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Football Manager 2005 Cheats

Football Manager 2005 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.

Football Manager 2005 Tips

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Decent player and tip
A decent player is Frank De Boer, also search No Club (frank de boer is found there) it brings up players, managers ect... with no club, most arn't that good but there are some decent players, this is very good for lower clubs as they are of good quality and they require no transfer fee, just the contract stuff, ENJOY!!!!
Submitted by: Leathershoe4 on April 15, 2005
Exit game without having to save 1st.
Heres a little hint for being able to replay a lost match. Most of you may already know how to do this but if youve lost a match you can force-exit the game by pressnig ctrl+alt & delete then going to the processes tab and end the process named "~e5.0001" then hey presto....the game has exited. Ive found that if you try to end the fm2005.exe process the game will not load when you try to reload it and the only way to sort that out is to restart your comp. One thing to note here....make sure you save before you start the match your playing or youll ave to start from when you last saved
Submitted by: Oli on October 06, 2006
Here comes the MONEY
If you wanna have lots of money and a great team go someone like Chelsea with billions of money to spend, make them buy a youth player from your team for all the money they have got then retire as their manager and then go them again they will have more money now for a new manager and in the end up u can have about 300 million for any players you want and your wage budget also goes up.Do this every season. Now that you have the best players you can win many cups. However when you want to keep this going when you have done about 15 years buy back those youth players you have sold and they will be the best because of first team football and winning cups with big clubs.
I've done this and ive won lots of cups. in my 24 seasons.
12 premier league titles in a row(Celtic)12 Scottish cups(Celtic)12 Scottish league cups(Celtic)20 European cups(Celtic 8, Man Utd 5, Barcelona 7) 2 Uefa Cups(Celtic) 19 Super Cups (Celtic 8, Man Utd 5, Barcelona 7)All 19 world club Championships ive been in All Spanish trophys with Barcelona wich is 21 trophys And all english Tropheys with Man Utd which is 20.

This brings my total tally to 137

So u can see this really works in a long run and short run
Submitted by: Danny boy on January 03, 2006
loads of money
load your team say bristol city... then, add additional manager and become real madrid whilst real madrid, go to the bristol city reserves and place a 'first option' on a crap player... say fee £100,000,000 then place bid... and accept once they and you accept.. bristol city have £100,000,000 in the bank and you still have the player !! works every time
Submitted by: ade on September 26, 2007
Money Overload
To get an overload of money choose your team then take control of 5 other teams as well. With your other teams go on one of your real team's youth team players and loan them and add 100m signing on fee. Do this twice with each team. If you dont want to loan them out you can add recall plyer and recall them the day after you loan them.
Submitted by: Conor on December 22, 2005
New Job
If you are a decent and respected enough manager, and there is a club who you wish to become manager of who has an imcompetent manager, declare interest in the club, and the club will sack their manager and demand you as manager. Beware though, if the manager was not hated enough to be sacked, you will still be manager of your club and the fans and board will not be happy with you declaring your interest in managering another club
Submitted by: CosmicRichie on July 22, 2006
Old Players to get you up!
If you are in the championship or maybe even league one side, go to Qatar and every club has an old ex-international player or more, players like Josep Guardiola, Marcel Desailly and Gabriel Batistuta! All perform brilliantly and even if its just for one or two seasons can get you up to dizzy heights!

So cheap, I mean no more than 100k!

And the wage is no more than 1,500!

Especially good is central defender 'Marco' who isn't even that old and is a star even in prem!

