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Careful about transfers. (All Difficulties)
Sometimes a players overall in the transfer window shows like 85, 89 or 88
but these players might even be 90 or 92.
Once I got Lionel Messi (Barcelona) who was 88 and when I bought him he was
99. !!??!!
These incorrect information are due to scouting. You can check their primary attributes e.g Finishing, Shooting etc and calculate your own Overall
Easy Money (all difficulties)
Every June transfer window go to the search option and search for free agents
and lotsa 2 or 3 80+ Overall players will come up some generated some real pla-
yers like ronaldinho. I once got jesus navas and kept him as a trusty lap dog
and then i got Saha whom i sold fo 4.5 mil.
Formations (with comments)
Formations (with comments)
Sorry, You won't find $tupid Frank Richards or Rikards or whatevas 3-3-4 Forma-
tion which made Barca Lose. Sir Alex Ferguson ROCKS!!!

This is a nice formation for beginners 4 Defenders 4 Midfielders 1 Center For-
ward 1 Striker. If you use Wings Tactic (Num 6) with this it can be quite eff-
ective. You can use a CAM for the CF.

Ahhhhh.... The old 4-3-3 Been with the FIFA for more than 8 Years ver much
balanced. Also recommended. Supports Wings and Box Overload (Num 2).
Sometimes better than 4-4-2

Higly recommended because it supports Strong Wings.

Also one of the best because wings and Box Overload.

3> Tactics
Box Overload - All the players crowd the box. So if your shot hits the post it
still has a chance of Goal.

Wings - The players spread out for easy crosses.

3rd Man Release - Nuthin. Don't even thing about it.


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Easy Penalties (Amateur)
Run Towards the D-Box. When in the D area press C and run to the dot in the ce-
nter then quickly Trap E to shield the ball for the GK. He'll start pushing you
and then with the pea sized processor of his he will dive towards your legs.
and Voila!!! penalty. Even the GK can get a card, I once played a GK less match
won't work always especially with bad GK. If you play against Juventus
(Gianluigi Buffon) or Real Madrid (Iker Casillas) then heheheh.
Save Money
To save money in manager mode. Renegotiate all the contracts of your players to lower wages but add bonuses such as extra for goals scored. This works more with youngsters. If you offer a longer contract they will accept lower wages. This can save millions each season.
Win most challenges with ease
When doing a cup challenge, just replace a team with Chelsea and play as them, then just quick sim your matches for massive wins.