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win lots of games

when playing with a small conference club use these players to get to the premiership

p.robinson leeds GK 900k
d.tiotto man city RB 1.5m
m.twiss man u LB 700k
j.mcmaster leeds CM 650k
t.cahill millwall LM 700k
j.defoe westham ST 1m
s.wright philips man city ST 700k
with rest of money build up your stadium wow
any conference club
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: john salisbury on May 30, 2005


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Free player + money

This trick can be done when you have 2 or more offers for the same player. (Putting a player on the Transfer list does this easily)

Eg. Club X and Club Y make a bid for player A.

Step 1: Counter Club X's bid, asking for a player swap (choose one of the players you like, say player B)

Step 2 (optional): Counter Club Y's bid and ask for money (cash). Let them reply with the "Agree/Decline" email.

Step 3: Agree to talk to Club X's player B, such that they reply with the "Approach Player" email.

Step 4: Approach player B and agree to a swap. After agreeing terms, you will see that player B moves to your club but player A does not move to Club X, and still remains in your team roster.

Step 5: Accept Club Y's offer for cash. Similarly, the cash would be credited into your club's account but player A does not move.

There you go - free cash + free player!

Note: If this does not work, swapping the last 2 steps would make it work.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: JJ on April 20, 2011


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Free Player

When your best player gets injured for a long time put him on the transfer market. When you get an offer for him say you'll swap him for someone of about the same value. Then you get a free player but the other club won't want yours because he's injured!
Verified by: ryzzy, vamsidhar Submitted by: pilgrim on October 06, 2002