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Geneforge 2 Cheats

Geneforge 2 cheats, Passwords, and Codes for PC.

Geneforge 2 Passwords

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In-game Passwords
press shift and D ingame
PasswordWhat it does
pleaselikemepeople forget your crimes
dbugkillkills all enemies and u get exp
clearallsectsleaves a sect
iloveservilesserviles think you like them
ihateservilesserviles think you hate them
rechargemegives full energy and essece
Submitted by: slater2211 on August 26, 2010

Geneforge 2 Cheats

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This cheat will give you experience.
Submitted by: Magic on August 05, 2005
mostly heals you and cures you of poision or acid
Submitted by: ferret854 on June 14, 2007