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Command codes

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How to play Gothic 2 whit orc charater (playable race)
This is what i discovered while messing whit G2 console.
You will be able to walk in and around city whit an orc charater, talk to npcs and no one will attack you.
Ok, here are the steps

1. Start Marvin mode
2. Find orc whit witch you would like to play (Orc Elite, Orc Warrior e.c.t.)
3. Pres O on your keyboard to take control over orc.
4. Press F2 and whrite "insert ch"
5. Talk to him
6. Choose guild (mercenaries, militia, novice e.c.t.)
7. Done

You can now act like your old charater.
You wont be able to sleep or pray to inos.
Sorry for any misspell english isnt my laungage.

Have fun <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />)


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Very easy way into anywhere with a guard
All you have to do is face the place that you wish to enter and then turn to the side and strafe either left or right, if there is a guard infront of the entrence, you will just have to exit the dialog box that appears.

NOTE: If you use this to get into the city, you will have to use it again and again untill you pay or whatever to get into the city.


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"I can't read that." Oh, but you can sell it.
I'm not quite sure if this still works with any possible patches, but I randomly came across this while fooling around.

Towards the beginning when you have one of your first stone tablets and are unable to read them, there is a glitch that allows you to keep picking up more and more tablets, no matter how many you actually have. (Just make sure you always have at least one in order to do this.)

It's a bit tricky to do, but once you get the hang of it, it's a rather helpful tool if you don't mind exploiting a glitch. If you click the tablet once, your character will hold it out in front of him and say "I can't read that" as always. But, if you time a second click just as he's putting the tablet back, the game will act as though you picked up a second tablet. This can be done unlimited times, but understand that it may take a bit of effort. If you're not the type for waiting and want the best equipment available to you with relatively little effort, then this glitch is for you.


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easy way into town
when going to town for the first time go down the ditch and climb up just right of the guards go around the back of the right guard and your in then go to the docks without talking to anyone els and get 500 exp.
Gothic 2 cheats
When playing game Press C then type marvin to activate game
console, press C again to come out of the menu then press
F2 to bring down the console then type in these cheats:

Cheat Full - Player is Healed
Cheat God - God Mode On
Cheat God - God Mode Off

Goto Waypoint - Beams you to other cities, places:
Xardsa takes u to Xardas,
Lester takes you
to Lester etc..
Toogle Time - Shows Game Time
First Person - First Person Mode
Gothic 2 spawn items
Marvin Mode: Press C during game play, then type marvin to activate the console.
Press C again to exit, then press [F2] to display the console window. Enter one of the following codes at the console window. Most cheats will "auto-fill" the rest of the code for you if it is correcct.

Heal player and full mana - cheat full
Enable/disable god mode - cheat god
Show/hide military time display - toggle time
Change current time - set time <hh:mm> ex.0800
Enter first person view - first person
Spawn item - insert <name>

The following spawn items are just a few things to help you out. Use the insert cheat in the console to use them (insert [item code]). The item will spawn in front of you.

Citizen's Clothing - itar_vlk_l
Citizen's Clothing - itar_vlk_m
Citizen's Clothing - itar_vlk_h
Citizen's Clothing - itar_vlkbabe_l
Citizen's Clothing - itar_vlkbabe_m
Citizen's Clothing - itar_vlkbabe_h
Farmer's Clothing - itar_bau_l
Farmer's Clothing - itar_bau_m
Farmer's Dress - itar_baubabe_l
Farmer's Dress - itar_baubabe_m
Convict's Clothing - itar_prisoner
Landlord's Clothing - itar_barkeeper
Smith's Clothing - itar_smith
Judge's Robe - itar_judge
Governor's Doublet - itar_governor
Leather Armor - itar_leather_l
Medium Bandit's Armor - itar_bdt_m
Heavy Bandit's Armor - itar_bdt_h
Light Militia Armor - itar_mil_l
Heavy Militia Armor - itar_mil_m
Knight's Armor - itar_pal_m
Paladin's Armor - itar_pal_h
Crawler Plate Armor - itar_djg_crawler
Light Mercenary Armor - itar_sld_l
Medium Mercenary Armor - itar_sld_m
Heavy Mercenary Armor - itar_sld_h
Light Dragon Hunter's Armor - itar_djg_l
Medium Dragon Hunter's Armor - itar_djg_m
Heavy Dragon Hunter's Armor - itar_djg_h
Female Dragon Hunter's Armor - itar_djg_babe
Novice's Robe - itar_nov_l
Mage's Robe - itar_kdf_l
Heavy Fire Robe - itar_kdf_h
Water Mage's Robe - itar_kdw_h
Dark Cloak - itar_dementor
Lester's Robe - itar_lester
Diego's Armor - itar_diego
Cor Angar's Armor - itar_corangar
Robe of the Dark Arts - itar_xardas
Old Knight's Armor (best armor) - itar_pal_skel

