FarmVille Cheats

FarmVille cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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There are four stages to ribbons: Yellow,White,Red,then Blue.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Local CelebrityHave more neighbors.
Good SamatianHelp neighbor's farms.
High RollerGet a certain amount of coins.
A Pretty PennySpend a certain amount of coins.
Cream of the CropHarvest a specific number of crops.
Knock on WoodHarvest a certain amount of trees.
ZoologistHarvest a certain amount of animals.
ArchitectOwn a specific number of buildings.
Pack RatOwn a specific number of decorations.
Animal ShelterAdopt a specific number of animals.
Green ThumbHarvest different types of plants.
Tree HuggerHarvest different types of trees.
Noah's ArcHarvest different types of animals.
Not Spoiled, GiftedHave a specific number of DIFFERENT gifts in your gift box.
Crop WhispererFertilize a certain number of crops.
Flower PowerHarvest a certain number of flowers.
Pretty GardenHave a specific number of perfect bunches on your farm.
King of CompostHarvest a certain number of fertilized crops.
Cat LadyHarvest a certain number of cats.
They of MysteryOpen a certain number of mystery boxes.
Fenced InPlace a certain number of fences of your farm.
Lord of the PlowPlow a certain number of plots with the tractor.
Need for SeedSeed a certain number of plots with the seeder.
Vegetable VirtuosoHarvest a certain number of vegatable crops.
Foremost Fruit FarmerHarvest a certain number of fruit crops.
Egg-cellent DiscoveryFind a certain number of mystery eggs in your chicken coop.
Cunning CollectorComplete a certain number of collections.
Horse PowerFind a certain number of items in your horse stable.
local celebrityhave more neighbors
Good SamatianHelp neighbor's farms
High RollerGet a certain amount of coins
A Pretty PennySpend a certain amount of coins


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Easily Get the "Not Spoiled, Gifted" Ribbon
To get this ribbon you need 10 unique gifts in your gift box. The easiest way to to send all you friends a message saying that you want them to send you gifts. Then, don't use the gifts. You'll get it in no time.
Free Coins From the Sky
While plowing(and only plowing), you might see a potato shaped thing fall out of the sky. You do not need to go to the coin because it is automatically credited to your account. This free coin will award you 50 coins.
Harvest/Plow/Plant/etc. Faster
Buy a bunch of hay bales. Then put them around where your farmer is when you load the game. Then, since your farmer can't get to the area, it will automatically do it for you.
Petting Animals
Petting your animals does absolutely nothing. It doesn't give faster harvest or more coins. It's just a waste of time.