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guns: All Wapons
tears: All Wapons & Infinite Ammo
build: View Constructionversion
armo: Full Body-Armor
gimmegun assault rifle: You'll get an Assault Rifle
gimmegun cannon: You'll get a Cannon
gimmegun dual pistols: You'll get 2 Pistols
gimmegun frag grenade: You'll get a Frag Grenade
gimmegun missile launcher: You'll get a Missile Launcher
gimmegun nail gun: You'll get a Nail Gun
gimmegun remote charge: You'll get a Remote Charge
gimmegun pistol: You'll get a Pistol
gimmegun plasma weapon: You'll get a Plasma Nail Gun
gimmegun semi-auto rifle: You'll get a Semi-Automatic Gun
gimmegun shotgun: You'll get a Shotgun
gimmegun submachinegun: You'll get a SMG
gimmegun proximity: You'll get a Proximity Mine
health: Full Health
ammo: Full Ammo
poltergeist: Ghost Mode
god: You'll become invulnerable.
gear: Better Health and Reflexes.
kfa: All Wapons, Full Ammo, Full Armor and Full Health.
maphole: Head on to Next Level.
pos: Check your coordinates.
Verified by: Anonymous, vicrabb Submitted by: Glitzville on December 30, 2005