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Descent: Freespace 2 Cheats

Descent: Freespace 2 cheats, and Codes for PC.

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Freespace 2 Cheats

During a game type www.freespace2.com. A message will show "Cheats activated". You can now enter these codes to activate or toggle cheats.

Note: if you activate cheat codes, you will not be able to advance through the campaign. **

After the cheats have been enabled, hold down ~ and press:

CSend message to enemies
[Shift] + Ctoggle countermeasures for all ships
KDestroy target
[Shift] + KDestroy targeted subsystem
[Alt] + K10% damage to your ship
IGod mode (invincibility)
[Shift] + Itoggle target invincibility
ODescent-like physics
Wunlimited ammo for your ship
[Shift] + Wunlimited ammo for all ships
Gmake all primary goals "complete"
[Shift] + Gmake all secondary goals complete
[Alt] + Gmake all bonus goals complete
9scroll through all secondary weapons
[Shift] + 9scroll through all secondary weapons in reverse order
0scroll through all primary weapons
[Shift] + 0scroll through all primary weapons in reverse order
** You can retain unlimited missiles and still advance through a campaign using this workaround:

Go into one of the single missions and activate the unlimited ammo cheat (ie ~ W. Leave the single mission without finsihing. Return to the campaign to find that you have unlimited missiles but that the game doesn't know it!

Volition Pirate Ship
During a game, type in "arrrrwalktheplank" and the Volition Pirate Ship will jump in right into the game. This ship is on your side! It won't move, nor will you be able to give it any commands, but it will shoot at enemies who come within its proximty. You can use it as a defensive backup. (especially for missions where you have to protect things).