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   (last update - Dec 25 1999)

Unlimited Movement Points:
First get into the combat mode. Then take ammo for a gun and put it in your hands (only ammo should be in your hand!). Now come close to an enemy guy and click on target to shoot him. He should say something like "Did your mama teach you that move?!". You should now have unlimited movement points.

Experience Points Tricks:
To get lots of experience points, go to the Boneyard and kill the Deathclaws for 1000 points each. After they're dead, rest for one day and kill 'em again. Keep doing this until you get bored. Alternatively, kill the MOTHER DEATHCLAW in the basement of the building where the deathclaws were, then talk to Gabriel of the Gunrunners and tell him you killed her. Walk out of that screen, come back in and tell him again. Simply repeat this.


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Extra Poison Antidote + Caps for radscorpion Tails

When you talk to Razlo and have the option to give him a sample of the Redscorpion Venom you then open the barter menu and sell the tail to him for caps and then you exit and offer the tail to him

you get caps and antidote from the price of only one tail
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Defcon1 on July 02, 2009