Essence of Healing - itpo_health_01
Extract of Healing - itpo_health_02
Elixir of Healing - itpo_health_03
Mana Essence - itpo_mana_01
Mana Extract - itpo_mana_02
Mana Elixir - itpo_mana_03
Elixir of Strength - itpo_perm_str
Elixir of Dexterity - itpo_perm_dex
Elixir of Life - itpo_perm_health
Elixir of Spirit - itpo_perm_mana
Speed Potion - itpo_speed
Small Mana Bonus - itpo_perm_littlemana
Healing of the Black Fever - itpo_healhilda_mis
Healing of Possession - itpo_healobsession_mis
Healing of Addiction - itpo_healrandolph_mis
Potion of Dragon Egg Secretion - itpo_dragoneggdrinkneoras_mis

Embarla Firgasto - itpo_megadrink
The Tears of Innos - itpo_potionofdeath_01_mis
The Tears of Innos - itpo_potionofdeath_02_mis

Bow - itrw_sld_bow
Shortbow - itrw_bow_l_01
Willow Bow - itrw_bow_l_02
Hunting Bow - itrw_bow_l_03
Elm Bow - itrw_bow_l_04
Composite Bow - itrw_bow_m_01
Ash Bow - itrw_bow_m_02
Longbow - itrw_bow_m_03
Beech Bow - itrw_bow_m_04
Bone Bow - itrw_bow_h_01
Oak Bow - itrw_bow_h_02
War Bow - itrw_bow_h_03
Dragon Bow (best bow)- itrw_bow_h_04
Crossbow - itrw_mil_crossbow
Hunting Crossbow - itrw_crossbow_l_01
Light Crossbow - itrw_crossbow_l_02 40 25 600
Crossbow - itrw_crossbow_m_01
War Crossbow - itrw_crossbow_m_02
Heavy Crossbow - itrw_crossbow_h_01
Dragon Hunter's Crossbow (best crossbow)- itrw_crossbow_h_02

Dragomir's Crossbow - itrw_dragomirsarmbrust_mis
Sengrath's Crossbow - itrw_sengrathsarmbrust_mis

