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Indigo Prophecy (PC) Cheats

Indigo Prophecy cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Unlocking Everything
If you don't have enough points to unlock everything in the Bonus menu then here is the solution! Get around 50 bonus points (you can also do it with as little as 20 points but it will take more time; you'll have to do it again more often) and go to the Chapters menu, chose one of the last chapters and chose to play with a New Login. This will save the game on a separate file and you will have all the points on it. Now log in with the new profile you created by doing so and go unlock something. Do it over and over again until you've seen / listened to every bonus material.


Sequences: play through Indigo Prophecy to unlock those. They do not require any points.

Gallery: items in this section can be unlocked for as little as 2 points each.

Movies: each movie here costs 20 Bonus Points but it is well worth it. Those short videos will let you understand more about the process around the game's development.

Soundtrack: you can unlock all songs used in Indigo Prophecy of you are willing to pay 5 points for each of them.