulz 10x Multiplier
bigscore 10 Million points
beefcake Increased Brutality
gorefest Increased Gore
iamasucker All levels, weapons, and god mode
coolboy Increased Cash
muchcash $500,000
forallgt All weapons
godofgta All weapons and ammo
bemeall All cities
ukgamer All cities
elvis is here No police
meatman Hamster Runs across Screen
itsallup Level select
no frills Debug Basic Scripts
eatsoup Free Shoping
wuggles Display Co-ordinates
cute1 99 lives
flameon Unlimited Flamethrower
lasvegas Elvis Clan people
nekkid Naked people
danisgod $200,000
iamdavej $9 million
mademan Respect from 3 Gangs
tumyfrog All Bonus Levels



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Aggressive civilians
Start the first level and take the mission "Radio Za-Za" at the loonies place. All the people around will try to kill you.
Driving up stairs
You can drive up some stairs and ramps, but some will bounce you away. To drive up those "unapproachable" stairs, just drive for the incline. Just when you are about to bouce off, use the handbrake and skid until you reach the top. You have to be going fast to do this. This trick is useful for getting police off your tail.
Get a fire truck
Blow up a car using the bazooka. Wait until a fire truck appears, then car jack it.
Good Humor Truck (pistol required)
Make sure you are facing north, take exactly 15 steps backwards. Shoot the first person you see that walks onto the
screen from the north, you need to hit him with one and only one bullet. Now all of the ice-cream trucks will look like
traditional good humor vans.
Hot Dog Train
Burp/fart 17 times (press tab while on foot) then walk exactly 10 steps north. Turn to the east and jump forward 3 times.
Now when you got to a train, the cars will be hot dogs.
How to see the co-ordinates on PC
GTA2 is free at the Rockstar web site in the Classics section, but walk-throughs give directions with co-ordinates--there's no in-game radar or map. The PS2 "WUGGLES" code doesn't make the co-ordinates appear on PC, making the game very difficult to play. To see them on PC, go to the Gouranga web site > GTA2 > Tips and Cheats, and get the "GTA2 Power Manager" by Harry Denholm, aka Ishani. Click the "Debug" tab at the top and check the box for "Do Bebug Keys." During the game, press C to see the coordinates.
Psychedelic Gang Cars
Repeat the first 2 steps as you would for the train code, but instead of turning east, turn west and jump forward only
once, now the gang cars will be flashing different colors.
Wanted levels
Wanted level 1 (One cop head)
One cop will go after you at a time. The cops will not run as fast as you will. The cops will have about one heart of health.

Wanted level 2 (Two cop heads)
Two cops will go after you at a time. The cops will not run as fast as you will. The cops will have about two hearts of health. The cops appear more often.

Wanted level 3 (Three cop heads)
About three cops will go after you at a time. The cops will run as fast as you will. The cops will have about three hearts of health. The cops will set up roadblocks. The cops appear even more often.

Wanted level 4 (Four cop heads)
About four or five cops will go after you at a time. The cops will run as fast as you can. The cops will have about four hearts of health. The cops will set up roadblocks. The SWAT team will go after you. The SWAT team will seem to have bullet-proof armor on, as they a lot of hits to kill. The SWAT team will use pistols to kill you. The cops will come after you about every time you go in the street.

Wanted level 5 (Five cop heads)
Special Agents will go after you. Special Agents will run as fast as you can. Special Agents have about four or five hearts of health. Special Agents will set up roadblocks. Special Agents will use silenced S-Uzi machine guns and shotguns to kill you. Special Agents will come after you almost every time you go in the street. Note: You cannot reach this Wanted level in Downtown District (level 1).

Wanted level 6 (Six cop heads)
This the most dangerous wanted level: The Army will go after you. Soldiers will be everywhere. Soldiers will run as fast as you can. The Army will set up tank roadblocks. You will only find Military vehicles. Soldiers around the city will have one heart of health and soldiers that comes out of jeeps will have about five hearts of health The Army will use S-Uzi machine guns to kill you. Note: You cannot reach this Wanted level in Downtown District (level 1).
Note: If you die or get arrested, your wanted level will go back down to zero.
Weapon summary
Power: (2) Weak
Speed: (2) Slow
Special: None
Best use: If you have no other weapons

S-Uzi machine gun
Power: (1) Very Weak
Speed: (4) Very Fast
Special: None
Best use: Killing light-arm people