Dagger - itmw_1h_vlk_dagger
Poker - itmw_1h_mace_l_01
Sickle - itmw_1h_bau_axe
Cudgel - itmw_1h_mace_l_03
Maleth's Walking Stick - itmw_malethsgehstock_mis
Smith's Hammer - itmw_1h_mace_l_04
Axe - itmw_1h_vlk_axe
Heavy Branch - itmw_1h_bau_mace
Militia Short Sword - itmw_shortsword1
Small Scythe - itmw_sense
Rough Short Sword - itmw_shortsword2
Wolf Knife - itmw_1h_sword_l_03
Spiked Club - itmw_nagelknueppel
Rusty Sword - itmw_1h_misc_sword
Short Sword - itmw_shortsword3
Sword - itmw_1h_vlk_sword
Spiked Cudgel - itmw_nagelkeule
Wolf's Tooth - itmw_shortsword4
War Cudgel - itmw_kriegskeule
Rough Hatchet - itmw_1h_sld_axe
Rough Broadsword - itmw_1h_mil_sword
Alrik's Sword - itmw_alrikssword_mis
Fine Short Sword - itmw_shortsword5
Judge's Staff - itmw_richtstab
Rough Sword - itmw_1h_sld_sword
War Hammer - itmw_kriegshammer1
Heavy Spiked Cudgel - itmw_nagelkeule2
Rough Longsword - itmw_schwert
Pirate's Cutlass - itmw_piratensaebel
Ship Axe - itmw_schiffsaxt
Self-Forged Sword - itmw_1h_common_01
Paladin's Sword - itmw_1h_pal_sword
Fine Sword - itmw_schwert1
Stonebreaker - itmw_steinbrecher
Skull Splitter - itmw_spicker
Longsword - itmw_schwert2
Beard Axe - itmw_bartaxt
Double Bladed Axe - itmw_doppelaxt
Rough Bastard Sword - itmw_schwert4
Fine Longsword - itmw_schwert3
Mace and Chain - itmw_morgenstern
Ore Longsword - itmw_1h_special_01
Mace - itmw_streitkolben
Ruby Blade - itmw_rubinklinge
Rapier - itmw_rapier
Rune Sword - itmw_runenschwert
Fine Bastard Sword - itmw_schwert5
Raven's Beak - itmw_rabenschnabel
Inquisitor - itmw_inquisitor
Ore Bastard Sword - itmw_1h_special_02
Rough Ore Blade - itmw_1h_blessed_01
Fero's Sword - itmw_1h_ferrossword_mis
Orc Slayer - itmw_orkschlaechter
Heavy War Hammer - itmw_kriegshammer2
Torturer's Axe - itmw_folteraxt
El Bastardo - itmw_elbastardo
Master Sword - itmw_meisterdegen
Blessed Ore Blade - itmw_1h_blessed_02
Ore Battle Blade - itmw_1h_special_03
Wrath of Innos - itmw_1h_blessed_03
Ore Dragon Slayer (best) - itmw_1h_special_04


Pick-Axe - itmw_2h_axe_l_01
Woodcutter's Axe - itmw_2h_bau_axe
Fighting Pike - itmw_1h_nov_mace
Rusty Two-Hander - itmw_2h_sword_m_01
Rusty Axe - itmw_1h_misc_axe
Halberd - itmw_hellebarde
Light Two-Hander - itmw_zweihaender1
Staff Mace - itmw_stabkeule
Medium Orc Axe - itmw_2h_orcaxe_02
Rough Two-Hander - itmw_2h_sld_sword
Light Battle Axe - itmw_streitaxt1
Rod's Two-Hander - itmw_2h_rod
Light Orc Axe - itmw_2h_orcaxe_01
Rough War Axe - itmw_2h_sld_axe
Lizard Sword - itmw_2h_orcsword_01
Paladin's Two-Hander - itmw_2h_pal_sword
Heavy Orc Axe - itmw_2h_orcaxe_03
Brutal Orc Axe - itmw_2h_orcaxe_04
Orcish War Sword - itmw_2h_orcsword_02
Ore Two-Hander - itmw_2h_special_01
Two-Hander - itmw_zweihaender2
Rune Power - itmw_zweihaender3
Battle Axe - itmw_streitaxt2
Heavy Two-Hander - itmw_zweihaender4
Rough Ore Blade - itmw_2h_blessed_01
Cutlass - itmw_krummschwert
War Axe - itmw_schlachtaxt
Heavy Ore Two-Hander - itmw_2h_special_02
Stormbringer - itmw_sturmbringer
Barbarian Battleaxe - itmw_barbarenstreitaxt
Berserker's Axe - itmw_berserkeraxt
Dragon Slicer - itmw_drachenschneide
Sacred Fire Hammer - holy_hammer_mis
Sword of the Order - itmw_2h_blessed_02
Heavy Ore Battle Blade - itmw_2h_special_03
Holy Executioner - itmw_2h_blessed_03
Large Ore Dragon Slayer (best) - itmw_2h_special_04


