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Earn Points
To earn points, you'll be having to win several things. You can spend these points at the Fifa Shop to buy several things.

Here's a list of what you need to beat to get these points, in order of the amount of points you'll get.

FA Premier League: 1500
English Cup: 1000
Cupwinning: 750
Competitionwinning: 750
Beat the 5-Minute Challenge: 750
Win the 'Underdog' Challenge: 500
First and Second Leagues: 500
Hattrick Challenge: 500
Scottish Cup: 500
Vans Trophy: 500
Lower Salary Expenses
Not so much a cheat as a tip, but if your weekly salary expense is over-riding the sponsor payments simply do the following and it should be of some use:

Go to Team Management in Manager Mode, and select "Player Contracts".

Find a player with 2+ years left on his contract and with good morale then select him and lower his salary by 40-60 points.

Repeat with as many players as you can, if 10+ accept your offer then that's 400-600 saved on salary without any damage done.

Don't worry if they decline your offer, you'll still have 2 seasons to renew the contract anyway.