Enjoy promotion!
Submitted by: anonymous on May 27, 2005
Players attitudes
If ur deciding on whether to sign 2 players then pick the 1 that is from your own country as he is settled there because time and again i have found they play better and turn up for training and don't get homesick.
Submitted by: badboy on March 28, 2005
Sign and trade
The best solution to get money is to get a foreign player for free, play him so far until he gets homesick, and wants to leave, then sell him for 70 percent of his value(depending on players quality-sometimes less, somtimes more)!
With this type of managing I have won 5 league titles(Dortmund 3, Valencia, Schalke) and 13 cup titles(UEFA cup, German Cup 6, and various "special cups"!!!
Try it
Submitted by: AdoBesi on April 14, 2005

Football Manager 2005 Cheats

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Acquiring valuable world class players cheaply
Become a manager of any team, (but probably best to join a premier league team, as contracts are more inviting)and check the quality of your players. If you think your team requires better players, but your transfer budget is too low, go to the add manager option, which allows you to manage two teams at once, and choose a team, which has many world class players. With your original manager offer £0 for any desirable player on the new team and with the new manager accept. Offer all the players good contracts and retire when all signings are confirmed.
Submitted by: anonymous on September 04, 2007
Best team
Listen to me if you want to get up with a championship team , go to a club like nottingham forest. Try and win as many matches as possible then get players which say contract is not protected, don't go for the good clubs players as they wont come.
Suggested players, Freddy Adu- he is one really young player who when he gets older will dominate midfiled, then get junior khanye on the left wing, he can dribble round everyone and you could sell him for a great price. Finally get John Jairo Mosquera, he is a striker whos finishing goes right up after 1 match.
Submitted by: anonymous on December 18, 2006
Easy money
Take control of another club, and get them to offer their complete transfer budget on one of your players in your youth squad. The player shouldn't get unhappy, and if he does, he's only a youth player, not too important. Accept the offer with your proper team, and there you go, all their transfer budget, happy players and the board won't get involved and you won't have to mess around with contracts.
Submitted by: Rick Durks on November 08, 2004
Free Players without cheating.
Me again! Ok, you know when the players contract is unprotected and the compensation is his value it can cost lots of cash. He is a way to not pay that. It takes years but you could save your self about 40 million. Say you have Ronaldinio (respect) and it says compensation: 40 mil. Well, lets say his contract expires in 2007 and it is 2005 in the game. Just, offer him everything you've got. Yearly wage rise, full contract, relagation wage drop etc. Then, when he accepts wait till it says the transfer for Ronaldinio from Barca to whatever club you are. Click 'Yes' and wait for when it is about to say Your club just bought Ronaldinio. Just before it says this cancel the deal and do offer him the contract again. Go through all that and cancel the contract again. Eventually, his contract will expire because he will keep accepting you but you will cancel it. Then, when it is expired, you can get him and there will be no compensation pay.

Submitted by: Oli Maule on December 21, 2004
Money by force
go 2 send a message to another manager and type in give me money or else and the manager will give you all the monoey the team has
Submitted by: safarooney on February 28, 2007
Players for Free
This cheat enables you to obtain players for free, or at a vastly reduced rate. For instance, on my game (which is now in the 2013-14 season)I have just got a player on a free who was valued at over 22m. Here's the tip - if the player you want is on a contract that expires in say 2 years, put in a massive bid so that it is accepted, and put transfer to end of season. Near the end of the season, cancel the transfer, and a few days later put in a new bid to buy the player at the end of the next season. Once you get to the January of that season, you can cancel and approach to sign him, thus getting him on a free at the end of that season The club will have little time to offer him a new contract.

This is a good way of getting good youngsters from abroad, as you don't have to compensate the clubs like you do to Premier League sides.
Submitted by: CosmicRichie on July 22, 2006
replay a lost match
When you lose a match, do not press continue. Instead, do a quick save by holding down ctrl and s the same time. Then quit the game, reload your saved file, you'll find you're just about to replay the match.
Submitted by: Alan on November 08, 2004
Go to your search engine during the game, and type in 'The Badgers' and hey presto, tim lovejoy from soccer am, and some other strange players all in one team! Only one problem though, they are all rubbish - and old haha. Enjoy
Submitted by: Brian McFizzee on April 23, 2005
Win All Your Matches
To win every game you play in your league, wait until match-day and become the manager of who you are playing. Make your opponents team pants by playing 1-5-5 formation. Make sure the goalkeeper is really a outfield player. Then start the match and watch your team dominate!
Submitted by: Jonathan Metcalfe on November 14, 2004