Holy Light - itsc_pallight
Lesser Healing - itsc_pallightheal
Holy Arrow - itsc_palholybolt
Medium Healing - itsc_palmediumheal
Harm Evil - itsc_palrepelevil
Greater Healing - itsc_palfullheal
Destroy Evil - itsc_paldestroyevil
Light - itsc_light
Fire Arrow - itsc_firebolt
Ice Arrow - itsc_icebolt
Heal Light Wounds - itsc_lightheal
Create Goblin Skeleton - itsc_sumgobskel
Fireball - itsc_instantfireball
Lightning - itsc_zap
Summon Wolf - itsc_sumwolf
Wind Fist - itsc_windfist
Sleep - itsc_sleep
Oblivion - itsc_charm
Heal Medium Wounds - itsc_mediumheal
Lightning - itsc_lightningflash
Large Fireball - itsc_chargefireball
Create Skeleton - itsc_sumskel
Fear - itsc_fear
Ice Block - itsc_icecube
Ball Lightning - itsc_thunderball
Awaken Golem - itsc_sumgol
Destroy Undead - itsc_harmundead
Large Fire Storm - itsc_pyrokinesis
Small Fire Storm - itsc_firestorm
Wave of Ice - itsc_icewave
Summon Demon - itsc_sumdemon
Heal Heavy Wounds - itsc_fullheal
Rain of Fire - itsc_firerain
Breath of Death - itsc_breathofdeath
Wave of Death - itsc_massdeath
Army of Darkness - itsc_armyofdarkness
Shrink Monster - itsc_shrink
Transform into Sheep - itsc_trfsheep
Transform into Scavenger - itsc_trfscavenger
Transform into Giant Rat - itsc_trfgiantrat
Transform into Field Raider - itsc_trfgiantbug
Transform into Wolf - itsc_trfwolf
Transform into Lizard - itsc_trfwaran
Transform into Snapper - itsc_trfsnapper
Transform into Warg - itsc_trfwarg
Transform into Fire Lizard - itsc_trffirewaran
Transform into Lurker - itsc_trflurker
Transform into Shadowbeast - itsc_trfshadowbeast
Transform into Dragon Snapper - itsc_trfdragonsnapper


Amulet of Fire - itam_prot_fire_01
Harness Amulet - itam_prot_edge_01
Amulet of Oak Skin - itam_prot_point_01
Amulet of Spiritual Power - itam_prot_mage_01
Amulet of Ore Skin - itam_prot_total_01
Amulet of Agility - itam_dex_01
Amulet of Strength - itam_strg_01
Amulet of Life - itam_hp_01
Amulet of Magic - itam_mana_01
Amulet of Power - itam_dex_strg_01
Amulet of Enlightenment - itam_hp_mana_01
Soul Summoning Amulet - itam_prot_blackeye_mis
Angar's Magic Amulet - itam_mana_angar_mis
Divine Aura of Innos (best)- itam_amulettofdeath_mis

Flame Protection Ring - itri_prot_fire_01
Fire Ring - itri_prot_fire_02
Ring of Wooden Skin - itri_prot_point_01
Ring of Stone Skin - itri_prot_point_02
Ring of Iron Skin - itri_prot_edge_01
Ring of Ore Skin - itri_prot_edge_02
Ring of Spirit - itri_prot_mage_01
Ring of Defense - itri_prot_mage_02
Ring of Inconquerability - itri_prot_total_01
Ring of Invincibility (best)- itri_prot_total_02
Ring of Skill - itri_dex_01
Ring of Dexterity - itri_dex_02
Ring of Life - itri_hp_01
Ring of Liveliness - itri_hp_02
Ring of Force - itri_str_01
Ring of Strength - itri_str_02
Ring of Magic - itri_mana_01
Ring of Astral Power - itri_mana_02
Ring of Enlightenment - itri_hp_mana_01
Ring of Power - itri_dex_strg_01
Valentino's Ring - itri_valentinosring
Wood Protection - itri_prot_point_01_mis


