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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon (PC) Cheats

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon cheats, and Codes for PC.


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Chicken Grenades
for chicken grenades type: chickenrun into the console window
bring up the game console by pressing the intro button in the numpad in the right side of the keyboard, then write one of the following

invincibility: superman
team invincibility: teamsuperman
invisible: shadow
team invisible: team shadow
increase speed by 10: run
infinite ammo: ammo (you still have to reload)
refill inventory: refill
win instantly: autowin
shake screen: boom
achieve objectives one at a time: cisco*
paintball mode: extremepaintball*
*: havent tried these ones
go boom and brust into flames
k this is how you do it you hit enter and a screen at the top will come down then type in god and hit enter then your guy will blow up fly 30 feet in the air, land brust into flames and die FUN!!!
In the PC version of Ghost Recon hit ENTER in the numeric keypad. Enter the word "ghost". You'll get a message that "Ghost Mode" is on. This renders all enemies invisible. They will still see and shoot you... unless you use Teamshadow. If you do, when close enough to the invisible enemy you can hear them talk, see their shadows, but they don't become visible until they are shot. Welcome to Wonderland.
By typing squirrelkite after hitting the enter ket on your number pad, your grenades turn ito squirrels. Hillarious!