Power: (3) Medium
Speed: (5) Constant
Special: Fire: Lights people on fire
Best use: At close range, touching someone lights them on fire and kills

Rocket launcher
Power: (5) Very Powerful
Speed: (1) Very Slow
Special: Explosive weapon
Best use: Blowing up vehicles

Silenced S-Uzi machine gun
Power: (1) Very Weak
Speed: (4) Very Fast
Special: Silenced: Will not make any noise
Best use: Shooting without making any noise

Dual pistol
Power: (3) Medium
Speed: (3) Fast
Special: Double Shot: Shoots two bullets at once
Best use: At close range so both bullets hits the target

Power: (3) Medium
Speed: (2) Slow
Special: Spread Effect: Can hit multiple targets with one shot
Best use: At close range for the most damage -- (4) Powerful

Molotov cocktails
Power: (5) Very Powerful
Speed: (Skill) (As fast as you can press the attack/fire buttom)
Special: Explosive weapon
Best use: Blowing up people and vehicles quickly

Power: (5) Very Powerful
Speed: (Skill) (As fast as you can press the attack/fire buttom)
Special: Explosive weapon
Best use: If you have no Molotov cocktails left

Electric Gun
Power: (3) Medium
Speed: (5) Constant
Special: Homing ability: Electric will hit anything in close range
Best use: Using on multiple targets


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Allows the player to keep all acquired weapons after an arrest or death.
Bad civilians
Watch out for people wearing red shirts. They will try to steal your and other people's money. They will not try to steal the money if you or they are in a vehicle. Also, lawman and gang members will shoot to kill them. Watch out for people wearing green shirts. They will try to steal vehicles even if you are in them. They also drive recklessly and will run over you or anyone that gets in their way. The person that was in that vehicle previously will yell at the person in the green shirt and tell them to get out -- he will do so. Lawman and gang members will also shoot to kill them.
Allows the game to skip exploding scores.
Player receives 99 lives.

[size=1](Was listed as CUTE1 in Neoseeker listings, which is incorrect.)
Die while invincible
You can still die when invincible by being inside an exploding car. The other armed men can also blow up your vehicle. You can also die by jumping from a high location or by drowning.
Easy money
Get a high multiplier and get a tank. Use the tank to wreak havoc and do not get busted by the cops. The army will make this a lot harder on level 2 and 3. The tank will blow up by taking four powerful hits.

When selling cars to the illegal car dealerships, that the faster the car the more money you will get for it. Exceptions are squad cars and ambulances.
Finding tanks
There is a tank in level one. It is located in the area around the Crane/Crusher in Altamont. Enter the area and turn left. When you see a small alleyway next to the water, go down it to find a tank. Enter it and a kill frenzy will begin. After the timer runs out, you can use the tank for whatever you desire. Note: Do not exit the tank unless you have to -- you will not be able to get back into it.

To get another tank in area 2, go to the garage across from the building with the staircase neary to where you found the first tank. Drive up until you reach one-way traffic, then back to two-way traffic. Starting at that red light, turn on the next street. Drive just briefly and the tank should be just off the road. To get to the tank you will have to get out of the car. Run on the beginning of the gray part on the side of the road.

To get a tank in area 3, go to the Zaibatsu Power Core. As you drive along the street, look at the top of the screen. You should just about see a tank through the metal grid at the top. The entrance may be at the top of the compound but is very hard to get to.
All cars are turned into mini cars.
Change your name into Gouranga.
Then change it to flameon and you will have infinit Flamethrower.
Flamethrowing fire truck
In level 2, go to the Zaibatsu Village to the green phones and answer the bottom one. Do the job up to the part where you have to steal a fire truck. Take it back to the village. A man will get in and the weapon will change from the water cannon to a flamethrower. Whether you finish the job or not, the truck is yours unless it explodes. If you fail you can do it over to get another flamethrowing fire truck.
Get on a high building, equip a throwing weapon such as molotovs or grenades, and jump up in the air. When at the highest point of your jump, start throwing the grenades/molotovs. You will actually be flying now because you cannot throw things when in the air -- the jump will start over and remain at the same height as the building you started from. To get down again, just stop shooting. Use this trick when army, police, SWAT, or special agents are after you -- they will not see you when in the air. Tanks can see you but cannot touch you.
Getting rid of the cops
Go to the territory of what ever gang you are working for and they will shoot them for you.

