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Freelancer cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Dock Backward
Docking doesn't have to be straight forward, though it's tricky to achieve. You have to be right in front of the two arms of the docking ring (therefore this only works with planets) and centered to the gap between them. If you turn around to put your back to the ring before docking, if you do it correctly you will descend backward onto the planet.
Docking made quick!
As you know sometimes docking can take a long time however with docking rings you can dock a lot quicker.

If you fly close enough to the gap between the two arms which open to let you dock and then dock with it you'll go straight through with out the arms even opening! This also means that you can dock in funny ways!
Don't get hit!
Sometimes you just have an itchy nose and you're in a LAN game and you're being attacked by the enemy, so what do you do?

Press space bar to go into the alternate flight mode, move your mouse far right so that your ship starts flying around in circles and hold down tab and no one will be able to hit you!
Hard Escape
Do you find it hard to escape a group of powerful Corsairs? Or just found yourself ambushed by a wing of Liberty Navy ships? Tired of being stopped on your escape when hit by cruise disrupting missiles?

An easy way to escape is to initiate Cruise Engines (Shift+W) and then press Z which allows you to turn the ship around and use all your weapons but you will also keep up a high speed!
How to use Turrets
Everyone knows a Turret mounted on a Turret Point is like having another weapon when shooting at enemies.

However did you know that if you press H and then swing around to look at your enemies you can shoot back at them with the Turret! Handy for making a quick getaway.
King is Docking!
After completing the early story mission outside of Pittsburgh and you're free to do what you like for a bit quickly dock with the Jump Lane to Fortbush and you'll see King docking with it!
Make the most of your weapons!
To make the most of your weapons you should do two things to make sure you're playing as efficiently as possible.

1. Multiply the re-fire rate by the damage to hull and shield to see how much hull and shield damage you can do each second with each weapon

2. Multiply the re-fire rate with the energy usage to see how much energy it takes to do this

Try and utilize weapons which don't drain your energy to quickly but at the same time provide you with decent fire power at either a slow/fast rate depending on what you prefer.
Mine Diamonds - Easy Money
First you will need to travel to Omega 11, a system characterized by a mining belt surrounding a big red sun. Here you can shoot the floating by rocks to find diamonds and then simply tractor them in. You do take hull damage though, so make sure to monitor your hull health and use nanobots or restock at the mining station nearby to ensure your safety. Then sell them somewhere where they're highly valued like New Tokyo.
Nomads - Find them after Story Mode
There are two Jump Holes to two different systems where you can battle Nomads after Story Mode and pick up Nomad Energy Blasters and Cannons.

One of them is situated in the Southern gas clouds of Omicron Alpha, the home system of the Outcasts.

The other is situated in the Norther gas clouds of Omicron Gamma, the home system of the Corsairs.

Note that the Omicron Alpha one is just a system of blue surroundings and a bright star in the middle while the Gamma one leads to a system with two planets (one containing monkeys and the other robots) and has pieces of rock everywhere so watch out.
Skipping Cut Scenes
Sometimes the main scenes can get really annoying. They're sometimes rather long and there is no way to skip them, leaving you mashing the "escape" key in fury.

You can change this however by taking the following steps:

1) Browse to your Freelancer EXE directory. Usually located at:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Freelancer\EXE
(where C: represents the drive directory).
2) Open up freelancer.ini (preferably in Notepad).
3) Under [Startup] are three entries, each beginning with 'movie_file ='. Delete these three entries.

Note: Make sure to save a backup of those files somewhere, in case something goes wrong or you want to restore it.
Using Patrols to Find Secret Places
Using your nav map, you can look at the patrols for enemies, neutrals and allies. Looking at them, it's well worth checking out areas which are far away from any trade lanes, planets, stations etc. You will likely come across a secret base or jump hole you never knew about!


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When some one scans your cargo insted of saying no or yes quickly jedisen your eligel controband. and suck it back in.
Modify Difficulty Level
This cheat will let you change how easy/hard the game is.
the file you need to find is under you My Documents folder, not the Freelancer Game folder. "My Documents\My Games\Freelancer" is the path name. Once there, open the file named PrefOptions.ini. *Note*: This cheat has to do with modifying this file. It is suggested that you make a backup of the file first.
Once you're in the file, look for a line that reads "DIFFICULTY_SCALE = 1.00". It's possible that the number is different.
Change this setting to be higher to make the game harder, or lower to make it easier. Make it 0.00 to be invincible.