Holy Light - itru_pallight
Lesser Healing - itru_pallightheal
Medium Healing - itru_palmediumheal
Greater Healing - itru_palfullheal
Holy Arrow - itru_palholybolt
Harm Evil - itru_palrepelevil
Destroy Evil - itru_paldestroyevil
Teleport to secret cell- itru_palteleportsecret
Teleport to Harbor City - itru_teleportseaport
Teleport to Monastery - itru_teleportmonastery
Teleport to Landlord - itru_teleportfarm
Teleport to Xardas - itru_teleportxardas
Teleport to Pass of Khorinis - itru_teleportpassnw

Teleport to Valley of Mines Pass - itru_teleportpassow

Teleport to Castle - itru_teleportoc
Teleport to Ancient Demon Tower - itru_teleportowdemontower

Teleport to Tavern - itru_teleporttaverne
Light - itru_light
Fire Arrow - itru_firebolt
Lightning - itru_zap
Heal Light Wounds - itru_lightheal
Create Goblin Skeleton - itru_sumgobskel
Fireball - itru_instantfireball
Ice Arrow - itru_icebolt
Summon Wolf - itru_sumwolf
Wind Fist - itru_windfist
Sleep - itru_sleep
Heal Medium Wounds - itru_mediumheal
Lightning - itru_lightningflash
Large Fireball - itru_chargefireball
Create Skeleton - itru_sumskel
Fear - itru_fear
Ice Block - itru_icecube
Ball Lightning - itru_thunderball
Awaken Golem - itru_sumgol
Destroy Undead - itru_harmundead
Large Fire Storm - itru_pyrokinesis
Small Fire Storm - itru_firestorm
Wave of Ice - itru_icewave
Summon Demon - itru_sumdemon
Heal Heavy Wounds - itru_fullheal
Rain of Fire - itru_firerain
Breath of Death - itru_breathofdeath
Wave of Death - itru_massdeath
Holy Missile - itru_masterofdisaster
Army of Darkness - itru_armyofdarkness
Shrink Monster - itru_shrink
Deathbolt - itru_deathbolt
Deathball - itru_deathball Concussionbolt - itru_concussionbolt


Swampweed - itpl_swampherb
Weed - itpl_weed
Turnip - itpl_beet
Meadow Knotweed - itpl_temp_herb

Enter the following cheat for teleportation:
goto waypoint (location)

Khorinis lighthouse - lighthouse
Near Pepe's sheep - sheep
North of Onar's farm - wolf
Xardas' tower - xardas


To get everything you want, do the following:
in the console, type: insert pc_itemfeller
Then kill the person who appears. He has almost everything in the game in his pockets! Take everything you want. Sell the good stuff for more money.

If you want to learn everything, do the following: in the console type: insert ch
Then talk to the person who appears (it is in German). If you have enough skill points, you will learn everything there is to learn in the game. You can even join guilds!

If you want to forward the storyline, do the following: in the console type: insert sh
Talk to the person who appears and select which chapter (1-6) you want to play in.
Once you have entered Marvin Mode (press C and type in Marvin, then hit C again), if you die, all you have to do is hit F8 and you will jump up from death with full health. (If you die and forgot to put on Marvin Mode, you can still put it on from death)

You can also use this to jump/propel yourself up and forwards, to get over high walls or travel long distances quickly. If you die when you hit the ground from a long fall, hit F8 again, and you'll come back to life.

Also, if an NPC (not a monster) dies and you want them back alive, face them while Marvin Mode is on, and hit O. If they're dead, hit F8 and revive them, then face your character, and hit O again.

You can use this to steal by hitting O, opening their inventory, and dropping things which your character can pick up. Just don't drop anything in a place you can't steal, or you will get attacked.

Sometimes a bug makes you get stuck in the NPC's inventory. To get rid of this, hit F8.

For fun, you can also undress NPC's to their underwear. Just use O and open their inventory, then remove their armor (select it and hit CTRL). They will then be standing there in their underwear! (don't worry, still fully covered)

Also, if you want to use the NPC to move around or do something, but they are bolted in place (they never move), just hit F8 to put them in motion.