If you only have one bouncy cop-head on the top of the screen and want to get rid of it, just hide somewhere. In a few minutes they will be gone.

If you are being chased by the police and in a car, find a car painting place. Paint your car and the cops will stop chasing you.

Regardless of how many cops heads are shown, this will get rid of them in the first level. Proceed to the church where the level begins. Walk to the tutorial phone and make sure that you activate the tutorial (and the man begins to speak to you). Immediately proceed to the west side of the building (left of the screen). Walk through the opening on the west side wall that leads up to the roof. The cop heads should be gone.
Guided tour
Go to the phone at the beginning of the first level. A "Schmidt" car will appear below. Enter it and wait for instructions. After finishing the tour, a machine gun and a GTA2 sign will appear below the church.
Enables infinite invisibility power-up.
Enables infinite "get out of jail free" cards.
Leave a car at the dump to receive the corresponding power-up.

Power-Up Car
Jail Free Card Aniston BD4
Flame Thrower Beamer
Machine Gun Big Bug
Invulnerability B-Type
Machine Gun Bug
Invisibility Dementia
Rocket Launcher Miara
Machine Gun Michelli Roadster
ElectroFingers Minx
Cop Bribe Police Car
Armor Romero
Health Schmidt
Molotov Cocktails Shark
Double Damage Taxi
Machine Gun U-Jerk Truck
Silenced Machine Gun Z-Type
Enables infinite "double damage" power-up.
Taxi job
Get a taxi, then park on the side of the road and wait. Sooner or later someone will enter the taxi and you will earn money.
To enter cheat mode
Enter GOURANGA as a name to enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following names before starting a level to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Some codes may only work in the North American version, while others may only work in the European version.

Name Effect
LASVEGAS "Elvis clan" people
DANISGOD $200,000
IAMDAVEJ $9,999,999
BIGSCORE 10 million points
SEGARULZ 10x multiplier
HIGHFIVE 5x multiplier
CUTIE1 99 lives
TUMYFROG All bonus Levels
IAMASUCKER All levels, weapons, God mode
BEMEALL or UKGAMER All three cities
GODOFGTA All weapons with full ammo
NO FRILLS Debug basic scripts
DAVEMOON Default weapons and ammo
WUGGLES Display coordinates
SCHURULZ Double damage power-up
VOLTFEST Electric ray gun
GINGERR First two cities
FLAMEON Flame thrower
EATSOUP Free shopping
JAILBAIT Get Out Of Jail Free card
RSJABBER Cannot be arrested or killed
MEATMAN Hamster runs across screen
BEEFCAKE Increased brutality
HUNSRUS Invisibility
ARSESTAR Keep weapons after arrest
ITSALLUP Level select
DESIRES Maximum wanted level
GOREFEST More gore
NEKKID Naked people
COCKTART No exploding scores
BUCKFAST People more aggressive
MADEMAN Respect from three gangs
FISHFLAP Small cars
Useful codes
First: change name to gouranga

Then: type
rsjabber for infinity life
godofgta for all weapons
eatsoup for free stash (like paint)
mademan for max respect
iamdavej for 99999999999$

Have fun!
Enables infinite ammo for the Electro Gun.
Wang cars bonus
Get all eight Wang cars to get a fire truck that shoots both fire and water; 4 Furor GTs (one with 50 machine guns, two with 50 mines and one with 50 oil slicks), a tank with 20 rockets, a special agent car with 50 machine guns, and an armed land roamer with 20 military machine gun rounds.

Find all eight Wang cars to get the Wang car bonus. Once you have found all eight, go to the church, save the game, then quit. Go to the main menu and start from your saved status. Go and find all of the Wang cars to get the bonus again. After that, keep finding Wang cars and you can get up to 32 Furore GTs.

In each gang's perspective turf, a mysterious, numbered sports car is hidden (1, 2, and 5). The cars in the Zaibatsu and Scientists' regions are both elevated above ground and must be accessed by walkway, whereas the car located in the Redneck's territory is on a northwestern island that must be accessed by a car ramp over water. Once any of these cars is boarded, you will immediately be transported back to Wang's car lot, where you will be awarded $30,000 in exchange for the car. Your real reward comes once the third car is delivered. At this point, you will be returned to the car lot, where a tank, a fire truck, a special forces car, an armed land rover, and 4 Furore GTs are waiting.